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Geoff Huegill

Geoff Huegill

Geoff Huegill has not only established himself as one of the World's great Butterfly competitors and a tour de force for Australian swimming but also as an entrepreneur. He has established a consulting firm, OPS Consulting which has a...

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Testimonials for Geoff Huegill

“Geoff presented to the entire Aussie Franchise and Mobile broking teams at our State Quarterly Business Forums across the country in November 2013. Geoff’s presentations were entertaining and inspirational while also containing key messages about the importance of goal setting, dedication, preparation and the value of hard work in achieving your dreams and ambitions. Despite his success in and out of the pool Geoff is a real down to earth guy who connects well with his audience both during and after the sessions. Our post forum feedback was very positive with an average rating of 8.3/10 and with 26% of respondents rating Geoff’s session a 10 out of 10. Geoff is very easy to work with, is quite flexible and can tailor his sessions to the audience’s needs”.
Vaughan Fowler, National Head of Retail, AUSSIE HOME LOANS

“A quick note to thank you for your visit to the Australian International School in May 2013. The event achieved all of our objectives due to your utter professionalism and willingness to engage with the students, parents and faculty alike.  The very transparent and descriptive execution of your story was incredibly well articulated and the delivery open, accessible and believable. Your message of excellence, commitment and drive was an ideal fit with our vision, values and mission.The level of perseverance you describe resonated well with our community and your recount of early winter mornings in the pool and the number of kilometres your training covered offered valuable insights for a group of children who are lucky enough to struggle for very little.Your accomplished and polished style of public speaking ensured that all members of the audience were engaged and your humble and honest account of your commitment to excellence and extraordinary achievements was inspiring and so typically Australian it made me somewhat homesick – engendering a sense of national pride within our institution which is so difficult to quantify for young people living offshore”.
Katrina Bracken, Director of Admissions & Marketing, Australian International School, SINGAPORE

Geoff Huegill Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Geoff Huegill's Biography

Geoff Huegill has not only established himself as one of the World's great Butterfly competitors and a tour de force for Australian swimming but also as an entrepreneur. He has established a consulting firm, OPS Consulting which has a unique propriety product, Be-Your-Best (BYB) which is a standout, ground-breaking approach to commanding YOUR Best-Self for optimal "performance" in both mind and body.

Now the comeback king of Australian Swimming won 8 Gold medals in 7 months rewriting the Record Books at the Pan Pacs. In October 2010 Geoff won Silver Medal at The Commonwealth Games in Dehli for the 50 metre Butterfly. Geoff has gone from hero in the early 2000 period to zero by 2008 and now back to hero following two years of determination and gut-wrenching effort culminating in an astonishing gold rush in the first seven months of 2010!

Geoff went from overweight and out of shape to the top of his game at an age when most elite athletes are retired. At 31, he lost an incredible 49kg, retrained his body and mind - and went on to achieve his fastest times in the pool and become the second fastest butterfly swimmer in the world. Geoff competed against the world's fastest swimmers, beating them in blazing battles of guts, willpower, champion mindset, talent and physical prowess! And most are ten years younger than Geoff. He is the Australian 50m LC Butterfly title holder at the Commonwealth Games Trials / National Championship (March, 2010), plus as of July 2010 the Australian 50m SC Butterfly title holder and the second fastest 50m Fly swimmer in the world.

Today, Geoff is an Athlete-Entrepreneur with his own company, OPS Consulting, and he is positioning himself within the ranks of the business and corporate world, humanitarian ambassadorships, civic-minded projects, and undertaking socially responsible community outreach initiatives. Their clients include the Commonwealth Bank and Fitness First.

BYB (Be-Your-Best) plays to your strengths to be galvanised by a CHAMPION MINDSET at every level, with every objective, in every situation, in any area of your life by applying body, mind and spirit into an unstoppable PERSONAL BEST, in all things, anywhere, anytime.

Geoff's Be-Your-Best approach utilising our Champion Power of 3 system is the result of 18 years of extensive training and medal winning performance and is available to corporate and private sectors through an exclusive suite of deliverables such as seminars, workshops, retreats, keynotes, speeches, ice-breaker briefings, Q&A sessions, convention appearances.

Geoff won 7 Gold Medals in 7 months leading up to the Olympics - he has re-written the Record Books at the Pan Pacs. In October 2010 Geoff won Silver Medal at The Commonwealth Games in Dehli for the 50 metre Butterfly.

Geoff Huegill is more than just star quality - he delivers the persuasive power of someone who has overcome all the obstacles and succeeded at being his best. The ups and downs of Geoff's life over the past ten years have been committed to history in a documentary and in the book he has written. As the sports ambassador for FOXTEL, as a life coach with his company OPS, in the television productions he continues to be involved in, and as an inspirational keynote speaker, he continues to inspire and impress everyone he encounters.

Geoff Huegill presents his inspirational story of returning to world champion status despite the odds. By tailoring his presentation to meet your needs, Geoff will relate his own experiences in a way that engages and connects with your audience on a personal level. He will talk about focusing the mind, body and spirit to be best the best they can be. And, he will impart valuable messages about code of conduct, personal values and resilience.

Speaking Topics Include

In control - Sport and business run parallel; as a corporate athlete, how do we take control of our emotions and put strategies in place so we are not overwhelmed with the expectations and pressures that life throws at us on a daily basis?

Energised - In times of stress we all turn to things that give us comfort. For some it's food, for others it's alcohol, shopping or gambling. Geoff talks about what we eat and how we move on a daily basis balances our stress levels and also the importance of recovery.

Inspired - What is good work/life balance? How do we achieve that in a world where we're forever 'connected' to the Internet? These workshops are designed to help us look at living a more 'wholistic, well-balanced life'. What are we aiming for in life? Most importantly, what are the things we use to do before 'life' got in the way?

Choices - Life is all about choices; most days we make good choices, but what do we do when the ramifications of a poor choice change our world? What happens to your train of thought, how do you remain upbeat at a time when your world is falling apart around you and how do you go from being reactive to being proactive?

Be Your Best - Geoff shares his life story from the early stages of swimming to world domination and Olympic success, the struggles of transition from sport and having to fight back, from transforming his life and losing 45 kg to step back onto the blocks and successfully race again on the world stage.

Accept it, Own it, Conquer it. Sport, Business and life - It's better to live a life of design then a life of default. Geoff, the founder of Huegill Bodytech, a luxe lifestyle brand of supplements and sporting apparel, shares his strategies for success.