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Gary Edwards

Gary Edwards

Gary Edwards is one of Australia’s leading experts in the use of clear and effective communication techniques to improve your performance and achieve your goals. He has over 20 years experience in helping clients to achieve their goals through...

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Gary Edwards Travels from SA
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Gary Edwards's Biography

Gary Edwards is one of Australia’s leading experts in the use of clear and effective communication techniques to improve your performance and achieve your goals. He has over 20 years experience in helping clients to achieve their goals through effective communication strategies and collaborative client-centred processes. In all of his presentations Gary combines his legal and business background with skills as a professional magician to make sure your people have fun while they learn and remember the message long after the presentation has finished.
As a lawyer and a magician, Gary knows more about tricks, lies and deception than anyone! Gary Edwards is one of Australia’s most entertaining and professional speakers and corporate MC’s. As a keynote speaker, Gary draws on his unique background as a lawyer, corporate magician and business educator to show you how to improve communication, build relationships and increase performance. You’ll get magic, laughs and practical ideas from someone who really knows what it takes to get results!
And as an MC, Gary gives you extensive pre-event planning and consultation, attention to detail and a unique combination of magic, humour and business knowledge that keeps participants engaged and adds value.
Gary Edwards has many years experience as a lawyer and business educator and as a professional corporate magician. His experience has given him a unique insight into how effective communication distinguishes high-performance organisations and people from the rest. Gary now uses his varied talents to help business people communicate more effectively and build productive relationships with their customers, colleagues and strategic partners.
Since leaving private practice Gary has developed extensive expertise as an educator and coach in professional communication skills, a researcher in organizational learning and personal competence and a business consultant in personal and organizational development
Regardless of our occupation, most of us spend 70% of our time at work communicating. Improved performance and productivity comes from using effective communication techniques to get more from our critical information, processes and relationships.
As a Lecturer for seven years with the University of South Australia and an accredited mediator, Gary trained hundreds of law graduates in effective legal communication skills including advocacy, negotiation, conflict resolution and client service. He now teaches the same skills to business people to help them resolve conflict, increase personal effectiveness, leverage organisational knowledge and build resilient and productive relationships.
Gary is also one of Australia’s leading professional magicians and MC’s. In his presentations, Gary combines over 15 years of public performance experience with the psychological and interactive principles he uses as a magician to demonstrate the problems and practicalities of clear and effective communication.
In his conference presentations and seminars Gary combines the analytical, the creative and the fun to create inspiring, entertaining and practical sessions. His experience as a researcher in work-based learning and professional performance standards with the University of South Australia ensures that you receive information and strategies that you can use immediately in the workplace. Gary is an Accredited Speaking Member of the National Speakers Association of Australia and is currently the Senior Vice President of the South Australian Chapter.

Speaking Topics Include:

“The Magic of Collaboration”- Collaboration is the key to a productive business. In this keynote, Gary will show you how to build productive, collaborative workplace cultures – one conversation at a time!
“Trust Me I’m a Lawyer!” - In his signature keynote, Gary uses magic and humour to show you why trust is the essential ingredient to long-term business relationships, and how you can build it into the relationships you have with your clients and customers

“Move Out of The Middle!” - Research shows that most people have 60% extra effort that they don’t use at work! I’ll use magic and humour to invigorate your employees and show them how to feel better, do better and get more out of their work for themselves - and for you.

Master of Ceremonies
Single-session MC or full conference hosting and facilitation
Carefully tailored Opening Keynote to set the scene for the conference
Closing Presentation to reinforce key messages and inspire action
Expert facilitation of panel discussions and break-outs
Customised hypothetical about your industry’s key issues to entertain and inform
Walk-around magic during dinner or cocktails to create a welcoming and relaxed

Teambuilding Workshop
You be the Judge!
Immerse your staff in a real-world courtroom trial! They’ll have roles to play and goals to achieve. To do it, they’ll have to work together, negotiate, resolve conflict, communicate, persuade and make difficult decisions – the entire time taking into account what is in the best interests of their client! Based on real trial scenarios, this fun and interactive workshop will improve your staff’s teamwork and communication skills. Half-day, one-day and two-day versions available.