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John D Anderson

John D Anderson

Creator and inspiration behind the successful world brand ‘Contiki’, is John D Anderson - an incredible story developed by a simple business idea. John engages audiences through his honest encounters, his determination, leadership and self-belief thatdrove him to succeed. His book 'Only Two Seats Left' embraces the complete story.

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John D Anderson's Biography

At the age of 22 John Anderson left New Zealand for England for a one-year trip overseas. He returned 20 years later with a wife, four children and the International tourism business - Contiki Holidays. With just 25 pounds in his pocket he found a way to not only see Europe, but start his own business - Contiki Holidays.

When John D Anderson sold the company a few years ago, it was, and remains an international brand-name and one of the world's major tour operators (the largest catering specifically for the 18-35 year old market). The Company currently carries over 100,000 passengers a year. To date over 3.6 million young people have travelled Contiki (including 1.9 million Australians!!). When John eventually returned to New Zealand, he continued to run the Contiki Group, and built and operated 2 Resort Hotels, one in Queenstown New Zealand and the other in Queensland Australia.

Subsequently as a member of the Auckland Rotary Club, John Anderson conceived the idea of ‘The Ellerslie Flower Show” which is now firmly established as the largest event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. John traveled to London and met the “Chelsea Flower Show” organization who assisted him with the development of the New Zealand show. He was the inaugural CEO with the event attracting over 100,000 visitors in its first year!

In addition to giving motivational and inspirational business presentations on the professional speaking circuit, John D Anderson is writing a book on the Contiki Story and more recently he has started a new Company offering holidays for the over 45’s!

John Anderson tells the incredible story of how he, together with a small group of other young New Zealanders & Australians developed a simple idea, 25 pounds, and a belief in himself and others into one of the world’s major tour operators and an international iconic ‘Brand’ name. The story is packed full of anecdotes with personal & business messages. It is told by the company’s founder with passion, emotion and humour. It is inspirational, motivational – unique!

The story can be adapted to suit any type of event or audience.
John Anderson built Contiki Holidays through passion, brand and commitment – “we laughed as he spoke, but the passion was strong…..he cried as he delivered parts of the Contiki story, it was moving, empowering and made an impact. He had an idea, a passion, a drive, he made mistakes, he gambled, took risks, but always had a plan. He made something from nothing, built on people, a brand and a passion. An international success story, delivered with sincerity, tears and laughs. John Anderson was Richard Branson before Richard Branson.”