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Ian Hutchinson

Ian Hutchinson

An expert in 'employee driven productivity' Ian Hutchinson is Chief Engagement Officer (CEO) of Life by Design, working with clients to recognise staff potential by increasing engagement and motivation in work and life. Ian is also author of “People Glue – Employee Engagement & Retention Solutions That Stick!” and “52 Strategies to Work Life Balance”.

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Testimonials for Ian Hutchinson

Ian was fabulous to work with in the 25 workshops he ran - innovative, insightful and relevant. Ian’s work was a critical element in our Hewitt engagement scores moving from 46% to 73%. He combines a deep knowledge of human motivation and behavioural change with real world practical processes to make change simple.

Richard Hirst, Head of Organisational Development


Our Hewitt Employee Engagement scores have gone up 9 points in the last 12 months since using meCentral.com - thanks for your continuing help in becoming a genuine Employer of Choice.

John Brereton, General Manager


Your performance was nothing short of outstanding…. Incredible



Made a difference to not only our team culture but also many individuals’ personal lives. Highly recommended

Mike Goodall, General Manager, ANZ


Ian presented on Self-Leadership - it was the highlight of the conference and I am already seeing the results. He is a passionate and engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge on the subject

David Such, Managing Director, Secro


Ian's deep insights into self-leadership and individual/team engagement are thought provoking and ideal for leaders looking for practical ways to build empowerment within their teams

Phil Tennant, Business Unit Head, Astra Zeneca, Australia

Ian Hutchinson Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Ian Hutchinson's Biography

Ian founded Life by Design in 1997, growing to become one of Australia’s most innovative human potential specialists.


Ian has internationally recognised expertise (working in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East) and over 15 years of local experience working with the majority of Australia’s top 10 companies, organisations such as Westpac, McDonalds, Coke, PWC, Ernst & Young, 3 Mobile, MLC, ING, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, NAB, ANZ, AMP, Macquarie Bank, Perpetual Investments, Mallesons, CBA, BT as well as many Best Employers such as Randstad, SAP and Flight Centre just to name a few.


Ian’s Employee-Driven Productivity (EDP) process is the self-responsibility approach to employee engagement, which is the missing link to simply and easily unlocking peoples’ motivation and engagement potential in work and life.



  • Employee-Driven Productivity (EDP)
  • Productivity & Performance Maximisation
  • Self-Leadership
  • Work Life Balance

In 2012, Ian was inducted into the Australian Professional Speakers Hall of Fame when he won the Educator Award of Excellence. He has a Bachelor of Business in Management and Marketing, and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology (but as he says, please don’t hold that against him) and has studied internationally in career development.  Ian’s work has been profiled on national TV programs such as Reality Bites (ABC), Today Tonight (Channel 7) and The Today Show (Channel 9) and even international print media such as The New York Times.



Speaking Topics Include

People Glue – Programs

For Organisations & People Leaders: 45 mins – 1 day

Increases people leaders’ ability to confidently engage and motivate their people, maximising performance and productivity in teams.


People Glue – Online

(Available Feb 2016)

For Organisations & People Leaders: 3-4 hours

Available to everyone, everywhere, anytime 24/7 on any computer or mobile device combining short sharp video lessons (3 min average) with our tools, worksheets and downloadable systems.


Self-Leadership – Programs

For Employees & Individuals: 45 mins – 1 day

Maximises individuals’ ability to take control of their own engagement in work and life, creating a motivated, self-responsible culture.


Self-Leadership – Online (Available NOW)

For Employees & Individuals: 2 hours

Available to everyone, everywhere, anytime 24/7 on any computer or mobile device combining short sharp video lessons (3 min average) with our tools, worksheets and downloadable systems


Youth Mentoring Scholarships

For people aged 16 to 25 years – up to 12 months

Awarded to young people of all walks of life who illustrate promise and commitment, and a desire to maximise their potential with clear direction, but lack the support and resources.


Launch Pad – Programs

For Schools & Youths: 45 mins – 1 day Programs

Radically helps students get clarity and make better informed decisions about their life purpose and therefore future career transition.