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Jo Pearson

Jo Pearson

Jo Pearson's experience as a speaker, live television interviewer, media trainer and presentation skills specialist brings credibility, professionalism and humour to conferences and events. Fifteen years of media experience has made Jo...

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Jo Pearson's Biography

Jo Pearson's experience as a speaker, live television interviewer, media trainer and presentation skills specialist brings credibility, professionalism and humour to conferences and events. Fifteen years of media experience has made Jo Pearson one of Australia's most diversified and talented communicators. Trained as a newspaper journalist, and with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Jo went on to succeed in the highly competitive news field.

Jo Pearson has worked as a reporter, producer, writer and weather presenter, but it was as part of Channel Ten's top rating Eyewitness News that she made her mark. Jo Pearson and fell newscaster, David Johnston were Melbourne's most watched news reading duo. Her move to the Nine Network in 1988 brought more diversified experience as the host of the national current affairs / magazine show, "Live at Five" with Terry Willesee. Jo went on to host a national lifestyle and health programme, "Body and Soul" in 1989. Jo's other credits include hosting Ray Martin's "Midday" show, the "Today" show and as fill-in for Graham Kennedy on "Coast to Coast".

Welcoming a departure from commercial television news reading as "something long overdue" journalist and presenter Jo Pearson is looking forward to a challenging and diversified future.

Jo's intimate knowledge of the media makes her much in demand as a speaker, master of ceremonies and presenter of all forms of television material from video-conferences to trade, motivational and promotional films. Jo Pearson specialises in presenting media and communication skills to the business world in a variety of forms - as conference presentations or workshop training sessions. Jo's wide academic background and wide range of experiences qualify her to comment on a wide range of topics including the media, communication skills, health and fitness, motivation and career opportunities in a humorous and informative manner. Jo utilises her extensive writing, production and direction experience in making films, videos and promotional material for business. Jo also conducts 'Media Strategies' media training courses for business and has worked for a variety of high profile businesses including BMW Australia, Shell, National Australia Bank, Telstra and IBM.

Jo Pearson adds a distinctive, polished and entertaining edge to the role of M.C., debate facilitator, trainer or keynote speaker. Jo's specialty is providing valuable insights into the importance of getting your thinking right and putting your heart in your mouth.' Her years of experience as a journalist, communicator and trainer combine to provide entertaining and interactive insights into the emotional, psychological and strategic imperatives of good message management and communication skills.

The Film Maker Challenge

The FilmMaker Challenge is a new conference workshop activity that sets a benchmark for team-building, leadership and communication skills development, healthy competition and fun.

Delegates form FilmMaker crews of 8 - 10 people, and are given the challenge of creating and delivering a video that brings their brand reputation or corporate culture 'to life' on screen.

The results are insightful, inspiring and often hilarious.

Experienced communications speaker and filmmaker, Jo Pearson, delivers a 30 - 40 minute interactive presentation on vital communication skills, before introducing the 'surprise' FilmMaker Challenge.

Teams are each given a colour-coded 'kit,' which includes printed crew caps and/or tees, a small and easy-to-use video camera, shooting notes and a list of handy locations.

Their videos are played out of the camera and onto the big screen at the conclusion of the session - a unique and entertaining selection of dramas, romcom, horror, comedy, arthouse, current affairs - any movie or TV style.

Teams are provided with the same Challenge 'prop' (an item like a relay baton or empty match box) and a line of dialogue that must be used in every video.

The FilmMaker Challenge unleashes more creativity than you might be expecting, and delivers lasting value by developing decision making,leadership, team building and time management skills, as well as breathing new life and meaning into key strategic priorities and values.

Workshop Attributes

• Jo Pearson delivers interactive presentation and media skills presentation.
• Fun and engaging team building.
• Decision-making and project management challenges under time pressure.
• Corporate messaging enhancement.
• Personalising brand culture
• Short films for viewing.
• Humorous and serious ‘Film-Maker’ awards of mini video cameras for individual cast and crewmembers.