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The demands of successfully managing a balance between work and life in today’s fast paced world means health and lifestyle speakers are very busy advising on the importance our health both physically and mentally. Health and wellbeing is not just the absence of disease or illness. It is a complex combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Wellbeing is linked to how you feel about yourself and your life. Health and wellbeing professionals are experts on the topic and include doctors and psychologists, nutritionists, personal coaches, sporting personalities and others who have firsthand experience overcoming a health problem. The benefits of healthy workplaces reach far beyond individual workers and can also influence the health of families and communities, and yield social and economic benefits. A healthy workplace reduces sick leave and staff turnover and increases productivity and participation. For advice on diet, exercise, lifestyle, health and medical issues the engagement of a health and lifestyle presenter for your organisation could be exactly who you require to improve your personal and professional wellbeing and performance.

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Dr Richard Chambers

Dr Richard Chambers

.... clinical psychologist and leading mindfulness consultant
Speakers and Entertainers : Penny Adams

Penny Adams

....Medical expert regularly seen on TV
Speakers and Entertainers : Patch Adams

Patch Adams

....a social activist, citizen diplomat, professional clown, performer and author
Jules Allen

Jules Allen

....inspirational youth advocate
Janine Allis

Janine Allis

....the success of Boost Juice
Speakers and Entertainers : Lincoln Amidy

Lincoln Amidy

....passionate about health
Speakers and Entertainers : Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson

....prominent futurist, visionary and behavioral specialist
John Arden

John Arden

....expert on Brain Based Therapy
Speakers and Entertainers : Bettina Arndt

Bettina Arndt

....leading sex therapist
Eve Ash

Eve Ash

....highly experienced presenter, MC and business facilitator
Speakers and Entertainers : Kurek Ashley

Kurek Ashley

....one of the most dynamic, in demand speakers and inspirational teachers of our time
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Lisa Backhouse

....one of Queensland’s most experienced and respected news presenters
David Baggs

David Baggs

....multi-award winning architect, sustainability, healthy and eco-products
Speakers and Entertainers : Maggie Beer

Maggie Beer

....- always a favourite with restaurant regulars and in growing demand from gourmet food outlets around the country
Rachael Bermingham

Rachael Bermingham

....infectious energy, wisdom, vibrance, honesty and generosity in sharing her knowledge and experiences
Allan Bolton

Allan Bolton

....the peoples renewable energy man
Raelene Boyle

Raelene Boyle AM, MBE

....one of Australia's greatest track and field athletes
Charles Brass

Charles Brass

....regular commentator on the future in print and on radio and TV
Michelle Bridges

Michelle Bridges

....straight talking red team trainer of Channel Ten's The Biggest Loser
David Broadbent

David Broadbent

....world authority on leadership, culture and safety performance outcomes
Rob Broadfield

Rob Broadfield

....uplifting, motivating, inspiring and often humorous
Jenny Brockie

Jenny Brockie

....multi-award winning journalist and documentary maker
Speakers and Entertainers : John Brogden

John Brogden

....passionate and charismatic business and political leadership
Mark Bunn

Mark Bunn

....one of Australasia’s leading experts on health and personal performance
Speakers and Entertainers : Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll

....surfer, father, businessman, celebrity and addict.
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Elizabeth Celi

Dr Elizabeth Celi

....turns around the negative impact of depression and anxiety on thinking toward mental health and wellbeing.
Speakers and Entertainers : David Chalke

David Chalke

....one of Australia’s leading Social Analysts
Speakers and Entertainers : Greg Chappell

Greg Chappell

....legendary Australian cricketer with stong leadership and motivating tools
Tiffany Cherry

Tiffany Cherry

....a trained physiotherapist and sport masseur, and has worked with some of Australia’s leading athletes
Matt Church

Matt Church

.... Australia's foremost thought leader
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Sally Cockburn (aka Dr Feelgood)

Dr Sally Cockburn (aka Dr Feelgood)

....Australia's leading health communicator
Speakers and Entertainers : Paul Collins

