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Justin Herald

Justin Herald

Justin Herald is an entrepreneur, speaker and author. Highly motivating and witty, Justin shares his success story with passion and conviction. A dynamic speaker, Justin’s business success will inspire all who hear him.

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Testimonials for Justin Herald

“On behalf of Mercedes Car Group and the Dealer network, thank you for your inspiring words at our Motor Show Breakfast. I have fielded so many calls from the Dealer network stating how motivating your speech was and also your ability to connect with each and every one of us.Thank you again”
W John Vasilj, NSW General Manager , Mercedes Car Gr

“The facts speak for themselves. Ninety seven percent of the audience who provided feedback rated you either ‘very good’ or ‘outstanding’. Quotes such as, ‘ excellent, a true inspiration”, ‘the best speaker I have ever heard”, ‘the best start to any day’ really made our event. Thank you so much for being an inspiration and leaving our audience with a load of take home value.”
Cr Peter, Houston Redcliffe City Council

Justin Herald’s ability to connect with people at all stages of life and from all walks of life is exceptional. I have never seen our management group so unanimous about anything before. They all loved it! 
Vince Abelardo, General Manager Operations, Vision Group Australia   

Thank you for your fantastic presentations at the Sydney Morning Herald Small Business Show. The audience were energised and inspired about their own businesses after hearing your story and principals, and we have had nothing but positive feedback about your sessions.
Rowena Hodges, Events Manager, Business Connect  

Justin is an inspirational individual who is an example to our apprentices. He has achieved incredible goals that he has set for himself. His knowledge to educate our apprentices in life skills, values and motivational skills to drive and focus on a higher level for personal and work life.   Justin has a unique ability of pitching his message to his audience and therefore acheiving the most effective outcome.  Justin's message certainly made an impact on our young audience and I would highly recommend him as a speaker at any function.
Philip Candler, Managing Director Operations

“I have seen many speakers all over the world… A few weeks ago I saw an advertisement for a seminar you were going to speak at in Perth. So I decided to go to see what the fuss was about, expecting to see another Anthony Robbins wannabe. I have to say you blew me away…..you blew them (the world’s top speakers) out of the water. Your frankness, openness and honesty really hit home… you are by far one of the best speakers this planet has to offer. It’s my opinion that anyone who wants to succeed in life needs to hear you speak. Forget Anthony Robbins, Forget Brian Tracey, Look out Dr Phil, Here comes Justin Herald! You have given me the extra drive I was searching for.”
Kelly Staple, CEO, ITN Group
Justin Herald Travels from NSW
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Justin Herald's Biography

Justin Herald is an entrepreneur, speaker and author. Highly motivating and witty, Justin shares his success story with passion and conviction.  A dynamic speaker, Justin’s business success will inspire all who hear him.  

Justin Herald is a man with Attitude! In 1995, all Justin had to start his business was $50 and an attitude. With clever marketing campaigns and a strong desire to make something of his life, Justin set out to turn his $50 into a multi-million dollar empire in just 6 years.  

Attitude Gear® was the brand and quirky and smart quotes were the key. Justin began printing t-shirts with slogans such as ‘It’s all about luck. Just ask any loser’ and then licensed a wide range of products that sold in over 3,500 stores throughout Australia and overseas.  

Justin’s business success has allowed him to retire from Attitude Gear® and turn his passion to helping others achieve their business and personal goals. Justin has worked closely with major organisations such as the Mercedes Benz, Pepsi, Optus, Phillips and IP Australia to name just a few. He is in high demand as a Corporate and Conference speaker and is respected as one of Australia’s leading authors on getting more out of life. Justin currently speaks at over 100 conferences each year.    

In addition to the success of Attitude Gear®, Justin has produced his own products. Justin first released his business/motivational book in April 2003. Within 3 weeks “Would you like Attitude with that?” hit the bestsellers list. Justin’s much anticipated sequel, “So what are you waiting for?”, was released in May 2004 with an overwhelming response. He has gone on to write another 6 more best-selling books.    

Justin Herald is considered one of Australia’s best corporate and motivational speakers. In the past year, Justin Herald presented to over 150,000 people on topics of success, passion and opportunity.   He loves what he does and it shows…  

Justin Herald is a man who hasn’t just done it. He is still doing it! He still has the Attitude he started with and this makes for witty, entertaining and unique presentations. He is happy to share his story with anyone willing to listen and has managed to motivate the motivated.  

Speaking Topics Include

Lessons from a fish
The Attitude Story…how Justin’s business Attitude Gear went from $50 to a multi-million dollar empire in just 6 years.  

Customer Culture – The M.E Factor
This is one of Justin’s most popular presentations. Justin takes the audience on a ride where they see what the customer is actually after instead of what they have been getting.

How to grow your business without spending a single cent
This encapsulates the success of the Attitude Gear business. It includes:
how to attract media attention for free
how to use your customers as sales people
the difference between male and female customers
the 3 most important elements of a successful business expenses…how to cut them!
strategic partnerships and lots more…  

Psychology of Success
 Let Justin teach you the psychology of success and open your mind to think outside the square.  

The secrets to branding your business
Learn about the mistakes most businesses make when branding their business, learn how to capitalise on your branding more and find out what your brand actually tells people?  

The secrets to effective marketing
 Learn about the mistakes most businesses make when marketing their business. “Product vs. perception.” What is it and how do you make it work for your business. Is your marketing actually having any effect?  

The secrets to greater sales
Learn about the 4 ways to anticipate an objection and learn the 4 ways to turn a “no” into a ‘yes”.

The secrets to great customer service
Understand the keys to great customer service and learn the 5 steps to winning back customers who have strayed!  

The secrets to amazing business growth
Learn the 8 questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you decide you need to expand your business, the strategies in growing your business through “up selling” and how to attract new customers.  

The secrets to powerful leadership
The differences between managing and leading a business or staff
Progress VS perfection
The 4 traits of a leader
There are only two styles of leadership. What are they?  

The 5 Senses of an Entrepreneur
Are entrepreneurs born or are they made?
Justin has his own opinion here, but what you will learn in this presentation is how to operate like an entrepreneur and what makes entrepreneurs different to normal business operators. Why not learn from the International Entrepreneur of the year 2004/05  

The 4 aspects of focus
What we focus on is all that we will see. Justin takes you on a journey of the 4 aspects to focus and how they all play a part in getting you to where you want to go and also why you haven’t got there yet.  

Taking back control (Personal empowerment series)
For many people they are just surviving. What we all need is a level of control within our search for success.
Covering areas such as: Why we lose control; Taking your life to the next level; The power of your mind Justin will teach you life long principals that will revolutionise your life.  

Taking your business to the next level
We all want our businesses to do better. But what do we need to address? This presentation highlights the areas that will transform your workers to make them better people which in turn will make them better workers.

The organic principals of business growth Justin uses the analogy of the life of a plant from its start as a seed to show you how your business can and will grow if you take the necessary steps  

Understanding Passion
Do you truly understand how passion can help you achieve your business and personal goals? Let Justin help you ignite your passion and to use it to your advantage.  

The three A’s of Opportunity
Have you ever thought that you or your business might be missing out on valuable and profitable opportunities?  

The 6 keys of success
Do you know what the 6 keys to success are? Let Justin fill you in on some important keys to making your life and your profession a huge success.