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Kristen Hansen

Kristen Hansen

Kristen Hansen is the founder of EnHansen Performance providing managers with strategies to build leadership, resilience, adaptability, creativity, coaching, self-management and engagement skills. EnHansen Performance specialises in a neuroscience approach to leadership and sales.

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Testimonials for Kristen Hansen

Kristen Hansen presented on the Neuroscience of Leadership to over 150 of our people leaders. Kristen’s presentation was engaging, informative and practical. Kristen was incredibly entertaining and full of energy. She was able to make complex theory simple and easy to understand whilst also applying it practically for our leaders to take back and use with their teams. The feedback from our people leaders has been exceptional with many stating that they have been able to apply much of what Kristen presented.

Westpac Group Annual Leadership Conference

Head of HR, AFS Multibrand

Westpac Group


Kristen Hansen; dynamic, engaging and relevant. In presenting her neuroleadership session to the State Trustees managers, Kristen unlocked a response from the whole group that I’ve not been seen before. Every person took away strategies to help them be better leaders and they are still talking about the session months later.

Neuroleadership Presentation at State Trustees Leadership Conference


Many thanks for the great presentation last week at Clifton’s – thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to hearing you speak again in the future!

Neuroleadership Presentation Clifton’s Masterclass

Audit Change Manager



Kristen Hansen’s presentation on how to approach staff to get the best out of them was powerful. She struck just the right balance of science, humour and pragmatic suggestions. Understanding how to approach difficult conversations can be a lifetime’s work, so having the frame of neuroscience in which to practice this provides for a very practical and useful approach.

Executive Director, Strategic Policy Government of South Australia


Kristen Hansen gave us a fascinating insight into this emerging science and gave particular focus on ensuring employees work to their fullest potential by ensuring they are in a ‘reward state’.  Ms Hansen was passionate and engaging and the general consensus of the audience was that they would have like more time to explore the concepts she presented to us.

Deputy Commissioner South Australia Police

Kristen Hansen Travels from NSW
Fee Range: POA

Kristen Hansen's Biography

Kristen Hansen is the founder of EnHansen Performance providing managers with strategies to build leadership, resilience, adaptability, creativity, coaching, self-management and engagement skills. EnHansen Performance specialises in a neuroscience approach to leadership and sales.

Kristen has spoken at over 50 leadership related conferences in the last 5 years purely through word of mouth and until recently has not been associated with any speakers’ bureau or associations. Conference speaking has been at Westpac, Macquarie Bank, Energex, Ambulance NSW, AHRI (The Australian Human Resources Institute), TEC (The Executive Connection), State Trustees, AITD Conference, National HR Summit and more.

Kristen is a regular columnist for CEO World, has been interviewed on the Today Show and is a contributor to “Leadership Matters”. Her first book TRACTION – The Neuroscience of Leadership and Performance is out now.

Kristen draws from her post graduate studies in the Neuroscience of Leadership and 20 years of management roles with major Australian organisations such as Pacific Dunlop, Fairfax and News Limited. Kristen has been an accredited Executive Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Master Trainer in Emotional Intelligence and is accredited in PRISM Brain Mapping –the world’s first online neuroscience-based profiling tool.

Speaking Topics Include

 Remote leadership (Virtual Programme)

The world health emergency with the Covid 19 pandemic is seeing increased consideration to ensure safety of management and staff and accelerated remote work initiatives.

Many managers will be responsible for leading a team remotely without prior experience at this. It can be a daunting prospect especially because their team members are also experiencing very mixed reactions to the continuous threat the virus represents to their health as well as the financial and social impacts.

Leaders need to be prepared to support their staff in both the psychological safety as well as the physical aspects of working remotely. They will also need to generate ways to ensure the engagement, communication and performance of their team.

Research shows there are many positives aspects of working remotely such as autonomy, flexibility and reduced commute times, but there is also increased uncertainty, social isolation and collaboration challenges.


Change leadership and change readiness (Virtual Programme)

Corporate change landscape: Organisations are experiencing unprecedented change to adapt to new technology, regulations, globalisation and international competition as well as efficiencies to realise cost reductions and closer alignment to their customers’ needs.

Change is the new norm yet people are experiencing significant challenge that comes from the uncertainty and complexity of these changes. It is only getting faster. Nothing will slow down, things will only get faster. Self-leadership and strategies are needed. How can people can understand their reactions to change and self-regulate.


Resilience in uncertain times (Virtual Programme)

Research has shown that resilience is “the single most important factor in determining whether a person is successful, satisfied and happy” (Shatt, 2008, The Resilience Factor).

Resilience can be defined as “the positive capacity to cope with stress or adversity”. Resilience in the workplace is usually associated with the employee’s ability to cope with the various challenges in the workplace: organisational change, information overload, restructures, downsizing, mergers, increased workload, reduction of resources, learning new technology, budget pressures or deadlines.

Staff shortages and coping with additional workload. Managing stress, motivation levels and information overload. Workplace bullying. Frequent restructuring. Occupational health and safety issues. Health issues.


Adaptability and a growth mindset to optimise outcomes - Personal, business, client (Virtual Programme)


Neuroscience of Leadership, leading self and others

NeuroleadershipTREAD: How to think, regulate, engage, adapt and develop with the brain in mind


Neuroscience of personal effectiveness and agility

Prioritising, innovative decision-making, emotion regulation and flexibility in behaviour and role


Neuroscience of leading change (and/or innovation)

We need to be consistently changing and innovating to stay in the game

Look at the Neuroscience behind change


Neuroscience of emotional intelligence

A key factor of leadership and sales success

Great for technical audiences wanting the hard science behind building emotional intelligence


Neuroscience of engagement and motivation

How to motivate and engage by understanding the science behind these states and easy ways to build capability


Neuroscience of persuasion

Ways to improve sales presentations and communication


Neuroscience of resilience

Vital today with increasing change and pressure

Learn practical everyday tips to manage emotions and build the stress threshold


Brain-based coaching and development

Do you want to help people change and develop to reach their potential?

This brain-based coaching methodology showcases Grow-Wise