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Jon Dee

Jon Dee

2010 NSW Australian of the Year Jon Dee, is both founder and Managing Director of the Australian advocacy organisation 'Do Something!'. As one of Australia's most influential environmentalists, Jon has taught millions of Australians that they have the ability to effect real and positive change in their daily lives.

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Testimonials for Jon Dee

“Jon was exceptional - incredibly well prepared, right on target with the topic, with an interesting presentation that held the audience's attention. Jon engaged the audience both during and after the event, making a real effort to discuss issues with the audience over lunch. Jon was also most accommodating regarding media after the event. He was a pleausre to have and an asset to the event."
Central West Catchment Management Authority


 “...Your confidence on stage and your willingness to share insights into exciting case studies really appealed to the delegates. Comments from delegates like "great", "very impressive" and "inspiring" clearly show knowledge of your subject, that you are a professional public speaker, and that you truly engage with the delegates, especially in the Q&A sessions. Delegates also commented on your excellent use of visual aids such as video and photos. I would be delighted to recommend you to any converence organiser seeking a professional, confident and polished speaker."
Frocomm Australia

"Jon continues to meet our expectations with regard to the content and messages he delivers in talks conducted on our behalf. He is also extremely amenable with regard to pre-event media and media interviews on the day. Jon is an asset to our current program - I could not recommend him more highly to anyone wishing to engage a relevant, informed, approachable and engaging speaker."
West Catchment Management Authority


Jon Dee Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Jon Dee's Biography

 In 1989 Jon founded Rock Aid Armenia, a music fundraiser for which re recruited the help of Pink Floyd, Queen, Deep Purple, Bon Jovi and other rock bands. Jon's all-star version of 'Smoke on the Water' was a Top 40 UK hit in 1989 and featured many of the world's top rock stars.

In June of 1991 together with close friend Pat Cash, he founded Planet Ark, dedicated to creating simple, powerful and positive actions to help people, governments and businesses reduce their impact on the environment.

Jon headed up the Planet Ark organisation for 15 years, turning it into an Australian household name as well as a force for positive change, before leaving in 2008 to establish Do Something! He also founded 'National Tree Day' together with Olivia Newton-John and, during his time overseeing the event, 10 million native trees and shrubs were planted all around the country, improving the environment and creating habitat for native wildlife.

As part of the Do Something! initiative, Jon launched the 'Do Something Near You' online campaign, whereby people can type in their postcode at the dosomethingnearyou.com.au website, and find community groups and events near them that need help across all 564 local government areas of Australia. This also combines with the Do Something!'s national calendar website which lists over 300 state and national community events.

Jon has been the main driving force behind the highly successful Ban the Bag media campaign to phase out Australia's usage of plastic bags, a national initiative that Jon started in 2002 with former Olympian Ron Clarke. In 2003, together with fellow Do Something! board director Ben Kearney, Jon organised the ban on plastic bags in the Tasmanian town of Coles Bay. Over time, the campaign led to the South Australian Government ban on plastic bags for which Jon was the main spokesperson.

In 2007, Jon was the media spokesperson for the Australian release of Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' DVD and organised the sponsorship and distribution of the 'An Inconvenient Truth' leaflet to 5 million homes Australia-wide.

In June 2007, Jon made a speech at the House of Lords to launch his 14-country 'World Environment Review' poll. His interviews for this initiative achieved significant coverage in Australia and overseas. Within the last two years, Jon has undertaken nearly 200 speeches in schools, communities and boardrooms all over Australia. His audiences are wide ranging, varying from 4-18 year olds right through to leading CEO's, community groups and farmers out in the bush.

In 2008 Jon presented the 'Tipping Point' television series on The Weather Channel. Broadcast on the hour, 24 hours a day for a whole year, Jon's 3-minute segments showed people what they could do to combat climate change. He also instigated National Recycling Week and recyclingnearyou.com.au, which is used by over a million Australians a year.

In 2009 Jon co-organised the world's first bottled water ban in the town of Bundanoon and co-fronted and organised the project's highly successful global media coverage. Together with Beth Mitchell, he also co-organised the ban on bottled water at the University of Canberra, the largest bottled water ban in the world to date.

Other Do Something! campaigns initiated by Jon include the foodwise.com.au sustainable food campaign and the gotap.com.au water bubbler push. In 2010, he co-organised the campaign to stop the NSW Government cutting the solar power tariff by a third. This successful campaign saved $470 million for the Australians who'd gone out and installed solar panels on their rooftops.

In 2009, the President of Armenia awarded Jon The Order of Honor, in recognition of his work helping disadvantaged people in the Armenian earthquake zone. This is the highest honor that Armenia can bestow on a foreign citizen.

Jon's most recent project in Armenia was driven by his belief that education can truly change children's lives. Jon and his close Armenian friend Ara Tadevosyan pulled together a team to raise the funds to rebuild a brand new music school from scratch in the earthquake town of Gyumri. The school opened in July 2012 and accommodates 250 students.

Jon also initiated the lobbying campaign that led to Australia's 3-year phase out of incandescent light globes - a move that is saving Australians hundreds of millions of dollars. Jon's role in the phase-out was acknowledged by then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in a speech on January 24, 2010. Australia's globe phase-out ban has become an international role model that is now being copied by other countries.

In 2010-11, Jon initiated and ran the successful campaign to bring about an industry-wide voluntary ban on phosphates in laundry detergents. This will significantly reduce the environmental impact of the 1.9 billion laundry washes that Australian households carry out every year. In 2012, OMO commenced placement of Jon's tips on reducing the environmental impact of household laundry into half a million brand new washing machines. That's all the new washing machines sold in Australia.

Jon also instigated and manages Do Something!'s "10 Per Cent Challenge". Backed by News Ltd, Unilever, Bunnings, ASIC, Visy, Toyota and Bayer to name just a few, this campaign is teaching households and businesses to save money by cutting their fuel and electricity use by 10%. In 2011, the House of Representatives and the Senate voted for the Australian Federal Parliament to take 'The 10% Challenge'. Not a single MP or Senator voted against the motion to reduce Parliament's energy use by 10%, which is already reaping rewards.

In 2010, Jon received just recognition for his enormous contribution to the environment by being issued the award for NSW Australian of the Year.

In 2011 the Federal Government appointed Jon as the environmental champion for the National Broadband Network, then in 2012 they awarded Jon's Do Something! team an $871,000 grant to promote energy efficiency to SMEs. Publically headed by Jon, this campaign includes video's and ebooks showing SME's how to save energy.

Jon is in high demand globally for corporate speaking engagements. His recent book 'Sustainable Growth' has become the definitive sustainability and efficiency guidebook for Australian business and in only 2 years, has sold over 80,000 copies.

Jon is married with two children and lives in the Blue Mountains in NSW.