Paul Collins

....The Body Coach
Speakers and Entertainers : Kaz Cooke

Kaz Cooke

....columnist, author and cartoonist.
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Harry Cooper

Dr Harry Cooper

....lovable vet and media personality, an Australian household favourite
Speakers and Entertainers : Sarah Cornally

Sarah Cornally

....Leading People, the business leadership consultancy
Rev Tim Costello AO

Rev Tim Costello AO

.... leading campaigner on social justice issues
Graeme Cowan

Graeme Cowan

.... Back from the brink - overcoming depression
Speakers and Entertainers : Tracey Cox

Tracey Cox

....one of the world's foremost writers on sex and relationships
Carolyn Creswell

Carolyn Creswell

....2012 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year
Michael Crossland

Michael Crossland

.... an incredible life story and true inspiration
Speakers and Entertainers : Laura Csortan

Laura Csortan

....extensive television experience has now led to Laura becoming a key note speaker at tourism and lifestyle seminars and event MC/host
Lisa Curry

Lisa Curry

....Australian swimming champion, health and lifestyle expert
Speakers and Entertainers : Andrew Daddo

Andrew Daddo

....popular Australian entertainer
Speakers and Entertainers : Richard Day

Richard Day

....a dynamic and inspirational motivational speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Robert de Castella

Robert de Castella

....Australia’s greatest ever marathon runner
Heidi Di Santo

Heidi Di Santo

....leading lifestyle motivational speaker on emotional fitness
Brennon Dowrick

Brennon Dowrick

.....most innovative, entertaining and effective motivational speakers
Rob Edwards

Rob Edwards

.... increase effectiveness, health and well-being
Speakers and Entertainers : Susie Elelman

Susie Elelman

...television & radio broadcastor, corporate communicator and business educator

Daryl Elliott Green

.... Twice shot - lessons of resilience
Pete Evans

Pete Evans

....respected chef and businessman
Sophie Falkiner

Sophie Falkiner

....media personality and presenter
Speakers and Entertainers : Alison Fan

Alison Fan

....popular Perth news presenter and columnist
Speakers and Entertainers : Kurt Fearnley

Kurt Fearnley OAM

....world champion wheelchair athlete
Manu Feildel

Manu Feildel

....co-host Seven’s My Kitchen Rules and popular chef
Speakers and Entertainers : Evelyn Field

Evelyn Field

....counsellor educator lecturer teacher - Bullying in the workplace or school
Helen Fitzroy

Helen Fitzroy

....WA 2012 Local Hero Australian of the Year
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Toby Ford

Dr Toby Ford

....a leading expert in the area of corporate health risk management
Speakers and Entertainers : Adam Fraser

Dr Adam Fraser

....one of Australia's foremost experts in the area of amplifying workplace performance
Narelle Fraser

Narelle Fraser

.... Narelle shares her amazing journey as a Police detective for 27 years
Danny Frawley

Danny Frawley

.... From leadership and motivation to dealing with depression 'Spud' is a regular sporting media favourite
Mia Freedman

Mia Freedman

....popular columnist, author, blogger, publisher, media personality and sought-after keynote speaker
Gavin Freeman

Gavin Freeman

.... 'The Business Olympian'
Speakers and Entertainers : Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller

....puts the heart back into psychology
Speakers and Entertainers : Jackie Furey

Jackie Furey

....thought-provoking insights, rich content, and humorous anecdotes
Speakers and Entertainers : Tim Gard

Tim Gard

....a leading and recognized authority in stress reduction through humour
Speakers and Entertainers : Anna Gare

Anna Gare

....popular chef personality
Speakers and Entertainers : Gabriel Gate

Gabriel Gate

....in constant demand to demonstrate his outstanding skills as a chef and speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Gilchrist

Peter Gilchrist

....one of Australasia’s top inspirational sales and marketing speakers
Speakers and Entertainers : Julie Goodwin

Julie Goodwin

....Winner Master Chef 2009
Speakers and Entertainers : Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore

....leader in the fields of health, fitness and sustainable peak performance
Vijay Govindarajan

