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John Maher

John Maher

John points out, life doesn’t only hand out red roses, and what happened to John and his family is something that would break the hearts and spirit of many. Through the love of family and a fierce determination, John’s story is a triumph over adversity.

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Testimonials for John Maher

As a practicing adviser I attended the AFA presentation in Hobart this week, your presentation was nothing short of magnificent. I have been an adviser for over 40 years (18 of these with Nat Mut 1975-1993) and have attended many sales meetings and conferences throughout Australia including MDRT, and I just wanted to say that your presentation ranks amongst one of the highest I have experienced. I also have a role as Synchron’s Tasmanian State Manager and have passed on your details to the appropriate people who may be in touch with you in the future. Wishing you continued success and blessings as you spread this great message.

Regards, John Batchler LifeStyle Financial Group Pty Ltd


John conveys a powerful, chilling and compelling presentation that is real and tragic, yet is so heart warming and will leave you in no doubt as to why you need risk insurance, particularly income protection.

John’s message is not just about having insurance in place. He sends a timely message to the advisory community of the need for advisers to regularly meet their clients, to review their personal and financial circumstances and to ensure client’s cover is relevant and adequate. John’s extended message is that risk insurance should not be ‘set and forget’, it should be regularly reviewed whether that would be having the appropriate level of cover or the adequacy of the policy.

John’s presentation provides real and tangible value to advisers and clients alike. I whole heartedly endorse John and I recommend him to any organisation that is looking for a quality presenter on risk insurance.

Bill Kouvas, Practice Development Manager Charter Financial Planning

John Maher Travels from VIC
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

John Maher's Biography

“Driving is not a right, it’s a privilege. A car crash will change your life and that of everyone who loves you. Be mindful on the road.”


Expert on: International Keynote Speaker on Road Safety, Risk and Family


John’s life journey is one of incredible triumph over tragedy, when a serious car accident derailed his life. He was 42 years old, a successful businessman with a wonderful family that included four beautiful daughters. Doctors told him he would never work again. But that was only the beginning of his misfortunes. After years of surgeries, rehabilitation and therapy, John was on the road to at least a partial recovery, when an even a greater tragedy struck his family when the youngest of his four daughters, 18-year-old Carmen, lost her life in a car accident. He and his family were devastated.


The pain was bad enough, but if not for his Income Protection insurance benefits, they wouldn’t have survived financially, and the family could have been torn apart. It became their only income for the next 16 years.


Then he redefined his life and determined to do something positive about his tragedies, he began to speak to young people and corporations all over Australia about how fragile and precious life is. After you hear John speak, you will never take your family and friends for granted. It will change your life.



  • Nominated for the National Australia Day Council ‘Australian of the Year Award’ in 2013, 2014 and 2015
  • Winner of the Victorian “Regional Achievement & Community Awards” in the category of SAFETY in 2014
  • Winner of the ‘Ballarat Safe City Award’ in the category of Road Safety in 2015
  • Featured as the CommBank ‘Australian of the Day’ on Friday 4th December 2015

Speaking Topics Include

You never know what’s around the corner – (Banking – Insurance – Investment advice)

John was a successful 42-year-old insurance company manager, with a family of four young children, when a car accident changed his life forever. Doctors told him that he would never work again. His life was saved by doctors, and his family’s livelihood by his Income Protection insurance. He can speak from experience about how fortunate he was to have taken out that insurance. It feels like ‘risk protection’ but then it becomes real.

Cuddle your kids forever – (Motivational – Family – Love)

In this talk, John explores the lessons learned when tragedy strikes, not once but twice in a matter of a couple of years. Following his own life-threatening car accident, John then lost his 18-year-old daughter Carmen in a car crash. He was determined to make his family’s story of overcoming unimaginable tragedy a lesson for others. In this moving and inspirational talk, he lets the audience into his fragile life and lifts their spirit and reminds them of how precious family and life really is.


Carmen Road Safety – Secondary Schools – Road Safety

John’s true-life story of his car crash, and then 2 years later that of his sweet young daughter’s death in yet another car accident has inspired John to becoming a champion of road safety. He uses Carmen’s story to educate young drivers on safe driving. Considered as the best road safety presentation you’ll ever hear, and it’s a life saver.


A car crash is not just a car crash – Road Safety

John’s car accident changed his and his family’s lives forever, but an even worse tragedy was the death of his young, 18-year-old daughter Carmen, in a fatal car crash two years later.  So many such stories can tear families apart. John’s family became stronger. Today, he and his wife are the proud grandparents of six. We take our lives in our hands each time we get behind the wheel of our car.  John’s story encourages people to drive more carefully...it saves lives.