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Dr Richard David Hames

Dr Richard David Hames

Dr Richard Hames – Founding Partner at Hames McGregor + Partners, Chairman of the Asian Foresight Institute, an elected Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science, and a personal mentor to Heads of State, CEOs and entrepreneurs - is one of our most distinguished futurists.

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Testimonials for Dr Richard David Hames

Richard Hames has challenged us beyond the boundaries of our comfort zones. Remarkable and provocative thinking.

Future of Work Foundation


Richard Hames has, in a very significant way, helped us to reshape the Australian Taxation Office and lay the foundations for a new organization that is now so essential as we move into a huge tax reform process.

Australian Taxation Office


Entertaining, exciting and unforgettable. A formidable intellect at play.

Palm Springs Pty Ltd


 Over the years I have heard many of the world's top speakers and presenters. Richard rates up there with the best. His performance was inspiring, proactive, groundbreaking and most of all very real! 

Kreston Dormers Business Advisers


Richard's capacity to identify and weave together the major issues that are shaping our future world is extraordinary.

Global Business Network


Richard's compelling summary of the issues facing the world today and his clear view of the dynamics of change is so sharp that it penetrates the fog of the dominant economic paradigm.

The Futures Foundation

Dr Richard David Hames Travels from VIC
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Dr Richard David Hames's Biography

In 1998 he warned of the probability of hijacked planes being flown into the World Trade Centre. In 2005 he described to a group of Wall Street bankers the patterns that would lead to a global financial crisis just three years later. In January 2015 he correctly predicted the election of Donald Trump in the US federal election. He was among the first to anticipate the success of Apple’s first iPod and Tesla electric cars. He also anticipated the socio-political conditions that eventually led to the Arab Spring and the release of Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.


He is now predicting the collapse of capitalism as we know it. Based purely on performance, Dr Richard Hames – Founding Partner at Hames McGregor + Partners, Chairman of the Asian Foresight Institute, an elected Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science, and a personal mentor to Heads of State, CEOs and entrepreneurs - is one of our most distinguished futurists.


Described by Forbes Asia as “one of the smartest people on the planet” Richard is among the world’s most influential thinkers. Constantly sought after by govermnets and business for his remarkable accurate insights, Richard provides his audience with deep intelligence on a range of issues concerning the future of humanity.


An Australian citizen, educated in Europe and domiciled in Asia, Richard has been honoured with numerous awards. A compelling speaker and the author of six books, Richard is CEO of Centre for the Future - a unique international enterprise whose mission is to make the world work for everyone by designing alternatives to systems that are failing the human family. Eight months ago he co-founded MiVote [www.mivote.org.au] which is already one of the hottest socio-political movements in the world, and he is the strategic mentor behind River simple’s hydrogen economy activities in the UK.


As a foresight practitioner Richard and his team have examined hundreds of topics, ranging from the future of conflict and work to taxation, business and society, food security, international terrorism, smart cities, financial services, health care, science and alternative energy.

Speaking Topics Include

NEXT: The Future of Everything

Deep Design: Inventing sustainable cities

The "C" Society: Collaboration & creativity in today's connected world

The Five Literacies of Global Leadership

Changing your Organisation for the Better

 Atoms, Brains and Innovations: Ideas engaging the world's greatest CEOs

Giving You The Jitters! Questions you never thought to ask about life & work

Messy Business: A user's guide to future business trends & issues

Sustainability: The Innovation Imperative

The Next Industrial Revolution: Reinvention and Innovation in the 21st Century

Justice on Trial: Power & terror in the 21st Century

Is This Industry Sustainable? The future of oil - and other fictions

Driving Sustainable Organic Growth in the New World Economy

Bang! You’re Dead: The future of security

The Future of ECOnomics - towards new forms of capitalism

Smart Grids & Democratic Technologies: The Future of Energy

Banking on the Future: The future of financial services

Scary Stuff: Global financial markets & the looming recession

The Obama Code: Why Barack Obama speaks to all Americans and what it means for climate policy

Hydrogen or Hybrid: The future of personal urban transportation

The Truth is Not Enough: Reviewing the need for new climate change policies

Grand Challenges & Societal Shifts

The Future of Business & The Business of the Future

The Five Literacies of Global Leadership

Urban Environments & Ecocities

Myths & Opportunities for the Australian Energy Industry

Australia’s Food Future

Sustainability Leadership – The Real Challenge

The Implications of NEXT Technologies

Manufacturing Australia’s Future

Going Global: Telecommunications in a Globalised World

The Future of Science & Agriculture: Investment patterns and social impact

Innovating Innovation!

The Future of Technology-Enabled Solutions in Finance

Amusing Ourselves to Death: The future of work and play