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Jordana Borensztajn

Jordana Borensztajn

Jordana Borensztajn is an author, social media strategist, creative content consultant and humourist. Enthusiastic, engaging and thought provoking, Jordana speaks with real substance. Her knowledge and experience with social media will enhance your social media marketing and content making it relevant to your every day.

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Testimonials for Jordana Borensztajn

“Jordana engaged, educated and entertained with her high-energy and inspiring thinking. With great takeaways, delivered in a humorous and enthusiastic style, Jordana’s keynote on creativity and content was a memorable part of the event!”

Debbie Ireland, Managing Director and Conference Organiser, ShareThePoint Ltd


"Jordana brought a fantastic energy to The Marketing Conference MC role. Her quick wit and ability to summarise and articulate insights from the day kept the audience highly engaged. Completely nailed the brief, thank you!"

Kristen Stephens, Conference Manager, The Marketing Conference (Brisbane)


“Jordana came into my office and conquered. Her insightful and witty observations had my team in stitches; agreeing and even questioning their social media habits. She’s full of life, engaging, personable and delightful.”

Daniel Kagan, Head of Marketing and Sponsorship, Sportsmate Mobile


“Jordana was the highlight of our recent conference. Her presentation ‘Decoding the Next Generation’ was enlightening, entertaining and extremely funny.”

Sharon Pryor, Hotondo Homes' Women in Business Conference Organiser


“Jordana was an absolute please to work with. She was willing to assist where possible and was extremely flexible and organised. She formulated her presentations with insightful, relevant and useful information for our members to take away. I would highly recommend her as a social media/digital speaker.”

Kylie Wyatt, Events Coordinator, Master Electricians Industry Association


“Thank you for your presentation. Your energy, information and fun made for an excellent end to three days of conferencing and networking. We loved your presentation.”

Jodie Flower, National Marketing Manager, Hotondo Homes


“Confident, clever, thought-provoking, poignant, lots of laughs.”

 Herald Sun


“Warmth, charm, confident, polished, funny, professional, well-paced, delivered with heart, thrums with individuality.”

Australian Stage


“Jordana presented ‘Social Needia – for Schools’ to our students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Her brand of humour, story­telling and important messages, delivered in the students’ own language and with clear resonances with their own experiences, was very successful. Students reported that they enjoyed the session, and would be reflecting on the key ideas. Thank you Jordana!”

Rabbi James Kennard, Principal, Mount Scopus Memorial College


“Jordana’s like a bolt of electricity. She’s enthusiastic and her material has real substance. She has the ability to communicate to people that understand social, as well as those that don’t. Even my Mum would understand the jokes. Plus it was really diverse. It wasn’t just about social media; it was about life – and the fundamental shift we’ve made over the last five years. She actually made me cry tears of laughter. It had been a long time since I’d had one of those laugh-cries. #winning”

Sam Mutimer, Social Media Director at Thinktank Social


“Jordana is an exciting, relevant and dynamic performer. Her skill and knowledge of all things social media provides some essential learning for any audience wanting to connect digitally… AND… she’s funny!”

Zara Swindells-Grose, Co-Director of Humour Australia (HA!)

Jordana Borensztajn Travels from VIC
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Jordana Borensztajn's Biography

Jordana Borensztajn is a social media strategist, creative content consultant, author, speaker and humourist.


Jordana’s experience includes being a News Corp Australia journalist, working as online music editor, content producer and social media manager at Nova Entertainment, writing a business-marketing book called Capture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative Content, performing two sold-out shows in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, speaking at corporate conferences around the world, and running a schools program that explores online safety for students.


Jordana combines her personal and professional social media and content marketing experiences, with her industry knowledge, to help develop and enhance creativity, social media marketing and content marketing skills in others.


Jordana delivers high-energy and high-impact keynotes on a range of topics including Capturing Your Audience’s Attention With Creative Social Media Marketing, Leveraging The Power of Storytelling On Social Media To Strengthen Your Brand And Connect With Your Audience, Bringing Creativity Into Your Digital World, and Speaking The Right Social Media Language. Jordana also presents Decoding The Next Generation which covers effective ways to engage and manage millennial staff, from the unique perspective of a millennial.


Jordana has been featured on Channel 10’s The Living Room, Nova 100, ABC Radio National, WIN News, Channel 31, and across the Herald Sun, mX, the Sunday Herald Sun, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.


Jordana’s book is filled with hands-on strategies and techniques, plus workbook-style exercises, to help business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs build their personal and professional brands with captivating content. Capture My Attention is your ultimate guide to getting creative online.

Speaking Topics Include

Communicate With Confidence: Enhance Your Message And Engage Your Audience With Powerful Presentation Skills

Powerful presentation skills are essential in business yet so many of us are afraid of public speaking. Whether you're presenting to clients, speaking internally, selling a product or pitching an idea, communicating with clarity and confidence is crucial.

 In this high-energy and hands-on keynote presentation, corporate speaker, humourist and former journalist Jordana uncovers seven key action steps teaching participants how to positively influence their audience and deliver their message in an effective, memorable and high-impact way.

 You’ll learn how to control your nerves and transform fear into positive energy, techniques to bring out ‘the best you’ in front of an audience, as well as strategies to use body language for maximum impact. You’ll also learn how storytelling can be used to enhance your message and inspire your audience, techniques to create a compelling visual presentation, tips to boost the energy and excitement in the room, and methods to plan and prepare for success.


Speaking The Right Social Media Language

Traditional ‘sales speak’ falls on deaf ears in social media discussions, so what’s the best way to connect with consumers, boost engagement and ultimately build brand trust, transparency and community? By exploring the way social media has transformed the communication of information, and the powerful role that language plays in social media discussions, Jordana uses real brand examples to provide participants with strategies to help inspire discussion and drive positive engagement with their online communities.


Developing a LinkedIn Profile that Stands Out from the Crowd

The key to standing out on LinkedIn is using you unique professional story to build a compelling profile. Jordana will teach attendees how their work history, personal story and individual skills and experience can be used to differentiate them from their competitors and stand out from the crowd. Participants will learn about the effectiveness of a clear voice, the value of keywords, and the way in which engaging visuals can be used to enhance online profiles. Additionally, Jordana will provide attendees with strategies to build and develop their networks and connections.


Decoding the Next Generation

For the first time in history, four generations are working together under one corporate roof. What if businesses can learn to harness the power of the next generation and use it to their advantage? Through exploring the qualities and traits that differentiate Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen X, as well as the way in which technology has impacted the way we all communicate and relate, Jordana will provide attendees with action steps to help bridge the gaps so that staff of different ages can ‘speak the same language’ and work together to achieve the same goals.