Vijay Govindarajan

....world leading expert on strategy and innovation
Speakers and Entertainers : Tatiana Grigorieva

Tatiana Grigorieva

....Australian pole vaulting champion and eleit athlete
Kevin Grise

Kevin Grise

.... stage hypnotist spanning over 30 years experience
Guy Grossi

Guy Grossi

....Successful Chef, passionate and inspirational
George Halkias

George Halkias

....developed the Big Issue Street Soccer Program
Speakers and Entertainers : Tiffiny Hall

Tiffiny Hall

.... one of the most positive role models in health and fitness for children and women
Craig Hamilton

Craig Hamilton

.... "Broken Open" which gives a very personal account of living with Bipolar Disorder.
Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton

....former pro cyclist
Craig Harper

Craig Harper

....one of Australia’s most respected motivational speakers and educators
Paul Hasleby

Paul Hasleby

....former AFL footballer, media commentator and businessman
Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler

....thought leader in the areas of productivity, communication, and overcoming adversity
Chris Helder

Chris Helder

....expert in sales, communication, influence, change, strategy and developing a mindset for growth.
Speakers and Entertainers : Trevor Hendy

Trevor Hendy AM

....holds six Australian Open Ironman titles
Speakers and Entertainers : Jason Hodges

Jason Hodges

....team member on Better Homes and Gardens
Speakers and Entertainers : Dave Holland

Dave Holland

....his story will encourage others to prevent workplace accidents
Speakers and Entertainers : Huon Hooke

Huon Hooke

....one of Australia’s most respected wine writers with over twenty years experience
Paul Huschilt

Paul Huschilt

....award winning speaker and professional story-teller
Ian Hutchinson

Ian Hutchinson

.... leading Lifestyle Strategist
Amantha Imber

Amantha Imber

....creativity and innovation psychologist
Speakers and Entertainers : Ella James

Ella James

....professional and diverse media talent
Dr Phil Jauncey

Dr Phil Jauncey

....his contagious passion for life has an overwhelming ability to leave guests wanting more
Kylie Jaye

Kylie Jaye

....pre-eminent health, lifestyle, food and travel expert, delivering corporate speaking, presenting and broadcast production internationally
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Gael Jennings

Dr Gael Jennings

....multi-award-winning TV science broadcaster, and current affairs TV and radio host.
Speakers and Entertainers : Andrew Johns

Andrew Johns

....greatest rugby league player for his era
Speakers and Entertainers : Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson

....policies and procedures in Occupational Health and Safety education

Samuel Johnson

....2017 Gold Logie actor and media personality
Matthew Johnstone

Matthew Johnstone

....author, illustrator and public speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Leisel Jones

Leisel Jones

.... Leisel now brings her brilliance to the stage as an inspirational corporate speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Rosie King

Rosie King

....the heart of human relationships
Rhondalynn Korolak

Rhondalynn Korolak

....most respected authority on personal development, peak performance and business acceleration
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

....enthusiasm for science is totally infectious
Speakers and Entertainers : Doug Lansky

Doug Lansky

....one of America’s foremost experts on budget travel
Lydia Lassila

Lydia Lassila

....Australian Olympic freestyle skier gold medallist, entrepreneur and mum 
Michael Licenblat

Michael Licenblat

....resilient staff and pressure proof your business
Speakers and Entertainers : Miguel Maestre

Miguel Maestre

....passion for food and life is infectious
Dr Louise Mahler

Dr Louise Mahler

....focusing on your leadership voice and promoting innovative strategies to motivate in the workplace.
Speakers and Entertainers : Ashley Mallett

Ashley Mallett

....former Australian Test Cricketer, author and story teller
Speakers and Entertainers : Jane Mara

Jane Mara

....unique perspectives for business and personal growth.
Speakers and Entertainers : Nigel Marsh

Nigel Marsh

....‘Fit, Fifty and Fired-Up'
Speakers and Entertainers : Andrew Matthews

Andrew Matthews

....strategies of happy, effective and successful people
Speakers and Entertainers : Chloe Maxwell

