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Jules Allen

Jules Allen

Jules Allen is an award-winning Australian youth advocate, motivational speaker and spirited earth mother whose life is guided by the philosophy: 'The more you give, the more you get back!'. Jules endeavours to empower youths to not only understand themselves, but for adults to understand them better too.

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Testimonials for Jules Allen

“Jules Allen is that rare breed who speaks from the heart with absolute candour and authenticity. Listening to her, is like some one opening the door to a breeze in a stuffy room, like sweet relief. She’s funny and real but also heartfelt. It’s an irresistible combination.”

Vanessa Gorman  ABC Producer  Australian Story

Jules Allen Travels from VIC
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Jules Allen's Biography

Jules Allen is an award-winning Australian youth advocate, motivational speaker and spirited earth mother whose life is guided by the philosophy: 'The more you give, the more you get back!'. AKA 'The Youth Whisperer', Jules has an uncanny ability to connect with even the most stranded teens in crisis, inspiring them to turn their lives around. “I speak their language”, she says. “And I listen.”


Jules has professional experience in child protection, youth support, school counselling and private practice. But by far, her most valuable tools have come from her own troubled beginnings.


Jules is the proud single mum of four kids. Her family is a blend of her own, adopted and fostered. Over the past 12 years, Jules has had 31 foster children under her care. Jules believes parenting is the most wonderful source of lifelong learning. It is her firm belief that cooking and food have been the fundamental healing tool for the children in her care.


Through her degree in Social Science, Jules has been able to provide professional experience in child protection, youth support, school counselling and private practice. However, experiences from her own troubled youth have proved to be her most valuable tool, which she uses to resonate with today’s young adults.


Jules endeavours to empower youths to not only understand themselves, but for adults to understand them better too.


Along with Hugh Jackman and Deborah Lee-Furness, Jules has used her profile to raise awareness of adoption reform. She is also the ambassador of Australian charities such as Adopt Change and Foster Care Australia. Later this year, Jules intends to launch YOUTHinc, a progressive social and global initiative with the intentions of reducing the gap between generations.


In 2013, life took an unpredictable turn, accepting a dare from her kids, Jules found herself as a contestant on MasterChef Australia. She used this platform to increase awareness of the benefits of raising well-balanced children with healthy, good food.


Currently, Jules is writing her first book, YOUTHinc., exploring cyber stalking to self-harm. YOUTHinc. provides insight and a practical approach to difficulties today’s youth face.

Jules has had many media appearances, featuring in TV programs such as Australian Story and Channel Ten’s The Project, and major magazines such as The Collective, New Idea and Women’s Weekly. Being a leading expert on youth, Jules hopes through public speaking can influence and change lives of those in need.




1. Every delegate will leave inspired, empowered and motivated to put what they have learnt in to practice.

2. Jules doesn’t have a generic, one size fits all, approach to speaking. Every presentation is tailored to meet your specific needs.

3. Jules doesn’t just provide information. She is engaging, dynamic and entertaining with over 18 years of experience in the field.

4. Jules is diverse and adaptable. She is as comfortable presenting to a group of pubescent teens as she is speaking to CEO’s and executives.

5. Jules is 100% committed to your event being a success. She is professional and is most interested in how she can best benefit you and your organization.

Speaking Topics Include

RULES TO RESILIENCE - How to become resilient, raise resilience and maintain resilience in an increasingly diverse and adverse world.

It’s not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings. Youth suicide is killing more young Australians than anything else and self harm is bordering on an epidemic. There is an irrefutable link between a lack of resilience and and an increase in the above mentioned trends.


We are a population struggling to find the tools to overcome the myriad of challenges facing us in this ever changing ethos. Jules has spent nearly 20 years studying behavioural patterns across vast socio economics within our society.


As a part of this presentation Jules will provide you with some fundamental strategies that are game changers in the fight for resilience. This engaging session will ensure that delegates leave inspired to implement suggested strategies to create and instill resilience in themselves and those around them.


“GAME ON” - How to hit a home run off life’s curve balls!

If there's a topic Jules knows inside out, it’s this one. Through overcoming her own curveballs, she now lives by the mantra that all experiences can serve us once we have the know how.


The great news is that hardship can prepare an ordinary person for extraordinary things.

The solution lies in understanding the extra!!!  Jules has not only identified, the common default positions youth revert to when in crisis but more importantly has thrown them a life line with her proven five step  EXTRA- ordinary strategy. 


E  empathy- Uses your unique experience to better connect with others.

X  marks the spot - Identifying the cause and effect.

T  to be of service - The greatest gift you can give to yourself is to give to others

R  responsibility - Taking responsibility for YOU!

A  acceptance - Acceptance is the key!!


In this practical presentation Jules walks challenged teens step by step through her EXTRA- ordinary framework, teaching them how to play life’s game and belt, even the most radical of curve balls out of the ball park.

 Each teen will walk away

•feeling empowered to take control of their own lives

•a comprehensive teen survival tool kit

•with an understanding of their worth in this world

•with a connection with Jules via social media for on-going support.



One of the greatest issues affecting our young people today is a lack of a sense of belonging. Food is the greatest weapon in tackling this core issue. The trickle down affect is, more often than not, beyond comprehension.


There is no greater way of connecting than through food. It has stood the test of time. It affects our well being on every level from physical to emotional health. It taps in to all the senses and, as a consequence, affects our neural pathways.


This keynote is not about mung beans and sprouts. It’s about how you weave food in to every part of a child’s well being and sense of belonging. At a time when dialogue is often obselete, food is your secret weapon. In this presentation, parents and those working with young people will walk feeling confident in how they can leverage off this understated point of connection; food!



In order to help our youth overcome adversity we must take a holistic approach. Youth and all those involved with them must be on board. The workshop, therefore, is a three pronged approach. It involves talking to young people, teachers and all adults influencing their space, from parents to youth workers!


I have found, in my 18 years of working with young people in crisis that unless their environment is embracing the changes they are attempting to make, then long term change is virtually impossible. Cohesiveness across the board is imperative. Supporting the process of change is the fundamental tool that enables long term change.


The workshop provides youth with valuable tools and skills that can assist them in turning their challenges in to their assets. It then imparts this information on to teachers and then parents so that all can play a practical role in positive outcomes. All those influencing the young person must be well versed in the appropriate responses to the issues they are confronting.