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Jonathon Welch

Jonathon Welch

Jonathon Welch AM is a multi award winning singer, conductor, teacher, public speaker, songwriter and recording artist for EMI, Tall Poppies and the ABC. Making his debut with Dame Joan Sutherland at the Sydney Opera House in the...

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Testimonials for Jonathon Welch

"Jonathon Welch is a consummate professional, an extraordinarily talented performer and an impeccable artist.  His skills are so practiced and varied that you can be assured any task you ask of him will not only be delivered with professionalism, but polish and pizazz.  He's also friendly, accommodating, helpful and easy going. It's a 20 out of 10 from us!"    

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Jonathon Welch Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Jonathon Welch's Biography

Jonathon Welch AM is a multi award winning singer, conductor, teacher, public speaker, songwriter and recording artist for EMI, Tall Poppies and the ABC.

Making his debut with Dame Joan Sutherland at the Sydney Opera House in the "Merry Widow" 1988 for Opera Australia, Jonathon has over 60 stage roles to his credit and has performed extensively in Opera, musicals, G&S and in concert alongside many of the world's greatest singers, directors and conductors including kd Lang, Baz Lurhmann, and Richard Bonynge to name a few.

In 2007, Jonathon's work creating choirs for the homeless and disadvantaged in Australia was the subject of an internationally acclaimed ARIA, Logie and Helpmann award winning TV documentary "Choir of Hard Knocks", also creating the "Jailbirds" documentary in the Women’s Prisons and was a Judge on the highly successful "Battle of the Choirs" TV series for Channel 7.

Jonathon has been recognised for his outstanding 30 year commitment to the music industry and his work with marginalised and homeless communities and has been awarded Australian of the Year Local Hero 2008, ANZAC of the Year 2009, an Honorary Doctorate and an Order of Australia in the Queen's Birthday Honours in 2009 and an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders in 2011

With passion and the right attitude Jonathon will motivate and inspire your audience. He may even perform a couple of songs!!

Speaking Topics Include

Accentuate the positive…eliminate the negative!
Creating a Choir with homeless and disadvantaged people – where in the heck do I start!
If you think building a team is hard, how would you feel working with a group of people that have a mental or physical illness, intellectual disability or are drug addicts and alcoholics? Jonathon Welch, Founding Music Director and creator of the amazing success story behind the “Choir of Hard Knocks” shares his story and insight into how he went about building confidence, self-esteem, pride and team spirit with a group of people who were traditionally seen as disenfranchised and had no “voice” in our Community ” leading them to sing at the Sydney Opera House and produce a Top Ten ARIA CD. In 2008, the ABC documentary, The Choir of Hard Knocks won the Logie Award for Best Factual TV Series and also a Helpmann Award in 2008.

Put a little love in your heart!
“People need to care about people more - sometimes we all just need a hug and the chance to have a chat”! When creating the phenomenon that is now the amazing success story behind the “Choir of Hard Knocks” Jonathon Welch opened his heart as well as his talent to help a group of 50 homeless and disadvantaged people realize that people did care about them and want to give them a chance to shine in life! “People deal with people, they don’t deal with a name or a business” says Jonathon, “and it’s not always about the bottom line”! Let Jonathon take you on his journey how he not only won the hearts of 50 people who were seen as “invisible” or a burden on our society, as well as the whole nation with the “Choir of Hard Knocks” story that inspired and moved the country.

The Impossible Dream
They said it couldn’t be done. The words “choir” and homeless and disadvantaged don’t go together. A choir has a formal structure, a pattern and routine, and the other has the connotations of chaos and disarray. Jonathon Welch, a celebrated operatic Tenor and Conductor took the seed of his dream from reading an article while stuck in a snow storm in Canada about the Montreal Homeless Men’s Choir to create the Choir of Hard Knocks that has become the talk of every household and tearoom in Australia, leading them to the stage of the Sydney Opera House and record a Top 10 ARIA CD!

With A Song in Their Hearts -
From the ABC observational documentary “The Choir of Hard Knocks” is now a household name in Australia! Share the amazing story of how Jonathon Welch, acclaimed Opera singer and conductor, was inspired to create a Choir for homeless and disadvantaged people and the journey that has led them to inspire the nation. Jonathon’s Key Note speech can also include audio visual footage of the TV documentary and a member of the Choir to share their own personal story and how the Choir of Hard Knocks has affected their life.
Tissues are also supplied with every speech!

Integrated Workshops

The Rhythm of Life
Creating structure and rhythm through music and singing
Considered one of the finest singers, conductors, vocal teachers and music educators in Australia today – Jonathon will have you up singing and moving in no time!
“Music and singing is really the same as what we do in business” says Jonathon. Within the structure and rhythmic formality of music, like that of running a business, you still have to find your own way to “dance” and work as a team. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes, because Jonathon will have you stretching, jumping, clapping, singing and helping you to find your own rhythm, before you can say “Choir of Hard Knocks”! You never know, you might even find a “voice” that you never knew you had before, and a way of expressing yourself you didn’t think possible! WARNING: All shower singers may find themselves addicted to karaoke after the workshop!