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Liza Pavlakos

Liza Pavlakos

Liza Pavlakos is one of Australia’s most inspirational female entrepreneurs and a powerful speaker on innovation and entrepreneurial mindset sharing with the audience her captivating personal stories of her life.

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Testimonials for Liza Pavlakos

Her words transcend from one person to another that uplifts individual morale and team spirits, her celestial-powerful command of language, in-depth charisma as motivational speaker cuts through our hearts and left remarkable imprints of optimism, to stay for more than a lifetime. She is gifted with divine light and presence which simply inspires and motivates others, effortlessly.

Bhabes Comia Espina  - Pioneer Medical Lab


We have nothing but positive reviews about Liza. She also had a one-day learning session on In Pursuit of Happiness, she is authentic and speaks from the heart that can capture all the delegates attention and be engaged in the entirety of her talk and seminars.

Ariva Academy Inc. - JM Matienzo


She is a remarkable inspirational speaker. I have been impressed with her approach to problem-solving, her perseverance, passion and commitment to social challenges. Her maturity and intellectual ability concerning leadership is refreshing, youthful and positive.

Dr. Berhan Ahmed - Adjunct Prof. University of Melbourne


Liza inspired all our delates at the Miss Earth Coronation Event and left us mesmerised by her speech

Ramon Monzon- Miss Earth CEO


Liza is one of Australia’s finest speakers, her story is absolutely gripping.

Steve Carey - News Flash Media

Liza Pavlakos Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Liza Pavlakos's Biography

Liza Pavlakos is one of Australia’s most inspirational female entrepreneurs and a powerful speaker on innovation and entrepreneurial mindset sharing with the audience her captivating personal stories of her life.


From fearlessly helping corporations and organisations to discover new ways to overcome adversary, to keynote speaking at some of the world’s most recognised events such as Miss Earth Coronation Event. Pavlakos is an inspirational keynote speaker with more than just a ‘speech.’ She is the catalyst to empowering organisations to understanding that the Entrepreneur Mindset is not just for start ups, its for the entrepreneur that lies deep within all of us.


Having faced homelessness after escaping sexual abuse as a child, to being a victim of intense domestic violence where the right side of her face was reconstructed. To finally believing she was free of violence to being abducted, abused and almost murdered.


Regardless of her past adversities, Liza has the determination to change her life becoming a successful entrepreneur. She built a successful tailoring franchise brand with A List celebrities as clientele. She was also the creator and organiser of internationally recognised beauty pageants attracting crowds of over 4,000 people and now a speaker speaking across 5 continents to thousands of people, and having followers on social media well into the six figures.


“Entrepreneurs aren't just for start ups. They are people like you and me, anyone with a no excuse mindset,” says Liza Pavlakos


Through her talks on awakening the entrepreneur within, entrepreneurial leadership, innovation and strategic planning she shows her audience how to discover the courage, power and determination that lies within themselves.


Author of the forthcoming books “The Diamonds Within” and “The Indefatigable Entrepreneur” will be released in by traditional publishers soon. Liza has empowered thousands of people worldwide through her audio and training programs. Liza was recently a guest on CNN showcased as a thought leader in empowering women to overcome adversity and gaining entrepreneurial success. 

An internationally recognised speaker, Liza’s captivating and uplifting speeches are unique as she converges the power of her personal ‘story’ with key themes of innovation, creativity and leadership management. Through her speech you will learn that the entrepreneurial mindset is not just about the entrepreneur. Its about the innovation to succeed in spite of obstacles that come your way.


Liza’s workshops came about from a need for corporate clients to go deeper into the habits she talks about in her speech. Liza believes creative entrepreneurial behaviour can be learned- and that is what the one day workshop is about. It about adopting new habits and behaviours in our day to day work so eventually they become second nature.

Speaking Topics Include

Awakening the entrepreneur within

Unleash the diamonds within- Developing a mental toughness to succeed in business.

From Homelessness to Millionaire Entrepreneur-An entrepreneur’s journey

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Understanding the Customer Experience

Building a brand with an empty purse- How I built my empire