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Jacqui Cooper

Jacqui Cooper

Jacqui Cooper is an Aerial Skier champion of 20 years. Having represented Australia in 5 Olympic meets, Jacqui Cooper has won several World Titles and Awards. Jacqui is a passionate speaker whoshares her journey bringing in key messages around topics of self belief, triumph, adversity, and encouragement.

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Testimonials for Jacqui Cooper

La Trobe Financial is proud to have been Jacqui’s lead Sponsor for the past three(3) years as she embodies all the attributes and hallmarks of wonderful Australian sportswomen and International Champion. She is modest, warm and sincere and has an unparalleled ability to communicate her message to a whole host of age groups that we employ from 18 to 50. This five time Olympian is one in a billion, and an opportunity to hear from her real life injury come backs time and time again, as well as her World cup achievements should never be missed.”

Greg O’Neill, CEO La Trobe Financial Corporation


“It has helped us to keep driving forward and overcoming challenges when things appear to get jammed in our business. She delivered such a powerful message to the team.” 

iVsion – National Sales Manager


“I have heard Jacqui speak on about three occasions and each time I have been inspired by her story. I have witnessed the effect on the audience, she has them spellbound as she talks about her achievements and the incredible challenges she has overcome with injuries etc. yet still bounce back to the top. The most important take away for me is that you can reach incredible heights and then incredible lows but if you want something enough, and if you are passionate enough and single minded enough to pursue it – it will happen!"

Human Resources, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Australia/New Zealand


“Jacqui had the crowd mesmerised, with applause from the group throughout her speech. She was more than happy to answer any questions and she personally went up to each table after her speech with one of her world titles trophy and handed her world championship medals around the room. She was also happy to have her photo taken with trophy in hand with any and every one from my group. I really don’t know how I’m going to top next year's dinner – it has been three days and I am still receiving calls and emails about Jacqui.”

Vestas, Executive Assistant to Managing Director


Jacqui Cooper Travels from VIC
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Jacqui Cooper's Biography

Jacqui Cooper has represented Australia in the sport of Aerial Skiing for 20 years. Her career started in 1989 at Mt Buller when she was recruited by Geoff Lipshut (CEO of the OWIA) to join the Techne Team. Within three years she was already representing her country at the World Championships in Lake Placid New York; by 1994 she competed at the Lillehammer Winter Olympics. In 1999, just ten years after starting her sport she became a World Champion; the next ten years would see her dominate and revolutionise her sport.


In a very long and decorated career she has competed in 139 World Cup Events, nine World Championships and been selected to five Winter Olympic Teams. When Jacqui competed in Vancouver in February 2010 she became the first Australian woman in history (summer or winter Olympics) to represent Australia at five Games.


Her record five world titles, 39 World Cup medals, 24 World Cup wins and three major World Championship medals has left Jacqui as the greatest Aerial skier of all time (man or woman); an achievement that will go unbeaten for decades.


Her sport is unforgiving; she has had knee, elbow, shoulder and hip reconstructions. In 2001 she broke her back in an attempt to win a record 3rd World Title; she went on and won it. In 2002 at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics she injured her knee and broke her leg just two days before the Olympic competition ending years of dreaming, willing and wanting.


In 2010, Jacqui competed in Vancouver after a year of intense hip and knee rehabilitation; she shocked doctors and surgeons by her will, inner strength and courage to make a brave attempt to be competitive at those games. She spent most of the months leading into the Olympics in a wheel chair, learning to walk again, and gaining confidence in a sport that is brutal and cruel. She stunned her rivals, coaches, and team mates when she came fifth; her best Olympic result in the 20 years.


"Jacqui Cooper is a true legend. She did not win a medal, but her performance in finishing 5th in the women’s freestyle aerial event epitomised all that is so great about Australian sport."  – Matt Miller, CEO Australian Sports Commission

In between training and competing in events Jacqui devotes much of her time to various Sporting Committees around the world making sure she can be a voice for her peers at a National and International level. Over two decades she has spent time on the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) Board, the AOC Athlete's Commission (Deputy Chair), Ski and Snowboard Australia Board, the Australian Institute of Sport Athletes Commission, the International Ski Federation (FIS) Athletes Committee, the FIS Freestyle Athletes Committee, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Athlete's Committee and the WADA education committee.


In 2001 the AOC involved Jacqui in their national Drug Education program as a key presenter, her interest, knowledge and passion for clean sport made her a wonderful asset to that program. She lectured kids in schools, state sporting institutes, regional sporting academies, national federations, international athletes competing at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival and athletes at Australian Institute of Sport.

