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Glenn Capelli

Glenn Capelli

Glenn Capelli has a unique presentation style thatmakes learning come alive. Glenn’s presentations are multi-stimulating and use visuals, music, wit, wisdom, activity and interaction to communicate the messages, speed the learning and enhance the results. Glenn’s sessions are innovative and memorable.

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Testimonials for Glenn Capelli

Awesome. Glenn Capelli is a twelve out of ten speaker. Fantastic.
Harvey Mackay – international best-selling business author of Swim With the Sharks

Glenn Capelli’s presentation was creative and entertaining and has provided us with a basis to think differently in the future. 
Andersen Consulting.

Thanks Glenn we’ve been getting rave reviews in regard to your Innovation session last week. The feedback has been amazing  . . . best training I have ever done! . . . I’m still buzzing!. . .  It was great, I loved every minute of it . . . Very inspiring, interesting, thought provoking, color, music, movement, passion . . . I learned a lot about others and myself . . . The most active training session I have been involved in. Glenn is an impressive presenter with a vast experience, a very engaging individual and passionate about this topic. We will look forward working with you again next year. 
Credit Suisse Asia

Glenn’s presentation was an invigoratingly, inspirational experience that will help me continue to develop and share with my team a stronger philosophy of education that will hopefully benefit all of our students. Most of my team are beginning teachers, Glenn gave me some wonderful ideas for providing guidance and support. This presentation was truly outstanding. Dynamic speaker, “feel good” anecdotes remind you why you decided to be a teacher. Very positive. Take bow the committee who booked him. 
Sydney Region Primary Executive Network Conference.

I just wanted to let you know that Glen Capelli was an absolute hit with our somewhat small group of 9 people. Our managers were hungry for more and suggested Glen present a 3 hour session in future rather than a small session over dinner! Many of the concepts Glen presented tied into the following day and I was astounded at the amount of information people had retained about his presentation. It was a perfect match for our program and we were all honoured to have Glen present and share his genuine and colourful stories. Glen inspired all. I would definitely use Glen again for any and all of our development programs at Alinta. He really lifted the group’s spirits. Thank you!
Alinta Gas

The challenge always, is to find good keynote speakers who have a clear and concise message; who can articulate that message and make it relevant to the audience and, to strike a rapport. Glenn, you did all of the above. Well done and thanks. 
Warren O’Rourke, 
National Manager Corporate Affairs, Mortgage Choice Limited

Dear Glenn A short note of thanks for your contribution to the recent LEAD course at St.George. It was a wonderful journey, full of unexpected twists and turns, great lessons and plenty to ponder. Yours is a rare gift, thoughtfully developed, and I felt privileged to have had the experience.
St George Bank
Glenn Capelli Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Glenn Capelli's Biography

Glenn Capelli has a unique presentation style that makes learning come alive. Glenn’s presentations are multi-stimulating and use visuals, music, wit, wisdom, activity and interaction to communicate the messages, speed the learning and enhance the results. Glenn’s sessions are innovative and memorable.

Glenn Capelli has delivered a message of creativity, dynamic thinking, innovation and high performance leadership to audiences around the world. With a professional speaking career of more than thirty years, an author, songwriter and radio and television presenter, Glenn has emerged as one of Australia’s most awarded and sought after professional speakers.

A member of MENSA, Glenn is also a former ‘hobo’ who as a young man backpacked his way around the world for seven years, working in a variety of roles including a fish farmer on kibbutz in Israel, a comedian in Los Angeles, a travel writer in Kenya and a summer-camp counsellor in North Carolina. 

In 1987 he returned to Australia and was awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Fellowship, which he used to further his research into advanced thinking and learning methodology.

Throughout the 90’s his award-winning cable television series Born to Learn aired weekly to an audience of over 26 million households across the USA, his current live radio program Thinking Caps broadcasts weekly on Radio 3AW in Melbourne.

Glenn’s audiences range from primary school students and teachers in the most remote outback regions of Australia, to the CEO’s of the some of the largest corporate organizations in the world. His unique presentation style and ability to apply a diversity of teaching methodologies have made him an internationally renowned speaker across a diverse range of industries and in constant demand worldwide.

