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Jon Dee

Jon Dee

Jon Dee is an award-winning social entrepreneur, broadcaster and campaigner. He is a leading expert on business innovation, sustainability and efficiency.On Sky News Business channel, Jon researched, wrote and presented 115 episodes of ‘Smart Money’ - a live weekly TV program where he showed businesses how to become more innovative, efficient and sustainable.

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Testimonials for Jon Dee

The presentation you provided was not only inspirational with a wealth of practical resources it was also exceptionally well presented. It is a rare occurrence for me to be so moved to take the stage and make such an impromptu congratulatory address. Your presentation however had that effect on me … The industry holds a great number of people who provide loving care and support to older Australians. Your presentation will help many of them as they work alongside LASA in the promotion of age services to help older Australians to live well.

General Peter Cosgrove


“Jon was exceptional - incredibly well prepared, right on target with the topic, with an interesting presentation that held the audience's attention. Jon engaged the audience both during and after the event, making a real effort to discuss issues with the audience over lunch. Jon was also most accommodating regarding media after the event. He was a pleausre to have and an asset to the event."
Central West Catchment Management Authority


 “...Your confidence on stage and your willingness to share insights into exciting case studies really appealed to the delegates. Comments from delegates like "great", "very impressive" and "inspiring" clearly show knowledge of your subject, that you are a professional public speaker, and that you truly engage with the delegates, especially in the Q&A sessions. Delegates also commented on your excellent use of visual aids such as video and photos. I would be delighted to recommend you to any converence organiser seeking a professional, confident and polished speaker."
Frocomm Australia

"Jon continues to meet our expectations with regard to the content and messages he delivers in talks conducted on our behalf. He is also extremely amenable with regard to pre-event media and media interviews on the day. Jon is an asset to our current program - I could not recommend him more highly to anyone wishing to engage a relevant, informed, approachable and engaging speaker."
West Catchment Management Authority


Jon Dee Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Jon Dee's Biography

Jon Dee is an award-winning social entrepreneur, broadcaster and campaigner. He is a leading expert on business innovation, sustainability and efficiency. His business guidebooks ‘Sustainable Growth’ and ‘EnergyCut’ have shifted over 130,000 copies.


On Sky News Business channel, Jon researched, wrote and presented 115 episodes of ‘Smart Money’ - a live weekly TV program where he showed businesses how to become more innovative, efficient and sustainable.


Using real world case studies, he presented over 700 stories that showed how innovation, efficiency and sustainability can boost the business bottom line. He also initiated regular coverage about the plant-based future of food and the business potential of a more Circular Economy.


Since 1986, Jon has run campaigns that have created major change. He is currently the Australian Coordinator of the international RE100 initiative. In that role, he has been successful in getting 10 of Australia’s biggest companies to commit to using 100% renewable electricity in their operations (this includes Australia’s top 5 banks). More major companies are set to follow.

As a philanthropist, Jon Dee co-founded Planet Ark with Pat Cash in 1991 and ran the organisation for its first 15 years. Jon also started the DoSomething Foundation and Rock Aid Armenia charities.

Jon is the Global Director of One Tree Per Child which he founded with Olivia Newton-John. Jon and Olivia also founded Australia’s highly successful National Tree Day and fronted the event for the planting of its first 10 million trees.


Jon has also just launched his DoSomethingNearYou.com.au website that shows Australians what they can do to give back and volunteer in over 15,000 towns, cities and suburbs around Australia. In 2008, Jon also launched his FoodWise.com.au food waste website which put the issue of food waste on the Australian media map.


Every week, Jon is on 53 ABC Radio stations with the ‘Good News With Jon Dee’ segment where he talks about the latest positive sustainability news. Jon has also produced and directed hundreds of sustainability-themed TV ads which featured stars such as Tom Cruise, Kylie Minogue, Dustin Hoffman, Nicole Kidman, Richard Branson, Jeff Goldblum, Olivia Newton-John, Pierce Brosnan, Kevin McCloud and many others.


Jon also had a top 40 UK hit with his all-star Rock Aid Armenia charity remake of ‘Smoke on the Water’. The associated album was the first UK charity album to go 'Gold'. The bands recruited by Jon to join Rock Aid Armenia included Queen, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Rush and Deep Purple, to name but a few.


As part of this project, Jon and his friend Ara Tadevosyan built a music school in the Armenian earthquake zone. Opened in 2015, the school currently teaches 220 children a year.


Jon was Australian of the Year 2010 (NSW). In 2009 the President of Armenia gave Jon Armenia’s highest award - ‘The Order of Honor’ - for his long term work helping people in the Armenian earthquake zone. In 2016, his ‘Smart Money’ TV show was awarded the International Media Prize by GreenAccord in Italy.


His multi-media presentations cover topics such as innovation, efficiency and change management. He also focuses on business sustainability solutions and community engagement. Jon can also develop customised speeches for clients.


Jon has MC'd major events, expos and industry awards. With his work for the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo, Jon interviewed guests for pre-event publicity. These interviews were then distributed through e-newsletters and social media to drum up event bookings.

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Speaking Topics Include

Bringing About Positive Community Change - People and organisations can create positive change that can affect all Australians. Jon shares how every time you switch on the light or wash your clothes you're affected by one of his many campaigns including:

Banning incandescent globes which has reduced energy bills by $5.5 billion

Banning phosphates in laundry detergents, meaning Australia is now phosphate free

His experiences starting Planet Ark, National Tree Day, Rock Aid Armenia, One Tree Per Child and DoSomething and the positive changes these organisations and initiatives have brought about and much, much more


The Future Shapers - Every week Jon looks at the latest innovations and technological changes on his Sky News Smart Money programme. He shares stories which are based on real world examples that are being rolled out by companies who will change the way we do business and live our lives; the ways we travel, the ways we live, the food we eat and the way we do business. All are undergoing change far faster than most people realise.


How Efficiency and Innovation Can Boost Your Bottom Line - Jon uses money saving examples from some of the hundreds of businesses that he has encountered for his TV program and business guidebooks. Jon shares the best money saving secrets that he has come across after visiting hundreds of efficient businesses.


The History of Change - Jon talks about the people who invented the change that we're experiencing today. It combines history with science and business innovation. This is great for anyone interested in change management.