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Environmental and Sustainability Speakers

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The environment, sustainability and climate change are ever increasing issues of importance on so many varied levels for many industries and organisations. The expertise of scientists, environmentalists, climate change experts, academics and policy makers help provide insight and updates on trends and data in relation to climate change, conservation, pollution and, environmental degradation , alternative energies, genetic engineering, intensive farming, land degradation and use, nuclear power, overpopulation, ozone and resource depletion, water and resource depletion, consumerism, waste and recycling. The long-term maintenance of ecosystem components and functions for future generations highlights the importance of environmental sustainability. It means ensuring that the overall productivity of accumulated human and physical capital resulting from development actions more than compensates for the direct or indirect loss or degradation of the environment. Many businesses today acknowledge the importance of the environment and sustainability and the concerning issues impacting our planet.

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Bear Grylls

....Man Vs Wild
Simon Anholt

Simon Anholt

....independent policy advisor
David Baggs

David Baggs

....multi-award winning architect, sustainability, healthy and eco-products
David Bartlett

David Bartlett

....one of Australia's Top 50 most influential people in technology
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Beattie

Peter Beattie

....Nine year reign as Queensland Premier
Speakers and Entertainers : Jasper Becker

Jasper Becker

....wealth of insight on the rise of China and the impact this is having on its neighbours
Speakers and Entertainers : David Bellamy

David Bellamy

....widely recognised and respected naturalists in the world
Jenny Brockie

Jenny Brockie

....multi-award winning journalist and documentary maker
Speakers and Entertainers : Bob Brown

Bob Brown

....tireless campaigner for the environment and human rights
Bob Carr

Hon. Mr Bob Carr

.... one of Australia’s most recognisable political leaders
Speakers and Entertainers : David Chalke

David Chalke

....one of Australia’s leading Social Analysts
Dr James Chin Moody

James Chin Moody

....CSIRO Business Development head, science, innovation and sustainability leader
Speakers and Entertainers : Gerry Coates

Gerry Coates

....thought provoking technology and environmental speaker
Rev Tim Costello AO

Rev Tim Costello AO

.... leading campaigner on social justice issues
Pip Courtney

Pip Courtney

.... Passionate and highly experienced Landline presenter
Ross Dawson

Ross Dawson

.... leading keynote speaker and authority on business strategy
Jon Dee

Jon Dee

.... one of Australia's most influential environmentalists and 2010 NSW Australian of the Year
Sally Dominguez

Sally Dominguez

....at the forefront of sustainable invention, building and design innovation
Alexander Downer

The Hon Alexander Downer AC

.... fascinating global and national insight through international experience
Speakers and Entertainers : Jamie Durie

Jamie Durie

....One of Australia’s most successful exports and recognisable talents
Jane Edmansan

Jane Edmansan

....awarded the OAM for educational and sustainable work in horticulture and the environment
Tom Elliott

Tom Elliott

....insightful young business and finance mind
Peter Fitzpatrick

Peter Fitzpatrick AM

....outstanding contributions made during his professional life at the helm of two peak bodies
Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery

....draws a path through politics, economics, activism, scientific discovery and corporate leadership
Speakers and Entertainers : Nic Frances Gilley

Nic Frances Gilley

....world renowned Social Entrepreneur
Ticky Fullerton

Ticky Fullerton

.... Business Editor of Sky News in Australia
Damon- Gameau

Damon Gameau

.... 2040 film maker and changemaker
Sir Bob Geldof

Sir Bob Geldof

....Sir Bob Geldof is one of the most fascinating public figures of our time.
Rob Gell

Rob Gell

.... leading environmental and communications consultant
Costa Georgiadis

Costa Georgiadis

.... gardens with his hands and heart, 2019 Logie Award winner
Speakers and Entertainers : Paul Gilding

Paul Gilding

....international leader in incorporating environmental and social commitments into the corporate bottom line
Jemma Green

