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Gary Bertwistle

Gary Bertwistle

A dynamic and empowering speaker, Gary Bertwistle unleashes your ability to think differently to generate creativity and innovation.

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Testimonials for Gary Bertwistle

Gary’s in the business of helping people and businesses realise their dreams. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with him over many years and, like so many people who meet him, there’s no point in engaging other business consultants once you’ve seen the man in action. His insight is extraordinary. He has the ability to cut straight to the heart of the real issue and the intellect to table directions not previously considered. He’s inspiring and very funny. If you’re lucky enough to secure his services your world will change.
Kaye Holder, Acorn Initiative  

The last time I saw Gary present, I got a brain boner!
Sam Kavanagh, Austereo

Thanks for the tips and for being inspirational yesterday. Your ability to present things simply and to push people to break the mould was something that I really admire.
Watson Wyatt, UK  

Gary is like a shot of adrenalin to the right side of the brain.
Dan Meiklejohn, SCA Hygiene Australasia, NZ
Gary Bertwistle Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Gary Bertwistle's Biography

A dynamic and empowering speaker, Gary Bertwistle unleashes your ability to think differently to generate creativity and innovation.  

Gary is a bestselling author and sought after speaker who shares useful, simple and easy to understand suggestions that are relevant to all businesses, in all industries, to give your brand a true edge. Gary has led the way in idea generation by innovating the creative process and his interest and passion now lies in getting people and companies to think differently.  

He speaks to audiences around the world about unlocking their thinking, imagination and ideas in the areas of performance, problem solving, innovation, marketing, strategy, creativity and learning.  

Gary’s innovative approach assists organisations and individuals in challenging their traditional way of thinking to be able to successfully unlock the great ideas that already exist within them. In order to truly innovate and develop breakthrough ideas you need to think differently and that is what Gary is all about.  

His speeches are not only empowering, they are also enjoyable and entertaining, and his simple, straightforward approach to thinking differently is always well received.  

As a best selling author Gary has published four books – The Keys to Creativity in 2006, Who Stole My Mojo? in 2008, What Made You Think of That? in 2009 and his latest book, The Vibe is now also available in bookstores across Australia.

Speaking Topics Include

The What Made You Think of That?

This session is designed to help challenge the thinking within you, your team and your brand to remove the barriers that are preventing the creation of new ideas within your business.

From the receptionist to the Managing Director, everyone in your business should be encouraged to challenge their current way of thinking to allow the generation of useable, practical and profitable ideas. Learn how to unlock your greatest asset.

  • Unleash your creative ability to increase profits for your company and improve self satisfaction.
  • Learn to draw out and develop better ideas with confidence.
  • Gary will share his simple, practical yet valuable tips and tools which can be applied to the daily activities in your workplace to help you to think differently about your business

At the conclusion of this session you will have a focussed team who truly understand how their own creativity and thinking process works, and what needs to be done to draw out great ideas. People will leave this session with a renewed belief and confidence in their own creative talents and the ability to develop better ideas and more of them in all areas of their personal lives and work. When you leave this session, you’ll be thinking differently.

Leading Innovation

Every organisation talks about innovation and creativity, but very few know how to do it. Based on content from Gary’s book, What Made You Think of That?, the Leading Innovation session will give you useable, practical and powerful tools to help you unlock the many great ideas that exist within the minds of your team members, but as yet have not seen the light of day. Full of case studies from every industry, in every category, of every size, the Leading Innovation session should be an essential part of every leader’s toolbox.

  • Using examples and case studies from excellent leaders worldwide, discover how to unlock great ideas from within your company.
  • Incorporate real tangible tips and tools that allow you to have a company that buzzes with ideas at every level.
  • Understand the creative process, and how leaders can create an environment to unlock great ideas.
  • Redefine what it means to innovate and make a plan for action.

This speech will give you the thinking, tips and real tools required to truly develop a culture around innovation. You will walk away with tangible step by step plans and suggestions to lead by example and ultimately create a more innovative environment for your company and more importantly become a more effective and courageous leader.

Who Stole My Mojo?

Based on Gary’s best selling book Who Stole My Mojo?, this session is about introducing simple and easy to implement tips and tools for putting the spark back into your day.


Who Stole My Mojo? will not only help you get the most out of your day both in and out of the workplace, it will also give you the necessary zest and passion to drive you towards your aspirations and goals. There is no doubt that the pace and degree of life is stealing our mojo. Business is under fire and companies are losing their mojo. This session helps explore how your thinking works to help you be your best and create great ideas. You will walk away with all you need to raise the bar, seize the day and put the mojo back in your day, your team and your company.

  • Uncover the ceilings that our thinking can place over our individual performance
  • Explore how we can control the negative voices that create those ceilings
  • Find out how surrounding ourselves with the right council can dramatically improve our performance
  • Learn how to get more out of every area of our lives by reprogramming our thinking

Who Stole My Mojo? will help you understand the secrets to enhancing and holding on to your mojo. You will have your spark back and will know what you need to do to get the most out of your life and be firing on all cylinders again. And should you lose it again, you will know how to get it back! Learn how others keep their mojo in check, and how these tips can be applied to your own world and business.

The Vibe

This speech clearly articulates the essential steps required to differentiate your brand in the market. You will have at your disposal a simple and easy to execute model to step you through the necessary procedures to win in this competitive market.  It is time to stop wasting valuable cash, time and energy on what we think is marketing, and instead learn what really works.

  • Cover off the essential thinking that every business, service or product has to have in order to separate themselves from their competitors.
  • Learn how marketing works and how to bring a true marketing plan to life.
  • Understand the process of building your brand to make an authentic connection with your customers or clients.

At the conclusion of The Vibe session, your team will understand what makes your brand stand out and what needs to be done to win over the minds of your customers. Whether you are in B2B, or B2C learn the fundamentals of creating a great brand through powerful marketing plans.

Markting Warfare

With more businesses competing for the same dollar in every category, those who are able to master the fundamentals of brand and create a compelling reason for customers to use their product or service over their competitors, are the ones that will thrive and survive. To be able to do this, you must have a plan of attack, which is one of the essential outcomes of this presentation – creating a brand plan that your team can follow when going into battle with your competitors.

  • Review the actual thinking required to bring a brand to life.
  • Gary will facilitate the thinking that is necessary within your team to unlock an effective marketing and brand plan.
  • Identify the point of difference for your brand and why customers should choose you.
  • Establish a marketing model, identify your target, define what you do and confirm the position you will take in the market.

This will be a session that will clarify your marketing plans and give you the strategies and future vision required to create a strong, meaningful brand. It is a fun, interactive, thought provoking session that is sure to ignite and unlock the creative juices within. You will walk away with the thinking required and an actionable plan to make it happen.