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Lucy Perry

Lucy Perry

Leaving her audiences to conquer the world, Lucy Perry is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Lucy’s passion and inspiration is infectious as she takes her audience on a roller-coaster ride breaking all the rules.

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Testimonials for Lucy Perry

Your presentation in Fiji was fantastic. Thanks for staying around and getting involved with the team over dinner and drinks. We've not had this before and a lot of people have let me know that theopportunity to connect with you personally was the highlight of the event.

Michael Winter, Chief General Manager, Retail Division, Allianz Australia Insurance.


From the minute Lucy spoke, the whole audience was captivated. Her ability to incorporate humour and compassion into a clear business message is unlike no other! Highly recommended speaker.

Tim Carroll, National Partnership Manager, ANZ


Some presentations really REACH their audience – Lucy has that preciously rare skill. I was so moved, and so inspired! Brava!

Steph Burgess, Connecting Up Conference, Gold Coast


I’m a speaker’s coach and Lucy Perry is the best speaker I have ever heard.

Brett De Hoedt, Hootville.


You were gutsy, inspirational and so damn funny.

Jono Fisher, Wake Up Project’s Women Leading Change, 2015.


Lucy certainly has an amazing capacity for “presence” when she speaks. She is as equally captivating as she is inspirational.

Alexandra Zammit, Chief Executive Officer at Thomas Holt Villages


Lucy Perry delivered an incredibly inspiring, entertaining and authentic presentation at our conference series. She was professional, flexible and creative in tailoring her presentation for the audience. It was a pleasure working with Lucy.

Julienne Price, Head of Schools and Not-for-Profit Banking at Commonwealth Bank

Lucy Perry Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Lucy Perry's Biography

Lucy ran a successful creative services firm for 20 years before she took on the start-up challenge as founding CEO of a brand new women’s health charity. In less than three years at the helm, Lucy built the team and the communication strategy which raised $7M for a network of hospitals and a midwifery school in Ethiopia.


She is now the CEO of Sunrise Cambodia which funds the work of legendary Australian humanitarian and Mum to Many, Geraldine Cox AM.


Her photography skills and knack for writing have taken her all over the world including to Cambodia where she has shot images which illustrate the challenges of maternity care in the remote rice fields. She has worked on creative communication for some of Australia’s biggest brands including the National Rugby League, Amnesty International, Boral and CSR.


Lucy’s subject matter includes broad business issues, leadership, team building, entrepreneurialism, communication, feminism, social media and career inspiration for conferences and events where delegates are ready to be inspired to make a difference and literally change themselves and the world.


She’s been known to bring her audience to tears but brings humour to the horror that leaves them wanting more. Lucy’s broad background in communication and the international aid sector gives her a variety of areas of expertise and she will adapt her content to suit the audience.


Speaking Topics Include

Some popular keynotes:


Doing Business Differently

Lucy Perry will take you on a roller coaster ride of fascinating experiences and business learnings from a 20-year career as a master communicator, world changer and trailblazer. Discover how to do business differently, why fun should be a factor in your strategic plan, how kindness and optimism fuel your bottom line and how ordinary people achieve the extraordinary.



Most of us have never jumped out of a plane into a war zone or faced a firing squad and neither has Lucy Perry! But she has learned from some of the most courageous people how they face their fears and push through to overcome the most gob smacking challenges. Lucy illustrates, with heartbreaking and hilarious stories, how courage is not just the realm of front line soldiers. It is acts of everyday heroism that make the world go round, and it’s sheer pluck which is the key to success.


Social Media – A Wrangler’s Guide

She’s the first and only Australian to be listed as one of the world’s top 30 #socialceos and has a track record of wrangling social media to move big bucks and create social momentum. Even Facebook calls her in to help not-for-profits to conquer the platform. So strap on your seatbelt and get ready to learn so much from this how-to speech on mastering social media, that you are ready to change the world one post at time.


Love and other drugs

What is it about love that is so addictive and makes it feels like a drug? Take the science of love and positive brain chemistry and apply it to doing business successfully, passionately and confidently. Why is business often such a battleground? Take it from Lucy Perry, who has learned from the coal face of the labour ward to the furnace of the boardroom - love makes the world go round but the good fight seals the deal.


Transformation – Even when you are dragged kicking and screaming.

How do you pick yourself up from catastrophic failure? How do you take a kick in the vag and turn it into flying high like a boss? Transformation is not always planned or wanted. Failure is a bitch. Yet when it happens, if you embrace it, you will thrive and never look back. Lucy Perry went from award winning leader to unemployed in one text message. Learn from her experience how to harness your strengths, rethink your failures and transform with truth and courage to fly.