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Gemma Munro

Gemma Munro

An expert and leader in breaking barriers, Dr Gemma Munro is one of Australia’s most sought-after speakers. Gemma is passionate about helping women achieve their success. Audiences are left inspired, motivated and more resilient to their everyday.

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Testimonials for Gemma Munro

Firstly huge thank you for everything! I’m still trying to find the right words to convey what a difference I think the course made for me and will continue to make. I think the closest I can come is to say that there are remarkable people in this world whose life work echoes throughout time and creates powerful change in other people’s lives. This is what you do Gemma and I am so hugely grateful to you

Gemma was inspirational. An excellent presenter - very engaging with a message that really rang true. Thank you for arranging this wonderful event.

Gemma created a safe environment to get to the heart of what was holding us back from becoming the speaker we want to be. She is down to earth and puts you at ease right from the beginning to explore and build on your strengths. She is a top-notch speaker! I am an improved version of myself as a result. I have practical tools and techniques to face what has always been terrifying to me. This was by far one of the most practical and useful events I’ve attended in a long time. Gemma created a caring environment where practice, feedback and growth happened.

WOW! Surely this is the way to create leaders. Thank you, Gemma.

Gemma is truly an inspirational leader and speaker. She is so passionate about helping us as women and as people be all that we can be and want to be. She brings all sorts of holistic ways and tips to nudge us towards that which will make us shine for ourselves and for the world. She is exceptionally competent in speaking and coaching, and is clearly living that which she teaches – which is always the greatest inspiration.
Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Instantly, Gemma obtained the attention and then coordinated the interest, discussion, interaction AND the commitment of 60 senior leaders from across the globe and different, sometimes competing business units. WOW! That is facilitation.

Gemma Munro Travels from SA
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Gemma Munro's Biography

An expert and leader in breaking barriers, Dr Gemma Munro is one of Australia’s most sought-after speakers.  Gemma is passionate about helping women achieve their success. Audiences are left inspired, motivated and more resilient to their everyday.


Gemma specialises in helping women to move past limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and embrace discomfort, risk and exposure.


Gemma is on a mission to help people come home to themselves and lead lives of purpose, passion and peace. She has delivered keynotes at PayPal, Nissan and Qantas, and her talk at Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley was livestreamed to every Google office in the world.


She is also expert in helping organisations to understand and break through gender equity barriers to create cultures in which both men and women can thrive. Every single woman who has heard Gemma speaks reports greater levels of confidence, courage and resilience as a result.


In a recent women’s leadership program, 60% of participants gained a promotion or a stretch opportunity within the nine months of the program. All participants attributed this step up in their career as a result of working with Gemma. Gemma is also well-regarded as a courageous, authentic and inspiring leader.


Her business, Inkling Women, is known for its innovation and bold decisions.


Gemma and her talented all-female team aim to change how business gets done in Australia, and show that the feminization of organisations leads to outstanding results. Indeed, Inkling Women’s results speak for themselves: revenue has doubled every year since its inception.


Gemma has a PhD in performance psychology and deep insight into what motivates us to move past doubt and fear and create lives and careers we are proud of. She has encouraged thousands of women to overcome fears of public speaking and take the stage with confidence, excellence and ease.


Gemma is a trained classical singer, and has sung in cathedrals and stadiums all around the world. She recently sang live on stage with the Rolling Stones on their Australian tour, and is suffering a lingering case of goose bumps as a result.

Speaking Topics Include

How to get more women into senior leadership roles 
Moving past workplace gender barriers 
Creating successful and effective women leaders 
Building confidence and resilience 
Creating organisations in which both men and women can thrive 
Speaking with confidence, excellence and ease
Moving past self-sabotage and fear 
Leading effectively and authentically 
Understanding and maximising your strengths 
Uncovering your purpose and passion Increasing your influence