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Julian Mather

Julian Mather

Can My Story Inspire Your Team? I'm a career reinvention expert. I love it. It's not something I read about in a book. I earned my SMARTS by being an army sniper, a globe trotting TV cameraman, a magician, an online entrepreneur, a speaker/author ... and I'm not finished yet. Whether I am talking about video or life-long-learning I am always talking about growth through change.

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Testimonials for Julian Mather

"Julian was outstanding. Rich content, powerful illustrations and incredible stories... masterful on the stage and had us learning lots and wanting more!"

Julie Cross, Professional Speakers Association of Australia


"Julian has the ability to get the audience engaged, interested and wanting to learn more. Julian does not just make the audience laugh, he makes them laugh in a way that makes them learn."

Fredrik Haren, President Asia Professional Speakers Singapore.


"His engaging and entertaining presentation delivered significant value for our business audience.”

Paul Jensen, Future Leaders Business Conference


"Thanks for delivering the best guest speaker presentation I've experienced since starting with this business networking group"

Maggie Stara, Marketing Strategist, SpaceDigital


"I don't think we have ever had such an entertaining and educational feature at any previous sessions. The most impressive point is that each of our attendees could take something practical away that they could use on a daily basis in their workplace, I really don't think I have seen a group of medical professionals laugh that much!"

Adam Westerink- Australian Institute of Radiography

Julian Mather Travels from QLD
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Julian Mather's Biography

 Can My Story Inspire Your Team?

I'm a career reinvention expert. I love it. It's not something I read about in a book. I earned my SMARTS by being an army sniper, a globe trotting TV cameraman, a magician, an online entrepreneur, a speaker/author ... and I'm not finished yet. Whether I am talking about video or life-long-learning I am always talking about growth through change. I help people 'see' the opportunity that comes with change. My story - delivered through masterful storytelling - can help set the tone for change within your organisation.

I went from being trained to shoot people with a rifle to shoot people with a camera.

In a much more socially acceptable move I joined ABC TV in 1983, a government funded broadcaster that leaned towards factual storytelling, news and documentaries rather than entertainment. They said go document people’s stories. I’d finally made it. For over 2 decades they put a plane ticket in one hand, money in the other and kicked me out the door and said go tell people’s stories.

I travelled the world getting a ringside view of life. After 20 years I had met so many VIP’s - very inspiring people - who were out there making a difference to the lives of others. I wanted to do that too. I wrote about these unlikely teachers in my memoir The Second Best Job In The World.

One day I had the simplest of realisations. I realised all these people making a difference were all in front of the camera. That’s where I needed to be but I was behind the camera. The only way to be in front of the camera was to leave behind the camera. I couldn’t be in two places at once. So I left.

Through necessity I reinvented myself as a magician and family entertainer. I did about roughly 2,000 shows. I created another program for schools where I taught kids simple magic tricks and embedded character lessons in the process. Videos were made of each trick and I posted them on YouTube. I elevated the story and presentation of magic above the technical side of how to do the tricks. Julian’s Magician School got traction.140,000 subscribers and 30 million views

Now I share why - as a world class videographer - the only camera I own is a smartphone and how this pocket-sized TV station will revolutionise the way you make your business videos. I've come out from hiding behind the camera to loving speaking to local and international audiences about essential 21C career and business skills.

My talks focus on preparing for the future by teaching two essential 21C skills:

21C Learning: the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn.

21C Video: that’s video literacy, the ability to make video and video confidence, the ability to be on video.

Businesses that can retain staff in a fast changing world and skill those staff to communicate to customers the way they are demanding - through video on their smartphone - will have a competitive edge.

Julian’s signature style has inspirational storytelling, unique content, compelling visuals, humour, practical tips...and a bit of magic. His presentations are rich, powerful and inspiring for both business sessions or lighter after dinner story telling for an after dinner. All presentations can be tailored to suit your event and theme. Julian delivers both live and virtual keynotes.

Speaking Topics Include

The Second Best Job In The World - Everything changes fast these days. Keeping up is hard. The ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is an essential 21C skill. Julian has made an art form out of embracing change: army sniper to globe-trotting TV cameraman to magician to speaker. The audience discovers the transformation secrets that took him 25 years to learn... and they find out who has the best job in the world!


Prepare your business for the 21st Century - Get Video Smart - The video age for business has arrived but there’s a reluctance to use it. Why? Simply we feel self conscious in front of the camera. Problem is, that’s out of date thinking and it’s holding back business. This assumption busting talk makes clear that video for 21C business is different. Your audience realise that in a world hungry for truth, it’s them with their lumps and bumps and wrinkles that will drive the authentic, agile marketing machine… and they’ll do it with that pocket sized TV station called their smartphone. This talk is the perfect way to kickstart video in your organisation.


YOU Turn Permitted - All the tricks to reinventing yourself

Learn proven short cuts as I guide you through Own Up Wise Up Step Up, the roadmap I follow everyday. The audience will learn how to to be change ready with these forever skills they can implement at work and in life.

Learning Objectives…

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. It you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. Are you determined?

You can’t win a new game playing by the old rules. Will you embrace the new ways of learning?

The treasure you seek is in the cave you fear to go… How to take first steps


Fearless and Famous - Step out of the shadows and unleash your inner movie star

Video presenting is the new normal. Even the most humble staff member can overcome their fear of the camera or the sound of their own voice – and truly shine with confidence. What’s stopping you becoming fearless and famous?

Presenting is a skill and skills can be learned. I know. I went from decades of hiding behind the camera to being comfortable and confident in front of it.

Learning Objectives…

Camera shyness is not a life sentence.

The pro secrets to not forgetting what to say

How to look younger on camera without plastic surgery

Insider tricks that fast-track you to looking professional


Insider Video Secrets - All the tricks to making video like a pro - without the expense

Is video something you’ve always wanted to use, but thought you needed a huge budget?

I reveal the real secrets to unlocking the magical power of the world’s most effective-yet-inexpensive sales | marketing tool | communications tool: your smartphone.

Part tips and tricks, part storytelling, part magic show…this is video made easy so even a 50-year-old can do it.

Learning Objectives…

Why old video habits can scare off new and existing customers. You don't have to pay big to play big anymore.

Discover just what your smartphone is capable of. Hint: the lens on your phone is better than the Hubble Space telescope

Send simple video messages faster than an email

What to & not to buy; save your money

Bonus** amaze your family by turning old home movies into fresh memories