Jemma Green

....commentator on transport, energy and sustainable economics
Tanya Ha

Tanya Ha

....environmentalist and internationally recognised sustainable living advocate
Speakers and Entertainers : Julia Hailes

Julia Hailes

....a leading opinion former, freelance consultant and speaker on social, environmental and ethical issues
Dr Richard David Hames

Dr Richard David Hames

....one of our most distinguished futurists.
Speakers and Entertainers : Rick Hansen

Rick Hansen

....epitomizes “determination”
Speakers and Entertainers : Ian Harper

Professor Ian Harper

....one of Australia’s best academic economists
Speakers and Entertainers : Molly Harriss Olson

Molly Harriss Olson

....internationally recognised leader on sustainability.
Speakers and Entertainers : David Houle

David Houle

....consistently ranked as one of the top futurists
Speakers and Entertainers : Deane Hutton

Deane Hutton

....is one of Australia's best-known Science Communicators
Speakers and Entertainers : Tim Jarvis

Tim Jarvis

....environmental scientist, public speaker and explorer
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

....enthusiasm for science is totally infectious
Speakers and Entertainers : Professor Ian Lowe

Professor Ian Lowe

....expert on climate change
Speakers and Entertainers : Catherine Marriott

Catherine Marriott

....2013 RIRDC Rural Women of the Year
Speakers and Entertainers : Sheree Marris

Sheree Marris

....environmental ambassador and vivacious storyteller
Kim McKay

Kim McKay AO

....inspirational environmental ambassador and social marketing consultant
Avis Mulhall

Avis Mulhall

....sustainable leadership, social innovator, inspiring change and purpose
Indira Naidoo

Indira Naidoo

.... award winning news broadcaster and journalist
Alan Oxley

Alan Oxley

.... commentator on international trade, environment and development issues
Sir Bob Parker

Sir Bob Parker

.... Former Mayor of Christchurch City NZ
Speakers and Entertainers : Eric Philips

Eric Philips

....professional adventurer specializing in expeditions to the polar regions
Speakers and Entertainers : Graeme Philipson

Graeme Philipson

....high ratings for the depth of knowledge and the humour and wit he brings
Speakers and Entertainers : Mike Pratt

Mike Pratt

....business and consumer trends expert
Lewis Pugh

Lewis Pugh

....maritime lawyer, an ocean advocate and pioneer swimmer
Speakers and Entertainers : Brenton Ragless

Brenton Ragless

....corporate host and media personality
Craig Reucassel

Craig Reucassel

.... Chaser member and War on Waste environmentalist
Emily Rice

Emily Rice

....brilliant corporate host and facilitator
Rachael Robertson

Rachael Robertson

....successfully led the 58th Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition to Davis Station
Speakers and Entertainers : Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson

....former President of Ireland
Anna Rose

Anna Rose

....passionate presenter on climate change, leadership, youth engagement and sustainability
Tim Ross

Tim "Rosso" Ross

....TV and radio star, comedian, writer, environmental warrior, ARIA Award winner, well-dressed man
Magdalena Roze

Magdalena Roze

....award-winning television presenter and meteorologist
Speakers and Entertainers : Allan Snyder

Allan Snyder

....an inspiring speaker and internationally acclaimed scientist
Dr Keith Suter

Dr Keith Suter

....one of the worlds great thinkers and communicators
Speakers and Entertainers : David Suzuki

David Suzuki

....is an award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster
Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer

....an expert on money and business
Speakers and Entertainers : Steve Tighe

Steve Tighe

....foresight expert specialising in emerging trends, social change and future strategy
Speakers and Entertainers : Tammy Van Wisse

Tammy Van Wisse

....story of inner strength, persistence, and learning to overcome insurmountable obstacles
Speakers and Entertainers : Richard Watson

Richard Watson

....leading authority on future business trends
Speakers and Entertainers : Arron Wood

Arron Wood

....award winning inspirational environmentalist