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Glen Carlson

Glen Carlson

Glen has an international reputation for being a #1 speaker on strategies for fast small business growth, and the best business models that maximise profit.

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Testimonials for Glen Carlson

“Glen’s talk wowed our 250 members over lunch. His honest and inspiring breakdown of what it takes to build a fast growth business has created a lasting buzz.”

Sam Marino, President Cairns Chamber of Commerce


“Glen is the total package as a speaker. He speaks from experience, he entertains and inspires while delivering content that is nothing less than world class. I recommend him highly for both corporate and business audiences.”

Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s #1 Business Author, Global Presenter


“Stories are Glen’s favourite tool for demonstrating the ability to influence is the key to success. He tells it like it is without apology or pretence. Whether you have 30 people in a workshop or 700 attendees at a conference, Glen’s talks guarantee to inspire.”

Valerie Khoo, Author of Power Stories and National Director of the Australian Writers’ Centre


“Glen’s no-fluff approach gets and keeps people’s attention. Despite being both humorous and humble, Glen leaves people the practical strategies to take action in their business or career.”

Matthew Michalewicz, Founder of Australia’s 3rd Fastest Growing Company of 2012, Best-selling Author, Speaker

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Glen Carlson's Biography

Glen Carlson, is an award-winning entrepreneur and co-founder of Australia’s 9th fastest growing company (BRW Fast Starters and Smart Company, 2014), Dent Global. Glen has an international reputation for being a #1 speaker on strategies for fast small business growth, and the best business models that maximise profit.


Founded in 2010, Dent Global is an international world-leading business accelerator for small, entrepreneurial, service-based businesses, with offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia, with more than 2000 clients.  Dent has also launched three best-selling books on business, won major awards and raised more than $500,000 to charities around the globe.


With Australia’s small business sector buoyant and healthy, Glen’s message is fine tuned for the current climate where there’s no better time to be an entrepreneur than now. He has the confidence and enthusiasm to inspire people to follow their business ideas and build them into hugely successful ventures.


Glen Carlson and Dent Global Award wins:

          Excellence in Training & Development Award, Asia’s Training & Development Excellence Awards, 2015

          Investors in People award (London), 2015

          9th Fastest Growing Company in Australia, Smart Company Awards, September 2014

          63rd Fastest Growing Company, Australia Business Review Weekly (BRW), June 2014

          Finalist Management Book of the Year, Chartered Institute of Management, November 2013

          Power 100 Most influential entrepreneurs in the UK, Fresh Business Thinking

Speaking Topics Include


How to create a cult brand

If people refer to your business as a cult, is that a bad thing? Glen explains why creating a cult business is the holy grail, and how using the following three brand ‘levers' in the right way and in the right order will attract top talent, land bigger deals and double the profit in even the most traditional businesses:

             Build a founder brand – build the personal brand of the founder (key person of influence) to create inbound opportunities and build industry credibility.

             Differentiate the product (or service) brand by selling the result/finish line – people don’t care about the owner, the product or the service.  They want a result. Sell it to them.

             Position the company brand as the industry leader – the value of strategic partnerships and alliances to enhance value, trust and reach.



Strategies for creating a ‘lifestyle’ business or growing an empire

Having worked with over 2000 founders and leaders across more than 50 industries, Glen’s presentation demonstrates how to accelerate business growth, whether the desire is a lifestyle business ($2m in revenue) or an empire ($15m-plus in revenue). He highlights the typical inhibitors to growth (lack of clarity, credibility, capacity, cut-through, and compatibility), and how to overcome them (pitch, publish, product, profile, partnerships), plus he discusses how to formulise the 7 fundamental business assets (intellectual property, brand, market, product, systems, culture, funding).


Growing a $20m global small business in 5 years - Glen’s business story

Glen has grown his own small business to $20m in 5 years in a hyper competitor space with 50 full time team members across 12 time zones, operating at nine times its earnings and climbing (a typical service business runs at 2-4 times earnings).  But it hasn’t always been an easy ride.  Glen presents a tale of woe and wisdom of how to scale a traditional business from $1m to $20m or more without going broke, getting divorced or hating life! These advanced business strategies are ideal for the owners of established business interested in expansion, acquisition or preparing for a possible future partial or full exit.


Why charging by per hour is killing companies – and how to transform the billing model by commercialising intellectual property.

Glen explains why a ‘billable hours’ business model is killing profit, innovation, trust, and growth and ultimately flattening the growth of Australia’s small business professional services industry.  He shows business how to find their business formula which will productise their service business for scale, stability and profit including:

             Automate (technology and processes)

             Delegate (building high performance teams)

             Duplicate (finding their formula and cloning the ‘leader')

             Eliminate (the entrepreneur’s mantra - simplify, simplify, simplify)



The future of business and the rise of the purpose-driven enterprise

There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur.  Glen shares his thoughts and observations on the five key changes in the small business landscape over the next 5 years which will disrupt and impact it for the better: baby boomers turning 70, the millennial mindset, technology unemployment, government inefficiencies, and systemic collapse.  Glen will demonstrate how to surf the waves of change to grow a successful and lasting enterprise.


Profit by doing good – why having a mission beyond making money makes more money

‘Conscious businesses’ are said to have a higher purpose, a stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership and a conscious culture, but importantly, the idea holds that profit can – and likely will – follow as a result (rather than as the specific aim) of running a conscious business.  Glen is an active champion of business as a force for good and that it’s the role of every entrepreneur to create more so they can contribute more.  Glen discusses the value of having a higher purpose, and shares how his work with UN Global Goals has impacted his own business for the better.