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Heidi Di Santo

Heidi Di Santo

Heidi Di Santo is one of Australia's leading lifestyle motivational speakers. Heidi is a Speaker, Counsellor and Author based in Melbourne Australia. She helps people to take control of their internal world and clear the obstacles that prevent success and happiness so they can get better results in their external world.

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Testimonials for Heidi Di Santo

Our managers are not easily impressed, but when they are, they let us know in no uncertain terms that we have done something right! I am writing to congratulate you on your presentation and look forward to working with you in the future.



You were fantastic!! If anyone wants a presenter for their next conference who lights up the room, talks genuinely from the heart and leaves the audience with some key important messages, then they should go no further than Heidi Di Santo.

Toshiba (Australia) Pty. Limited


Heidi, it was great to work with you once again. You are always so versatile, creative and professional. It is great to have you at the conference because you not only do interactive and educational presentations but you also run other fun activities that get everyone out of the confines of the conference room. Our team always looks forward to seeing you because you make the conference so much more enjoyable for everyone attending. You really help to get the group stimulated, motivated and educated and you have made our conference fabulous once again!

Michelin Australia


You were sharp and informative and your motivation and enthusiasm was infectious You have a unique way of making an impression, not only through your presentation but how approachable you were after it had all finished. Our delegates relished in the entire presentation. It certainly was an enjoyable eye opener for all of them.

HIA (Housing Industry Association Limited)

Heidi Di Santo Travels from VIC
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Heidi Di Santo's Biography

Heidi Di Santo is one of Australia's leading lifestyle motivational speakers. Heidi is a Speaker, Counsellor and Author based in Melbourne Australia. She helps people to take control of their internal world and clear the obstacles that prevent success and happiness so they can get better results in their external world. She calls this EMOTIONAL FITNESS.


Heidi has worked as a regular lifestyle presenter for channel 7’s Sunrise program, radio 3AW and 2UE. She also helped an Australian record number of people to quit smoking on World No Tobacco Day where she teamed up with Alex Perry and Nicabate. She is author of the books ‘I Should Be Happy But I’m Not’,  ‘Heidi’s Lose Size and Energize’ and ‘Ignite Your Potential’. She currently writes a monthly Emotional Fitness column for OH! Magazine.


Heidi finished high school at 16, won a full scholarship to study Commerce at Bond University, graduated at 18, became Finance Manager and a Certified Practicing Accountant at 21, started her own business at 23 and BURNED HERSELF OUT by 25. She worked as a motivational speaker for 10 years helping people to become PHYSICALLY FIT.


In 2004, she took a ten year break from speaking to raise her family. During this time she battled depression and went searching for non-medicated ways to get her old spark back. Thankfully she was successful. Heidi realised that emotional fitness was the missing link in health and wellness and in mid 2014 began spreading the message of the importance of emotional fitness.


Heidi is a truly gifted therapist and along with holding an Advanced Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy, Heidi is also a qualified Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Therapist, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Ego State Therapist and Person Centred Counsellor. Heidi is also one of the first of 10 trainers in the world to be able to teach other therapists in Dr Gordon Emmerson’s Resource Therapy, which is a revolutionary therapy that addresses the cause of the problem, not just symptoms.


Heidi shows people how to take control of their mind and turn off the automatic pilot so they can expand their comfort zone and successfully make change. She explains that it is not the most talented people that succeed, but those who know what they want, who take action and who persevere; and Your health. You cannot be successful in life if you do not have your health. Heidi shows people how to be truly healthy and have heaps of energy so that they can successfully make change. She does this by getting people to look at their lifestyle so they can treat the cause of problems and not just symptoms.


If you need a speaker for your next event who is passionate about her message, whose enthusiasm and energy is contagious, who walks her talk and who is truly motivating and inspirational, contact Heidi, she’d love to tailor a session to truly meet your requirements. As a keynote speaker for top companies both in Australia and overseas, her presentations have an almighty impact and range from large conferences to intimate functions.

Speaking Topics Include

“Ignite Your Potential”

This keynote will help people to get the most out of their life and IGNITE THEIR POTENTIAL by doing things differently internally. Heidi helps people to take control of the only thing they can control which is their own self. Heidi helps people to look within and set a solid foundation for their life. By doing so, they can find inner peace, happiness, have a better quality of life and ultimately perform better for your business.

The first part of this keynote discusses how Heidi knows what she knows and the latter part discusses the 6 practices of emotionally fit people which are outlined in her book ‘I Should Be Happy But I’m Not’ and in more detail in her 8 hour audio program ‘Thriving Not Just Surviving in Life’.


The 6 practices of emotionally fit people are:

1      LEARN TO ACCEPT YOUR EMOTIONS – there is a non-feeling epidemic in our society and most people don’t even realize it. This epidemic is at the heart of addiction, depression, anxiety and many other societal issues

2      GET YOUR PARTS WORKING TOGETHER – every person is made up of many different parts and in order to be successful in life you need to get these parts working together towards common goals rather than self-sabotaging one another.

3      HELP FOR TRAUMATIZED PARTS – unprocessed emotions leave people feeling powerless and ultimately in a victim state. If you want to take control of your life, you need to reclaim these victimized parts and get them functioning again.

4      REMOVE YOUR EGO’S MASK – everything is always perfect and your life has been perfectly constructed for the lessons you need to learn on this earth school. We all bring certain gifts and talents into this world and your job is to remove your ego mask and align yourself with spirit so you can make this world a better place through your gifts.

5      TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND – you have the power to change your world purely by the way you think. Once you have done your emotional healing work you can really get your mind working with you and not against you.

6    GROW THROUGH RELATIONSHIPS – the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself because it is the foundation for all external relationships. This section will cover what is involved in having open, honest and real relationships externally.