Chloe Maxwell

....extremely popular and multi talented
Speakers and Entertainers : Andrew May

Andrew May

....performance and productivity expert
Speakers and Entertainers : Sue-maree McEnearney

Sue-maree McEnearney

....communications expert
John McGrath

John McGrath

....one of Australia's most successful entrepreneurs and businessman
Kay McGrath

Kay McGrath OAM

.... award-winning journalist and presenter with the Seven Network Australia.
Lisa McInnes-Smith

Lisa McInnes-Smith

....motivational business and personal performance
Speakers and Entertainers : Mark McKeon

Mark McKeon

....advocate for work/life balance
Susan McLean

Susan McLean

....Australia’s foremost expert in the area of cyber safety and young people
Speakers and Entertainers : Malcolm McLeod

Malcolm McLeod

....masterful MC and team building program developer
Speakers and Entertainers : Joanna McMillan Price

Joanna McMillan Price

....Nutrition Expert on the Today Show
Michael McQueen

Michael McQueen

....2015 Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year
Anna Meares

Anna Meares

....Track cyclists champion - Olympic, World and Commonwealth medalist
Speakers and Entertainers : Massimo Mele

Massimo Mele

....passionate chef with a 'get-amongst-it' style of Italian street food.
Warwick Merry

Warwick Merry

....corporate MC, host and speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Lyndey Milan

Lyndey Milan

....gastronomic icon and multi-award winning presenter, communicator, author and teacher
Speakers and Entertainers : Tristan Miller

Tristan Miller

....52 international marathons in 52 weeks
Anthony Minichiello

Anthony Minichiello

....former professional rugby league footballer
Glenn Mitchell

Glenn Mitchell

.... Brilliant corporate host and Lifeline ambassador
Speakers and Entertainers : Julia Morris

Julia Morris

....hilarious standup comic and professional host
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Cynthia Morton

....Australian of the Year taking you on a voyage of discovery
Speakers and Entertainers : Kelly Nestor

Kelly Nestor

....broadcast presenter, producer, trainer and event compere
Alan Newey

Alan Newey

....inspiring reminder of the importance of workplace safety
Luke Nguyen

Luke Nguyen

....acclaimed owner and chef of Sydney restaurant Red Lantern
John Novak

John Novak

....expert mind coach, author and lecturer
Speakers and Entertainers : Cyndi O"Meara

Cyndi O"Meara

....passionate, determined and knowledgeable speaker on health issues
Speakers and Entertainers : Rob Palmer

Rob Palmer

....DIY and trade tips presenter
Speakers and Entertainers : Rosie Pekar

Rosie Pekar

....'sharp, energetic, motivational and relevant'
Speakers and Entertainers : Symantha Perkins

Symantha Perkins

....Mum, model, media commentator, corporate spokesperson

Lucy Perry

....CEO of Sunrise Cambodia
Speakers and Entertainers : Professor Kerryn Phelps

Professor Kerryn Phelps

....health reporter and commentator since 1985
Speakers and Entertainers : Michael Podolinsky

Michael Podolinsky

....across 6 continents in 23 countries, he's impacted over 11 million people worldwide
Dr Sam Prince

Dr Sam Prince

....extraordinary entrepreneur, medical doctor and philanthropist
Speakers and Entertainers : Janella Purcell

Janella Purcell

....a mission to educate people that food can be delicious and healthy
Speakers and Entertainers : Tobie Puttock

Tobie Puttock

....International award winning chef
Rob Redenbach

Rob Redenbach

....High performance team and leadership trainer
Speakers and Entertainers: Steve Renouf

Steve Renouf

....one of the best centres in the history of Rugby League
Speakers and Entertainers : Jody Rigby

Jody Rigby

....horticulturist and lifestlye expert
Dominique Rizzo

Dominique Rizzo

.... one of Queensland’s leading female chefs
Speakers and Entertainers : Tonya Roberts

Tonya Roberts

....experience across various industries and develops immediate rapport with the audience
Andrew Rochford

