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Erin Watson-Lynn

Erin Watson-Lynn

As an entrepreneur and senior leader in influential think tanks and universities, coupled with her experience as an Australian delegate to six G20 Summits, Erin shares informed insight into how current affairs and challenges across the world impact business, education, and society.

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Testimonials for Erin Watson-Lynn

Erin’s communication skills, knowledge and humility made her the obvious choice to moderate the W20 Summit’s high level ministerial session. She demonstrated her commitment to listening, reading between the lines, articulating the implication of national policies on the lives of real people in the various countries of the globe. Her leadership of that strategic session was key to its success. I knew we made the right choice by inviting her to moderate the critical ministerial session.


G20 Womens Summit, Saudi Arabia Member

World Health Organisation Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response


We secured Erin to deliver high-level strategic analysis to our premier Defence Department program - the Defence and Strategic Studies course. Communicating complex geopolitical scenarios in an accessible manner, Erin kept our large group engaged and wanting more! Her second to none, hands on experience and expertise in the geostrategic environment meant we received an engaging lecture which covered many elements of security and placed our audience well to navigate them in their future policy roles.

Australian War College, Canberra

Erin Watson-Lynn Travels from VIC
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Erin Watson-Lynn's Biography

In January 2019, Erin Watson-Lynn stood on the border of Syria in the depths of winter where she met with refugees living in an informal tent settlement. She could not have been further away from the G20 stage where she stood with the President of Argentina just months before. But it is this combination of grassroots experience through to international policy making, that makes Erin one of Australia’s leading commentators on global affairs.

As an entrepreneur and senior leader in influential think tanks and universities, coupled with her experience as an Australian delegate to six G20 Summits, Erin shares informed insight into how current affairs and challenges across the world impact business, education, and society.

Whether you are seeking to minimise geopolitical risk or maximise opportunities from regional trends in the Asia Pacific, Erin’s authoritative presentations are based on her unique access to governments, institutions and networks across the globe.

Erin has represented Australia at six G20 Summits in Turkey, China, Argentina, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Italy. This makes her one of Australia’s leading authorities on the G20 and the international economic policy across key multilateral forums. Erin moderated panel at the G20 Saudi Arabia with the global Executive Director of UN Women, Minister for Finance Saudi Arabia, and Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs Mexico and Japan’s Special Advisor to Foreign Minister Japan.

She is an in-demand geopolitics and global affairs commentator on the ABC and Sky News Australia, appearing on Q&A, the Drum, Radio National and several Sky News Australia shows.

Erin has been invited to speak or to contribute as a dialogue participant at international relations conferences on every continent except Antarctica! She has shared the stage with Foreign Ministers, Ambassadors, and Presidents. Erin has worked with influential leaders across Southeast Asia, South Asia/India, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the United States, South America, and Australia.

Speaking Topics Include

After the vaccine: COVID-19 in a global context

As life in Australia starts its journey to COVID-normal, how will different global pandemic responses impact and influence business, education, and organisations in Australia? In this presentation, we look at the risks and opportunities that will emerge during this recovery through the lens of our global partners.


The US and China: Major powers and geopolitical risk

 What is going on in China? How does a Biden administration affect me? In this presentation, Erin unpacks Australia’s relationship with China and the United States in terms of geopolitical risk on Australian businesses and organisations.


Near North: Trends in the Asia Pacific
The Asia Pacific region is undergoing fundamental changes including demographic, technological, and geopolitical. During this presentation Erin outlines these changes that are changing the economic and strategic dynamic with Australia. She also highlights how businesses and universities stand to benefit, but draws on her experience in the region to guide them to minimise risk and maximise opportunity.


How to win friends: Building global partnerships
Drawing on years of experience building networks and initiatives across the globe Erin offers practical insight on building partnerships that deliver outcomes. Applying cultural intelligence, lessons in navigating cross-border jurisdictions, and how to find friends in a Zoom world, Erin’s insights offer tips and tricks that can be applied in business, universities, and other organisations.


Beyond our borders: Facing our greatest challenges
While we are largely distracted by COVID19, the world continues to face some of its worst humanitarian crises. In this presentation, Erin draws on her experience in the Middle East and working with social entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia and Australia to deliver a message about the role individuals can play in working to overcome some of the world’s greatest challenges.


General leadership presentation
Erin can work closely with a client to develop a presentation that draws on a particular element of her expertise whether technical or general leadership.