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James Adonis

James Adonis

James Adonis is one of Australia's most well known people management thinkers. He is a leading international expert on employee engagement, and the co-founder and managing director of Team Leaders - a company dedicated to developing the very best frontline managers.

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Testimonials for James Adonis

"James provided a 1 hour keynote and 2 hour workshop for 40 of our leaders on Employee Engagement and/or Enragement.  James's engaging, comfortable style was perfect for the audience and with his humour kept the whole room enthralled for the 3 hours.  James's use of real life scenarios, often out of the workplace, to demonstrate his key points worked a treat and had us all reflecting on our own similar experiences.  The role plays and facilitated activities provided good energy and an opportunity to experience the scenarios.  The feedback from the participants has been fantastic.  Well done and thanks James."

Flight Centre  (CFO - Australian Operations)

"James's ideas are fresh and challenging, his style is energetic and engaging, and the feedback from our team is that he has caused them to rethink what they have done in the past and they will be doing things differently in future. James will make you think and I encourage you to spend some time with him - it's very worthwhile."

Hitachi (Deputy General Manager - Human Resources & Administration)


"Motivating, insightful, professional and engaging, are a few words that come to mind when reflecting on our day with James. His enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and refreshing approach to employee engagement, was the inspiration we required. We strongly recommend a day with James to every manager."

AAPT (Training Co-ordinator)

James Adonis Travels from NSW
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

James Adonis's Biography

James Adonis is one of Australia's most well known people management thinkers. He is a leading international expert on employee engagement, and the co-founder and managing director of Team Leaders - a company dedicated to developing the very best frontline managers.


By the time he was 24, James was managing a team of 100. His major achievements have included taking a team that had employee turnover exceeding 70 per cent and reducing it to zero where it was maintained for two years. He has also achieved employee engagement results that have surpassed not only the industry standard, but also world's best practice. Another of his teams achieved its key performance indicators for an unprecedented 100 consecutive weeks.


James's articles and research are regularly published in many countries and he is frequently featured in the media as a thought leader on people management. As a nationally syndicated writer with the Fairfax group of news publications - such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age - James's original thoughts are read by tens of thousands of managers and business owners every week.


He is the author of three books including his latest, Corporate Punishment: Smashing the management clichés for leaders in a new world. His two previous books were Employee Enragement: Why people hate working for you, and Love Your Team: How to halve your employee turnover in less than 90 days.


Thought-provoking and entertaining, James's keynote presentations and workshops show companies how to solve staff turnover, engage all generations, and win the war for talent. A truly international keynote speaker, he has presented to audiences in Australia, New Zealand, India, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, and Belgium, with an impressive list of clients including McDonald's, American Express, Coca-Cola, Qantas, Gucci, and many government departments.


In 2008, James was the President of the National Speakers Association of Australia (NSW Chapter) - the youngest person in the history of the Association to hold such an honour.


Engaging. Entertaining. Thought-provoking. These are the three words most commonly used to describe James's presentations and workshops. Packed full of information and delivered with humour, persuasiveness, and energy, your audience will think differently, behave authentically, and become advocates for employee engagement in the workplace.

With presentations and workshops delivered in many countries and to audiences ranging from front-line employees to CEOs and everyone in between, James doesn't just educate. He stimulates, challenges, and inspires managers to understand and embrace the immensely influential role they play within their teams.


Speaking Topics Include

*These topics are not exhaustive. All sessions can be tailored to suit your unique needs.


Employee Engagement:  - How to create an engaged and switched-on team

The greatest driver of a team's success is their level of engagement. Engaged employees are less likely to resign, unlikely to call in sick when they're not really sick, consistently do more than what's required, and have far greater levels of quality and productivity.

Learning outcomes:

The characteristics of the world's most engaging managers 

The secret to getting employees to actually want to do more than what's required 

How to build meaningful relationships with any type of employee


Staff Turnover: - How to develop loyal, dedicated and committed employees

Every resignation costs approximately double an employee's annual salary. High levels of employee turnover destabilise your business, strengthen your competitors, and make it harder to achieve organisational objectives. And the number one reason why employees resign? Their direct manager.

Learning outcomes:

The main causes of employee turnover and how to overcome them 

How to get employees to love their jobs and adore their company 

How to encourage employees to stay - even when the competition is paying more 


Motivation:  - How to motivate employees without spending a cent

Motivation determines whether employees smile or frown, perform or perish, love you or hate you. Employees' productivity and attitude are influenced by how well managers motivate, and at a time when budgets are squeezed, it's more important than ever to motivate employees with little or no money.

Learning outcomes:

The intrinsic motivators which make the biggest difference to levels of enthusiasm

The actions managers unconsciously make that seriously damage staff motivation 

Specific language managers can use to turn around lazy and disinterested employees


Employee En"rage"ment:  - Why people hate working for you

In a ground breaking study of 2,400 people, James Adonis has investigated what causes employees to be angry, frustrated, and upset at work, and in this refreshingly real and brutally honest session, he will share his discoveries and revelations.

Learning outcomes:

The major areas of staff disengagement 

What managers should not do rather than what they should do 

Practical tips on how to drive down enragement and ramp up engagement 


Personal Engagement :  - How to engage yourself even when faced with adversity

Every leader should be aware of something known as the 'contagion effect'.  Essentially, it means that their moods, expressions, actions and thoughts are infectious.  Which is why it's so important they not only keep their employees engaged, but also themselves.

Learning outcomes:

How to identify personal strengths and the ways these can be amplified at work 

How to acknowledge limitations and the three elements useful in overcoming them 

The core contribution of values, purpose, and adaptility in personal leadership 


Managing Change:  - How to get staff to embrace change rather than resist it

Workplace change is happening faster and more intensely than at any point in history. Organisations are traditionally very good at implementing change, but not so good at getting employees to be on side.  And if employees don't embrace a proposed change, there's a far greater chance it'll fail.

Learning outcomes:

The one core reason why employees resist change and how to overcome it 

The key steps in turning cynical employees into advocates of change 

The process to follow when employees stubbornly oppose a new change 


Teamwork:  - How to build a strong, supportive, and spectacular team

When teamwork is at its best, it's a level of synergy that makes a manager's job easy. But when it's dysfunctional, it causes conflict, chaos, and a desperate cry for help. Great teamwork rocks; bad teamwork sucks. It sucks the life, energy, and fun out of every environment.

Learning outcomes:

The major reasons why teams crumble, clash, and disintegrate 

The core success factors of high-performing teams 

How to get team members to develop trusting relationships with each other