Jacqui's passion is education; the education of children and teenagers about living a healthy lifestyle, making smart choices, nutrition, being young role models, dreaming BIG, being active and goal setting. Jacqui speaks to primary, secondary, and university/TAFE students. She has also travelled to remote aboriginal communities as far as Darwin and beyond, promoting all things healthy with a heavy focus on "SAY NO" to alcohol, petrol sniffing and smoking.


Over 20 years Jacqui has won many awards in recognition for her achievements in sport and for her involvement in the community. During her career she was honoured as the Victorian Young Australian of the Year for Sport, Victorian Sports Woman of the year and Ski and Snowboard Athlete of the year. Her most recent award was the Governor's Award, presented to her at the Victorian Sports Awards in 2008 for being a role model, a champion, and a woman who is successful in sport and life.


Jacqui's story is one of self-belief, passion, triumph, tragedy and the ability to overcome adversity.



2008          World Cup Champion – Aerials

2007          World Cup Champion – Aerials

2001          World Cup Overall Champion – Freestyle Skiing

                  World Cup Champion – Aerials

2000          World Cup Overall Champion – Freestyle Skiing

                  World Cup Champion – Aerials

1999          World Champion – Aerials

                  World Cup Overall Champion – Freestyle Skiing

                  World Cup Champion – Aerials


2010          Vancouver, Canada

2006          Torino, Italy

2002          Salt Lake City, USA

1998          Nagano, Japan

1994          Lillehammer, Norway



2008          Australian Snow Sports Athlete of the Year

                  Governor's Award – Victorian Female of the Year

                  Victorian Institute of Sport Spirit Award

                  Freestyle Skier of the Year

2007          Special Achievement Australian Snow Sports Award

2001          Special Achievement Australian Snow Sports Award

2000          Australian Skier of the Year

2000          Australian Snow Sports Athlete of the Year

                  Victorian Sports Woman of the Year

                  Freestyle Skier of the Year

1999          Victorian (Sport) –- Young Australian of the Year

                  Australian Snow Sports Athlete of the Year

                  Freestyle Skier of the Year

1998          Freestyle Skier of the Year

                  Special Achievement Australian Snow Sports Award

1997          Special Achievement Australian Snow Sports Award


Speaking Topics Include

Jacqui Cooper's story is one of triumph, tragedy, defeat and success. It’s a story that makes you believe in the strength of the human spirit. Her passion, persistence and unwavering dedication to a sport that is brutal and cruel, is absolutely inspiring. Jacqui takes you on a journey – a journey that lasts 21 years in her sport. As well as being entertained and inspired, your audience will be left with a lasting impression that “success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Jacqui’s presentation entitled “A View From the Top” includes;
DVD montage of her career narrated by Channel 7 sports presenter Mark Beretta
Stories from her childhood; events that shaped her future
Reliving inspirational and courageous moments in sport and life
Jacqui’s philosophy on the attributes of a successful person
Audience participation
Photo opportunities with her crystal World Cup and World Championship gold medal

Jacqui spent twenty years in her sport; twenty years planning, learning, failing, overcoming adversity, developing, reinventing, striving and succeeding. She’s now described as the greatest Aerial Skier of all time.

Jacqui uses ten points in her presentation to link business to sport, and sport to business. She will tell you that all the same ingredients needed to be successful in business, were needed to dominate a decade in her sport. The fundamentals for being the greatest aerial skier of all time are also needed in business:
1. Goal set – plan.
2. Getting organised.
3. Learn the skill/craft. Keep the skills current.
4. Specialise so that you have a niche in the market.
5. Emphasising the importance continual growth.
6. Constantly reinvent yourself.
7. Persistence – adversity is everywhere.
8. Balance in work and life.
9. Process = outcome.
10. Performance.

Jacqui will tell you that she wasn’t a super talented athlete, believes she’s just a woman that had a passion – a real love affair with what she was doing. She worked harder than anybody else in her field, she followed a plan, she put processes in place and she was driven. She was determined, courageous, resilient and always had the self belief that enabled her to overcome anything or anyone that got between her and hers goals.

Champion athletes keep training when the crowd has left the stadium, they keep training when the lights have been turned off; they become winners when no one is watching. The same goes for successful people in business.

Jacqui can tailor a presentation so that the theme of her delivery is exactly what your organisation needs to motivate your staff or audience.