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Louise Yaxley

Louise Yaxley

With an infectious positive attitude and highly engaging style Louise is now asked to inspire others to get the most from their life journey, by sharing her road so far. You will be moved, inspired and challenged by Louise's story.

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Testimonials for Louise Yaxley

“Over 300 hard nosed businessman from across the trades and hardware, and not a dry eye in the house, she was powerful, engaging and an inspiration.”

John Danks & Son


“250 Office professionals, you could hear a pin drop and then the room broke into applause.”

Australian Institute of Office Professionals


“In my 28 year career in the Plumbing & Building industry, I have heard many of guest speakers, at various types of conferences. Louise, you have taken first place !! Having over 400 people in the audience, I have never heard silence like it before, along with the Tears. Your journey is the epitome of courage, coupled with extreme sadness, you are an inspiration to all.”

Everhard Industries Pty Ltd


“A very good speaker, authentic, real and highly engaging – the audience spontaneously applauded during the presentation.“

Robyn Moore

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Louise Yaxley's Biography

Louise Yaxley’s presentation stems from the day she was training in a squad of six cyclists on a quiet country road in Germany when an oncoming, out of control car hit the pack leaving them scattered and one of their team mates dead. Louise shares her heartfelt inspirational story of her three year journey to “normality” in a powerful and emotional presentation of courage and strength, depression and forgiveness.

 In July 2005, Louise Yaxley's life took an unexpected turn. Life changed forever for Louise whilst she was training with her teammates, the Australian Institute of Sport Women’s Road Cycling Team, in preparation for the World Championships. In an instant Louise lost her friend and teammate Amy Gillett, and was herself within minutes of bleeding to death on the back roads of Germany.

By 2008 after numerous operations and hours of rehabilitation, Louise has surfaced with many “survival skills” that now enable her to handle anything life may throw at her. Through a journey of pain and achievements, “I have learned that life and success is about remembering that”:

1.    The harder the challenge, the greater the rewards
2.        Being determined
3.        Enjoy the process
4.        Staying Motivated
5.        Focusing on the road ahead

“All of a sudden goals had changed and they weren’t to win – it was just to be able to use my arms again.

During my recovery and even now, positive people with their genuine contagious smiles kept me focused. I found that in my state, I went in to damage control. If in whatever situation I met someone with a negative attitude, I had to immediately dismiss them or I was brought down with them into a negative mindset. Those positive people were doing what they loved, some were lucky enough to be paid for it.

The motivation that I used in my cycling career I am now able to transfer to other things. I take my passion and make it happen. I have gotten through rehabilitation and achieved everything by being motivated and continually reviewing and reassessing my goals.In June 2005, my goal was to qualify for the World Championships and by July, and in a split second, it became to be well enough to get out of hospital. Yes, things can change quickly, so make the most of the opportunities you have in every environment be it work, or play, because you never know trust me you just never know when a ‘curveball’ can be thrown your way! And as long as you stay motivated and focused you will always get through. 

I look back now at the past eight years, in some ways, the time has flown and in others it feels like only yesterday that my life was shaken up in that instant. I am sure that it is thanks to my changed perspective of making every moment count and taking opportunities that I can reel off a few significant achievements for every year.”

With an infectious positive attitude and highly engaging style Louise is now asked to inspire others to get the most from their life journey, by sharing her road so far.You will be moved, inspired and challenged by Louise's story.