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Dr Seamus Phan

Dr Seamus Phan

Dr Seamus Phan is Asia's leading authority in Internet security, e-business strategy, total quality, e-learning, knowledge management (KM), business re-engineering, and high-tech marketing. He is a published author, motivational speaker,...

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Dr Seamus Phan Travels from Asia
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Dr Seamus Phan's Biography

Dr Seamus Phan is Asia's leading authority in Internet security, e-business strategy, total quality, e-learning, knowledge management (KM), business re-engineering, and high-tech marketing. He is a published author, motivational speaker, keynote presenter, meeting facilitator, executive coach, editor, independent broadcast journalist, curriculum developer, associate professor, and biotech researcher.

He has been credited with cutting-edge publicity, which resulted in comprehensive coverage for clients. He is frequently invited as an analyst and commentator for TV, radio and print media.
Dr Seamus Phan is a field-proven motivational and keynote speaker with over 16 years of professional and training experience. He has delivered keynote speeches, motivational and inspirational speeches, training sessions, corporate presentations and seminars for audience groups from 10 to 2,400 around the world.
Seamus is a published author, with books and videos on Internet and service quality. As the bestselling co-author of "This Body This Life", he speaks frequently as a motivational and inspirational speaker on conquering physical limitations, mental blocks, and stress (he survived narrowly a serious premature birth, is very myopic, and developed scoliosis or "curved spine"). He is also a frequent contributing editor to many business and technology publications, and an independent broadcast journalist and analyst. Seamus is a pioneer digital media and Internet consultant, and has independently developed networked learning systems in the 1980s.
He founded KnowledgeLabs News Center, an IT and biotech news and research bureau, as well as TechPharma Labs, a biotech research venture. He was previously CIO and co-founder of the successful publicity and training group McGallen & Bolden, a Fast50 and Intelligent50 finalist. Seamus earned a PhD in Business, with a focus on Quality Management (Greenwich) and his dissertation research culminated in automated Internet-based business analysis software for small companies. He also earned an MSc in Infotech and Distance Education.
He has been inducted in the 500 Profiles in Excellence, amongst the likes of Nobel Peace Prize winner President Kim Dae-Jung (Korea), artist Peter Gabriel, "Seven Years in Tibet" movie director Jean-Jacques Annaud, Cardinal Jan Peer Schotte (Sec-Gen of the World Synod of Bishops), futurist Sir Arthur C Clarke, amongst others. He was also a Barons 500 Leaders of the New Century inductee, humbly alongside the likes of leading futurist and visionary Sir Arthur C Clarke, President George W Bush, and Bill Gates of Microsoft. He had been inducted into the Marquis (USA)'s Who's Who in the World, International Biography Centre (UK)'s Men and Women of Distinction.
Seamus has accumulated hands-on managerial and professional experience from international and local organisations, including McGallen & Bolden, Citibank, Ernst & Young, Pricewaterhouse, and Seagate.
Seamus has been highly rated as a keynote presenter, motivational and inspirational speaker for industry events, conferences, seminars, expos, and in-house corporate training sessions. And if you need specific retained advice, Seamus is an excellent executive coach and mentor, and can provide in-depth knowledge, industry expertise, and sound management advice on marketing, communication, sales, publicity, public relations, business process re-engineering, total quality, service quality, customer service, knowledge management, e-learning, and other areas.
Many large and small organisations have benefited from his in house training and facilitation, whether these programs are in areas of management, quality, service, publicity or technology. He is an open, engaging, highly knowledgeable facilitator capable of bringing his own depth and knowledge to the table as well.
Not all organisations are created alike. Seamus believes in tailoring programs to suit the specific needs of his customers whenever possible.

Speaking Topics Include

Knowledge Management & e-Learning
Internet for business and quality
Intranets for business, quality & service
E-Commerce and E-Business
Internet Security & Hacking
Publicity for non-publicity managers
High-tech Publicity
ISO 14000 & ISO 9000 issues
Business process re-engineering (BPR)
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Teambuilding & People Synergy