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Edwin Bradley

Edwin Bradley

Edwin Bradley commenced his career in banking with R & I Bank of WA (now BankWest) in a junior clerical role in the seventies and went on to become a senior executive with significant experience and achievements in risk management,...

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Edwin Bradley Travels from WA
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Edwin Bradley's Biography

Edwin Bradley commenced his career in banking with R & I Bank of WA (now BankWest) in a junior clerical role in the seventies and went on to become a senior executive with significant experience and achievements in risk management, strategic planning and corporate finance with BankWest and also Standard Chartered Bank. He also has additional experience as a Director on three not-for-profit Boards.

In addition to his 38 year banking career Ed has also built on his love of the outdoors which started in the 60s during a camping trip to the English Lake District with the Scouts when he climbed ‘a mountain’ called Great Gable. The scouts were also responsible for his fascination with Mt Everest, as one of the Scout Patrols was named after Colonel John Hunt, who was the leader of the first successful climb of the world’s tallest mountain. Hunt’s story is a remarkable example of putting the team objective above personal interest, focusing on the goal, caring for people whilst being objective and giving credit where credit is due – in short, Hunt taught Ed about leadership, and showed him that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Now 42 years later and during the intervening period Ed has:
• Spent 38 years working in the banking industry (the last ten of which were in risk management)
• Obtained degree qualifications in accounting economics, finance and business law, together with an MBA .
• Worked on 5 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia).
• Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
• Walked the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea
• Concluded various climbs in Argentina, New Zealand & Tibet
• Climbed to within 80 metres of the summit of MT EVEREST only to have bad weather force me to turn down and abandon the bid.
• Skied 120 kilometres across Antarctica to the SOUTH POLE.

Strategic Direction and Leadership
• Ed had led a major ($30 million) change programme to identify the appropriate level of shareholders’ funds relative to the risk profile of the organisation. His responsibilities included the creation and communication of a vision for the future under this new risk assessment philosophy, gain the buy in of the organisation as a whole and deliver the programme within budget.
• Worked with major consulting firm to review and redesign the structure of the organisation. This review resulted in a major restructure of the bank to create a more efficient operating model and facilitate a significant reduction in senior personnel.
• Chaired the strategy sub-committee for the AIBF board.

Managing & Developing Teams
• Managed a team of approximately 40 specialist quantitative and statistical modellers together with the IT deployment professionals that implemented the models into the core
• Systems for use by front-line lenders. Given that Ed has no background in statistical modeling, his leadership skills and ability to create a positive team environment were critical to his success in this role.
• Created a Graduate Programme for Corporate specialists that was subsequently adopted by the wider organisation, the average retention period for graduates subsequently increased by a factor of three.
• Divisional leader in the successful application for the “Investor in People’ accreditation.

Financial Restructuring
• Completed the bank’s first IPO underwriting, funder major infrastructure developments, responsible for restructuring and/or recovering failed gold loans and other assets in Australia and the USA.

Multicultural Training & Education
• Ran corporate finance programmes in Australia, Asia, Africa and the UK, including one programme that provided successful candidates with a 33% exemption towards an MBA degree through a ‘top 5’ UK Business School.
• Keynote speaker at conferences in the UK, Singapore, Denmark and Australia.

Career Roles
• Head of Department roles in Risk Management, Bank of Western Australia (BankWest)
• Head of Strategic Planning & Investments, Bank of Western Australia.
• Head of Corporate Banking & Properth Finance, Bank of Western Australia.
• Head of Corporate Banking/Asset Recoveries/Credit Training – Standard Chartered Bank.
• Manager, Corporate Banking, R & I Bank W.A. (Resources & Industries Bank of WA)

Ed is an accomplished leader who motivated his team to achieve what they previously thought to be unachievable. His personal achievements, which include climbing MT.EVEREST, attest to his belief that there is no obstacle too big or challenge too hard. His leadership style is inclusive and his greatest satisfaction is to help younger colleagues grow and excel. He also has extensive experience in driving cultural change and is a firm believer that change is exciting when you successfully “sell” the vision of a new future and gain the full buy-in of all affected stakeholders.

Ed is also an inspiring, motivating and entertaining speaker who has addressed conferences and corporate events in the UK, Singapore, Denmark and a number of Australian states. A gifted communicator, his presentations are based on his mountain climbing and polar experiences and deliver a powerful message that it is possible to achieve your goals, overcome any obstacle, and fulfill your ambitions in both professional and personal life. He takes his audiences with him on his many extraordinary experiences and the unconquerable determination to fulfill a dream.

Speaking Topics Include

Anything is possible with self belief. Drawing on the experience of climbing Mt Everest, trekking Kokoda, skiing to the South Pole and other challenges, this presentation demonstrates the power of self belief, teamwork, achievement, drive, goal setting and work – life balance.
Risk is not a 4-letter word!’ This presentation combines Ed’s 10 years a risk management professional in the finance sector with the risk management approach adopted in his outdoors adventures. It demonstrates the benefits of understanding and managing risk rather than simply avoiding risk.
From Manager to Leader – a practical guide. This presentation commences by examining the differences between leadership and management, and then moves on to provide practical guidance on what is required to convert a good manager into an effective leader.