Andrew Rochford

....host 'What's Good For You', Channel 9
Jessica Rowe

Jessica Rowe

....Is This My Beautiful Life?
Dr Arne Rubinstein

Arne Rubinstein

....expert on adolescent development
Speakers and Entertainers : Sammy and Bella

Sammy and Bella

....winners of Channel Sevens hit television show "My Kitchen Rules"
Speakers and Entertainers : Catherine Saxelby

Catherine Saxelby

....Dynamic nutritionist
Wayne Schwass

Wayne Schwass

....passion and commitment to highlighting mental health in Australia
Sophie Scott

Sophie Scott

....award winning ABC national medical reporter
Speakers and Entertainers : Jaynie Seal

Jaynie Seal

....radio, television and live Theatre speakers
Speakers and Entertainers : Janine Shepherd

Janine Shepherd

....inspiring and motivating speaker on defying the odds and the power of the human spirit
Dame Jenny Shipley

Rt. Hon. Dame Jenny Shipley

.... inspiring New Zealand politician ambition, leadership, success
Speakers and Entertainers : Matt Skinner

Matt Skinner

....wine expert
Philip Smallman

Philip Smallman

....passionate about improving workplace safety
Paul Spinks

Paul Spinks

....Paramedic and State Trauma Councillor Qld
Speakers and Entertainers : Rosemary Stanton

Rosemary Stanton

author, nutritionist, speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Scott Steinberg

Scott Steinberg

....one of the world's best known business strategists and communications expert
Speakers and Entertainers : Rebecca Sullivan

Rebecca Sullivan

....self taught cook, sustainable food writer, urban farmer and entrepreneur
Speakers and Entertainers : Norman Swan FRCP, DCH, MD (Hon Causa)

Norman Swan FRCP, DCH, MD (Hon Causa)

....a multi-award winning producer and broadcaster.
Speakers and Entertainers : John Tickell

John Tickell

....extraordinary Australian business success story
Ben Tune

Ben Tune

....remarkable Australian rugby player
Speakers and Entertainers : Kyle Vander Kuyp

Kyle Vander Kuyp

....Australian record holding Olympic hurdler, Role Model and Ambassador for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program Red Dust.
Speakers and Entertainers : Tammy Van Wisse

Tammy Van Wisse

....story of inner strength, persistence, and learning to overcome insurmountable obstacles
Speakers and Entertainers : Theo Ventor

Theo Ventor

....survived a 22,000 volt electrical accident
Adam Voigt

Adam Voigt

....Behaviour and Wellbeing approaches through great Learning Culture
Speakers and Entertainers : Ross Walker

Dr Ross Walker

....amongst the world's best keynote speakers and life coaches with a passion for people and health.
Adam Walker

Adam Walker

....record breaking ocean swimmer
Peter Walsh

Peter Walsh OAM

.... Popular sporting host and men's health speaker
Katrina Webb OAM

Katrina Webb OAM

....inspiring athlete and high performance consultant
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Colette Werden

....What “Dressing For Success” really means
Dr Caroline West

Dr Caroline West

.... Health Specialist in Wellness, Work/life balance, Stress
Speakers and Entertainers : Tony Wheeler

Tony Wheeler

....Creator of the Lonely Planet guide books
Speakers and Entertainers : Sorrel Wilby

Sorrel Wilby

....acclaimed adventurer, filmmaker, author, photographer and artist
Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson

....admired and respected journalist and corporate presenter
Scott Williams

Scott Williams

....known as ‘The Doctor’
Steve Willis "Commando Steve"

Steve Willis "Commando Steve"

.... one of Australia’s most recognised and respected Fitness Experts
Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson

....popular media personality
Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson

....achieving your HYPERformance
Speakers and Entertainers : Fiona Wood

Fiona Wood

.... inspiration, innovation and vision
Todd Woodbridge

Todd Woodbridge

....retired Australian tennis champion and Channel 7 Summer of Tennis sports anchor
Speakers and Entertainers : Tania Zaetta

Tania Zaetta

....has been a regular on our screens and a media favorite for the past decade
Bella Zanesco

Bella Zanesco

.... Bella reveals the secrets that took her from burn out to becoming world champion