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Ian Berry

Ian Berry

Ian Berry is a business philosopher yet pragmatist. He’s a best selling author, prolific writer, and a preeminent trusted advisor and speaker in leading and mentoring and change and performance leadership.

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Testimonials for Ian Berry

“I first met Ian when he was a keynote speaker at an Institute of Directors meeting in UK. His delivery on the subject matter he presented on was passionate, sincere and his wisdom quite simply compelling. It was clear to me from first hearing him speak, that Ian is indeed a unique and influential individual, who has a great gift for sharing experiences and stopping people in their tracks and encouraging them to ask questions that affect all of us in our daily lives, but often we are too busy at work for example to either care or notice what is going on around us. Life after all, is not a dress rehearsal. Since then I have been able to actively benefit from Ian's guidance and advice, which have helped my focus and leadership skills from both a personal and business level and I trust in consequence become better balanced in how I strive to conduct myself and contribute more to what I perceive to be my social responsibilities. I count Ian as a good mentor and value his input, support and guidance.”
Michael Hoddy, IBM Alliance Director EMEA-LAM, Schneider Electric, Europe

“I met Ian during an event organized by the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce earlier this year. We were both speaking at the event. I was blown away at how articulate and forceful Ian's 20 minute talk was. Ian's dynamic speaking style held my attention for the entire time, and I thoroughly enjoyed his speech. Ian is a wonderful and thoughtful speaker.” 
Jonathon Wong, Technology Evangelist and Social Media Advocate, Microsoft Singapore

"Ian has a real sense of engagement with his audience. He has the great ability to read the audience and adapt his presentation style to ensure a rewarding experience for all participants.
Ian is passionate, business savvy and very articulate. He is a proven winner with our syndicates as indicated by his consistently high ratings by members. Ian is a professional who can be relied upon to deliver on your expectations." 
Barry Westhorpe, Chief Executive - Victoria, Australia, The CEO Institute 

“At the 2006 Convention of the German Speakers Association Ian Berry contributed a fantastic closing keynote "The Responsibility of Speaking Professionally" and fascinated the audience in many ways: With great content and experience, with excellent presentation skills, with tremendous motivation and outstanding skills keeping the audience's attention at the highest level. It was awesome!!!” 
Sigi Haider, President, German Speakers Association

"I wanted to write to say thank you again, for such an inspiring lecture you gave to the TEC 19 group, up in the Blue Mountains over a week ago. You have had a significant impact on my thinking for the future and life in general. I know I will have contact with you again." 
Jacqueline Doon, Managing Director, Ormco Pty Ltd, Australia

“Ian's talent in demystifying the complexities of 'Corporate Social Responsibility'(CSR) are evident not only in his down-to-earth e-books but also in his speaking ability. He is dynamic, well organized, uses interesting visual aids and inspires a commitment to action among his audience. Ian deals with the concept of 'Managerial Leadership' in a real and effective manner. He inspired me by prompting cues that give way to introspection and finding the leader within.”
Sattar Bawany, PhD, Honorary Academic Advisor, IPMA UK
Ian Berry Travels from VIC
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Ian Berry's Biography

Ian Berry is a business philosopher yet pragmatist. He’s a best selling author, prolific writer, and a preeminent trusted advisor and speaker in leading and mentoring and change and performance leadership.


Since 1991 Ian has helped business leaders in over 40 countries to thrive on the challenges of change simply, profoundly and profitably.


The author of Changing What’s Normal, regarded by many as a seminal work in the fields of personal, relationship and organisational change, Ian is a gifted story-sharer. His tailored for you presentations and master-classes stir hearts, shift thinking, and inspire people to step-up their achievements.


Ian holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest available to professional speakers internationally. It tells you that he is safe to select from. Ian has been paid to speak more than 2000 times and is a Past National President of the National Speakers Association of Australia.


Ian will agree on specific outcomes of working with you prior to your talk or master-class. Under each topic summary below are some examples.

Speaking Topics Include

Candid and convivial communication and conversation that counts - how to become a remarkable communicator in the 8 zones that really matter

Examples of outcomes: know-how for being candid and convivial in the 8 zones and a improvement plan for turning knowledge into wisdom.

Increase in leadership effectiveness, influence, and impact

Less conflict, difficulty and disagreement and the capability to deal with all three effectively and swiftly when they do occur.

Better decision-making.

Significant savings of time, energy, and money spent on dealing with people problems.


Changing What’s Normal - why all change is personal first, relationships second, and organisations third

Examples of outcomes: taking the change journey from information to insight to inspiration to idea/s to innovation.

Increase in leadership effectiveness, influence, and impact.

People doing what they do just better, differently or more uniquely and therefore providing a distinctive experience for customers/clients meaning greater loyalty from them.

A shift away from the status quo when same is no longer serving you and your stakeholders.

Increased number of change champions in your business.

Every day innovation - how to be better one quantum leap at a time

Examples outcomes: How to co-create a culture where the majority of your employees are taking the innovation journey every day.

How to continually upgrade policies, procedures, practices, processes, and systems so that it’s simple for people to bring their very best to their work every day.

How to embrace the science of quantum leaps so that you’re always focused on the next step.

Better decision-making.

Turning every problem into an opportunity for innovation.


Guaranteeing you succeed in the change/s you lead - the principles of success for thriving on the challenges of change and how to apply them in your own way

Examples of outcomes: Deep understanding of your defining moments and how their lessons have prepared you for thriving on the challenges of change in the future.

The best ways you can begin immediately to embrace the 11 principles for conceiving and achieving highly successful change initiatives.

Better decision-making.

More change champions in your business.

Increased leadership influence, effectiveness, and impact.


Remarkable is the new normal - why great is not longer good enough and the 7 areas you must be remarkable in

Examples of outcomes: how to see yourself as remarkable and become who you see.

How to see other people as remarkable and lead them to become who they see.

A full understanding of why great is no longer good enough and ordinary is your enemy.

A strategy and execution plan to become remarkable in the 7 areas.

Significantly increased leadership influence, effectiveness, and impact.


The significance of shared-view - the 5 areas where alignment is paramount and the 2 that underpin them

Examples of outcomes: Leaving behind the either/or world.

Being able to describe your strategy in a sentence.

How to ensure all your employees have their own unique piece of your execution plan.

Behaviours for your values.

The perfect platform for future-proofing your business.


Who real leaders are and what they do - character based leadership and the 8 roles 21st century leaders|mentors play remarkably well

Examples of outcomes: Increased self-awareness – the number one leadership skill.

Increased awareness of other people – the number two leadership skill.

Your own unique way to play the 8 roles remarkably well.