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John Mulvey

John Mulvey

From keynotes, training, coaching and mentoring John Mulvey has the ‘runs on the board’ across a broad range of industries and organisations. For a personalised tailored service and solution he must be considered for your people.

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Testimonials for John Mulvey

John’s tertiary depth of knowledge of professional and personal psychology, management and service skills, negotiation ability, and an uncanny ability to simplify and dissect complex situations instantaneously, have made him a valuable asset to my personal, professional and organisational growth.

John Johnston, Director, Patrick Dixon Real Estate


John's programs have made a significant contribution to the capabilities of our airport facilitators, ensuring they communicate with confidence, insight and with that special Virgin Flair!




“Over the past couple of years we have asked John Mulvey, an expert in verbal communication and presentation skills to come in and run sessions on these areas.

His hands on efforts to get to know what makes individuals tick and then to establish the necessary rapport has seen a number of my personnel develop their self-esteem and become more assertive. In addition, team morale has improved because his approach to personal development is effective and his enthusiasm infectious.

I would not hesitate to recommend John to anybody who might require improvement in these areas."

Nino De Marco, State Manager, St. George Bank Limited

John Mulvey Travels from QLD
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

John Mulvey's Biography

From keynotes, training, coaching and mentoring John Mulvey has the ‘runs on the board’ across a broad range of industries and organisations. For a personalised tailored service and solution he must be considered for your people.


John Mulvey, founder and director of Creative Presentations, former president of The National Speakers Association, Qld. Chapter, is a well-respected business development consultant, life performance coach and successful author.


He is a certified NLP practitioner and as a professional speaker, John has shared the stage with the likes of Allan Pease and the legendary James Rohn.


John's presentations are dynamic, inspirational and entertaining. His message is unique and people learn from his experience, retaining the simple lessons that have helped others achieve their dreams. Many companies have benefited from his, ‘show me what you can do,' style.


Some of his clients include: ICI Dulux, Capral, University of Queensland , Woolworth's, CSR, VACC Insurance, Smiths Snack foods, Brisbane Airport Corporation, St George Bank, Virgin Blue, Incitec, QIC, Enertrade, Stanwell Corporation and other Qld. Government Departments.


John has spoken in Australia, the USA and the UK and he's an acclaimed Master of Ceremonies. He has worked extensively with the Real Estate industry; presented to the Insurance, and Newspaper Industries as well as clubs and associations.


His background is in sales, marketing and management with over 30 years experience. He earned life membership of the Million-Dollar Round Table, and founded the Positive Mental Attitude Club in the UK , which is still going strong.


John's ROLE stems from R eading , O bservation, L istening and E xperience, which, certainly in group situations, helps to create an atmosphere of fun that is conducive to lasting learning. In addition, John's shared JUGGLING technique enables people to discover the confidence to be themselves... which enhances harmony and productivity!


So be prepared for the unexpected when you invite John to present his information to your group. Whether one to one or one too many, there is no escaping the impact his experiential method has on his audience.

His unstinting support and encouragement for individuals to step into their own power and realise their potential manifests itself in his one-on-one life performance coaching, which backs up his belief that one person can make a difference.

Speaking Topics Include

Verbal Communication

Vehicles break down and sensible people call in the fixers; specialised mechanics that repair the damage and off you go. Funny isn’t it how often communication breaks down? Speaking is a faculty yet communication is an art. Are you blessed with that faculty and still left scratching your head when misunderstandings hold up production and cost you money?


Time and Personal Management

‘I’ll have to make time,’ or ‘there’s never enough time,’ and timeless other excuses. A recent survey revealed that Australians are wasting more than a whole day of work in any given week e-mailing, surfing the net and office chit chat.


A study of 1000 employees by recruiting firm Talent 2 shows half of those surveyed said that they ‘regularly’ wasted time at work. 42 % said that they believed that they could get their work done in less time if they didn’t waste time on the job.


Time wasting is not always negative because of taking a break or social interaction with colleagues being sometimes therapeutic. However, if the reality is that a full day is being wasted, then chances are that there is job dissatisfaction brought on by boredom or stress. You can’t manage time because the clock just keeps ticking regardless. You can manage the events in that time though and that’s what will separate you from the rest.


Prioritising tasks is the key and recognising what must be done, what could be done and what would be nice to do is one sure-fire way of reducing stress. John explains the quadrants of important versus urgent and shows you how to put your life into perspective.


Customer Service

Happy people come back for more! It’s the experience that they buy first and then your product. This enormous army of shoppers consists of individuals looking for a memorable contact before signing any kind of contract. Do you have satisfied customers or do you always have to rely on new business?


Because you sell a product or service doesn’t guarantee that these people will buy. And because you might have sold to them once doesn’t guarantee repeat business. Customers need to be treated as though every time is like the first exciting and memorable experience for them.

How are you meeting and greeting these wonderful people who determine whether you stay in business? Are members of your staff using meaningless phrases used ad infinitum by bank tellers who say the words, ‘how are you today?’ and would be quite shocked for somebody to launch into a breakdown of their health.


There are ways to make any human contact interesting and to treat your customers as VIP’s, which they are, requires a little originality. Once people appreciate how their attitude can affect results, they change their approach. Your team can learn the difference between a positive and a negative impact that will make customers become a part of your business.


Selling Skills

Allowing people to buy is the art of selling! Following a script is OK as long as you can get your ego out of the way long enough to listen to what it is that they want.

Moving sales people along the road of the three milestones is vital in improving them from wannabes to achievers. Selling is a game and when played well can be enjoyable. Understanding the milestones can help the transition enormously.


1. Starry eyed enthusiasm

2. Sophisticated confusion

3. Mature simplicity


These are the stages in the life cycle of successful sales people. Many never make it to the third stage. The third milestone comes when the focus is off the salesperson and onto the customer, or potential buyer. The KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle is a universal cliché, but understanding how to make the message easy to grasp from the customer’s point of view is essential for successful selling.


John has explained this homespun philosophy to many sales teams and the results have been far reaching. Motivation plays a big part, but as John says, that comes from within. Nobody can motivate another person! Inspiration is John’s enthusiastic weapon and he aims that with unerring accuracy. As a result, people are charged with the energy to make a difference.


Train the Trainer

Getting people to do what successful trainers do in order to continue the succession can be vital to production and prosperity. It’s not enough for a trainer to know his or her stuff and expect that when they demonstrate, others will pick up the ‘how’ to do it themselves. The old mantra needs to be adhered to.


Lesson plans need to be focused on the learner, stating the conditions, indicating the actions expected and resulting in a finished product or anticipated outcome. Whatever training you require to be passed down to others; be it health and safety; induction process or following guidelines, there is a way of transferring that knowledge. If it’s important to your organisation