Glenn’s presentation portfolio includes conference keynotes and MC/theme-weaving, workshops, program design and facilitation, training and one-to-one coaching and mentoring. Glenn uses his participatory, humorous and entertaining presentation techniques to show audiences how to become more flexible thinkers, leaders and life-long learners in today’s fast paced world.

Glenn Capelli has a unique presentation style that makes learning come alive. His approach blends methodology and practical content, humour and involvement to make sure all participants get to experience learning and thinking in richer, deeper and more innovative ways. Participants work alone, in pairs and in groups and can expect to think, stretch, discuss, listen and laugh while being actively involved in the process of discovering new skills and learning about ways to live and work smarter.

Glenn is recognised worldwide as a content expert in the field of thinking and learning. When he teaches you something, it really sticks! Glenn’s presentations are multi-stimulating and use visuals, music, wit, wisdom, activity and interaction to communicate the messages, speed the learning and enhance the results.  He believes it has to be fun, has to have energy and has to be useful.  

Speaking Topics Include

Glenn is often used to start a conference. His Opening Keynote creates a mood of optimism and teamwork. Along with his own positive messages he equips delegates with learning strategies and shows them how they can make the most of their learning experience throughout the conference event.   When used as a Closing Speaker Glenn not only has everyone leaving on a high, he facilitates the take home value for delegates to apply in business and in personal life.   

Glenn tailors his design and delivery to best match the individual needs of each client, selecting from an extensive library of themes that include :   
Working Smarter in a Changing World
How to develop and sustain clever, creative, high-performance cultures. An exploration of the kind of thinking and action required in turbulent times and how to maximise people, profit and potential through working smarter. 
Group Genius
The creative power of collaboration How to connect smart teams using Creative, Analytical, Practical and Emotional Smarts. Challenges the belief of creativity being an individual skill and shows how to be more creative in collaborative settings and how to change group dynamics for the better.   
What makes an experience genuinely satisfying is a state of consciousness called flow. A journey into the Eight Factors of Sustainable Peak Performance. How to create environments that encourage prosperity, improved productivity and growth. Based on the research summary of a thirty-year research project at the University of Chicago testing individual, team and organisational performance.     

Master of Ceremonies 
In addition to an Opening or Closing Keynote Speaker, Glenn is often used as a Themeweaver throughout a conference. This is so much more than the usual MC role. Glenn has a unique ability to set tone, introduce fellow speakers, link key points, facilitate discussion and ensure learning is continually tied back to the conference main theme. To do it all with energy, flair and humour has earned him praise from premiers, ministers, media professionals, CEO’s and participants alike.     

Workshop Presentations   
Dynamic Leadership Thinking How to Create Vibrant Thinking Leaders and Environments. 
What kind of skills does it take to be a good leader? Are they instinctive or can they be learned? What does it take to create organisations that can think and perform dynamically in complex circumstances? There are environments that attract and retain talented people and there are things leaders can do to make and shape these environments. A workshop using some of the best contemporary research on the theme of leadership.   
The Innovation Revolution – Creating a Culture of Ideas. 
The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind – creators and empathisers, pattern recognisers and meaning makers. This new mind needs to be one that possesses a well of creativity, a quest for inventiveness and the ability to make ideas a reality. In short, this is a mindset of innovation. This workshop combines a blend of some of the best contemporary resources on the theme of Innovation including: A Whole New Mind, The World Is Flat, The Tipping Point, The Art of Innovation, From Good to Great.   
HOPS – Higher Order Presentation Skills
Brilliant simple effective design and delivery ideas to make a real difference to your presentations. Whether you’re presenting one to one, small groups or to thousands, the HOPS workshop equips you with the skills you need to design and deliver best practice teaching and learning methodology. HOPS goes beyond the regular train-the-trainer programs so you can create a total learning experience for your next audience.   
The Many Lands of Smart – Multiple Intelligences in the Workplace 
Understanding the different ways people process information is the foundation for effective communication and managing diversity. A look at seven key areas for innovative teaching, creative strategies and implementing best practice methods.