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Gavin Freeman

Gavin Freeman

Gavin Freeman is the 'Business Olympian' sharing experience and insights into the Olympian mindset, building a team of champions and performing under pressure. Gavin was the team psychologist for the Winter Olympic team in Turino 2006 and 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games. He was also Team Psychologist for the Olympic Archery Team in Sydney 2000.

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Testimonials for Gavin Freeman

Thanks Gavin. You stand out amongst a plethora of cliche “team-work” facilitation consultants. Most are forgettable. Yours was not. Thank you.

EJ  GM – NAB Bank


A wonderfully engaging presentation that left the team understanding “what it takes to be motivated and dedicated to be the best that they can.”

Rod Leaver .CEO Lend Lease Asia


Gavin, a quick note of thanks for both your professional and personal guidance recently. Your Olympian Mindset presentation certainly struck a chord with our National Sales Team and your personal advice on visualizing outcomes and planning for contingencies helped me enormously in preparing for this year’s Boston Marathon. We plan to have you back at a future conference.

Cheers, Rob Sisk CEO MTU Detroit Diesel Australia Pty Ltd.

Gavin Freeman Travels from VIC
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Gavin Freeman's Biography

Gavin Freeman is the ‘Business Olympian’. Gavin’s background is diverse as it is unique –He is a fully registered psychologist with experience in both the sporting and corporate world. He has held a Directors position within a large consulting company as well as an internal head of HR. His 14 years of experience in human capital consulting has been with blue-chip Australian and International organisations across numerous industries including banking, construction, mining, telecommunication and government. 


Gavin consults to CEO’s, Executives, Managers and Elite Coaches delivering Performance Mastery Workshops, Change Leadership Consulting, Strategic workshop facilitation, Executive Coaching, and Team Building experiences. As a psychologist his insights bring an understanding of human behaviour, and how to best create a high performing culture. His book, “The Business Olympian” released in June 2008 captures the mental toughness lessons learned from elite athletes and how these skills can be easily transferred into the corporate world.


Gavin’s second book, “Just Stop Motivating Me” has just been released in February 2016.  Just Stop Motivating Me is a new way of looking at why we act the way we do, how we can create smarter and more productive working and social environments. It further explores what is needed for individual to change the way they work / think and play. Introducing the concepts of “motivation to succeed” and “motivation to avoid failure” as part of a wider motivational continuum, this presentation delves into the human psyche, which determines our ability to maintain or change how we approach life. Click here to find out more.


Gavin was the team psychologist for the Winter Olympic team in Turrino 2006 and 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games. He was also Team Psychologist for the Olympic Archery Team in Sydney 2000. At the professional level he has worked with a variety of athletes from the best sporting leagues around the world including the NBA, WNBA, and PGA, additionally he was the Psychologist for a Team at the 2003 Rugby World Cup.


He holds a Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Psychology from University of Western Australia, a Master of Psychology from University of Southern Queensland and his MBA is from Deakin.


Gavin is currently working on his third book and can usually be heard on one of the business radio shows across Australia and channel 7 sunrise program.

Speaking Topics Include

The Olympian mindset

•What does it take to develop greatness

•Explore the myths between good and great

•Gain insights into the world of Olympians and the process by which you can emulate their success

•Look within and challenge your current perception of what you are able to achieve


Building a Team of Olympians

•Consider the elements of a high performing team – we unlock the hidden secrets

•Explore the art and science to building a champion team

•Understand why a champion team will always beat a team of champions

•Create a simple model which can be utilised within your team


Performing under pressure

This presentation is a slightly more focused presentation that the building an Olympian mindset. Through the support of an  Olympic Winning Medallist I explore the specifics of pressure and how we can learn to block it out or even make it our friend. The presentation is designed to highly experiential and may even include apples and arrows…..


Just stop motivating me!

Motivation is one of the most misunderstood variables of our current day. How often have we scratched our heads and pondered why someone just did what they did. Or more specifically how did Wikipedia usurp Encarta.


After over a decade of working with Olympians and elite organisations I have crafted a presentation we turns the concept of motivation on its head and finally gives us permission to stop motivating people. The outcome is a more engaged and dare I say creative team who are self-driven and inspired to develop greatness.


Wellbeing the integrated way…..(from hamstrings to heart strings)

Have you ever wondered why its so hard to get healthy, fit and possible lose those couple of kilos. The simple reason is we don’t take an integrated approach to our wellbeing. We look at the various elements independently and then hope it all magically comes together. This presentation explores our integrated health and wellbeing model and provides individuals with a pathway they can easily follow.  The beauty of the presentation is the simplicity of the message and the ease in which you can make decisions.


Presentation includes

•Insights into our stress response

•Description of our Health and Wellbeing Model

•Explore the impacts of different foods and how we respond

•Learn to sleep like a baby

•Exercise – understand the impact of performing without conditioning