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Lydia Lassila

Lydia Lassila

Lydia Lassila is an Australian Olympic freestyle skier gold medallist. Determined and willing to push all boundaries, Lydia steps outside her comfort zone to be the best. A sportswomen, entrepreneur and mum, Lydia is both inspiring and motivating to her audience.

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Testimonials for Lydia Lassila

Lydia, many thanks for last week. Your session was really great and the feedback is awesome. You have seriously been inspiring, including for me
Vincent Cotard, Vice President Australia-New Zealand, GlaxoSmithKline

WOW, my hairs on my arms were standing up as Lydia spoke. Lydia, not only engaged the audience at our Sports Awards Night, she connected and inspired them through her ability to be down to earth. It's a true gift to share your personal journey of setbacks and triumphs to people you don't know. Lydia is the perfect speaker for any audience. 
Nicole Willis, Melton City Council

Thank you for coming and sharing your aerials journey with us, I found extremely valuable and inspiring. Since starting aerials in 2012 I have looked up to you and your training ethic, and I envisioned myself standing on the Olympic Podium with a gold medal just like you! From talking to you I learnt many ways on how to improve and develop my aerials career. You are my inspiration and thanks to you I now have a raging fire in my belly to go out there, work hard and achieve my dreams!
Ebonie Boucher, Development Aerial Skier, Australian Ski Team

Lydia Lassila Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Lydia Lassila's Biography

Lydia Lassila is an Australian Olympic freestyle skier gold medallist.  Determined and willing to push all boundaries, Lydia steps outside her comfort zone to be the best.  A sportswomen, entrepreneur and mum, Lydia is both inspiring and motivating to her audience.

Lydia Lassila has represented Australia in four Winter Olympic Games. She currently holds three world records, the latest being the first woman in history ever to perform the quad-twisting somersault.

Lydia has always set the bar high and has been out of her comfort zone and pushing the boundaries since her Olympic dream spawned at the age of six. She feels fear on a daily basis, but pushes forward regardless; all in an effort to be the best. Throughout her career Lydia has encountered many setbacks, mostly due to injury, but battled her way to the top to ultimately achieve her goals.

Off the slopes Lydia continues to inspire people with her fascinating story through keynote and motivational speaking. When Lydia speaks to an audience she highlights the importance of having a clear vision and demonstrates how you can bring that vision into reality. She has an incredible understanding of achieving goals through diversity and has mastered the art of juggling life as an elite athlete, mum and an entrepreneur.

Lydia is an incredible source of inspiration; she knows the rhythm of success and shares her methods to audiences, which can help individuals set new standards for themselves. Lydia knows what it takes to make the mind excel and is skilled at understanding human behaviours.

Audiences will come away with clear strategies on how to maximise their potential. They will feel empowered to take charge of their lives, identify their vision and create a plan to live their dreams.

Key Points
Lydia Lassila is Australia’s leading female aerial skier and one of Australia’s Winter Olympic greats.
Lydia has competedat four Winter Olympic Games including gold at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 and bronze at the Sochi Olympics in 2014. She has had numerous World Cup wins and podium finishes.
Currently she holds three world records in aerial ski jumping and was the first woman in history to perform a quad twisting somersault.
Lydia has been honoured throughout her career and just some of her accolades include winner of the Don award, Athlete of the Year by the Australian Institute of Sport, Ski and Snowboard Australia Athlete of the Year and the Order of Australia Medal.
Lydia is also mum and an entrepreneur, running her own business Body Ice.

Speaking Topics Include

Planning to win and the courage to see it through
Identifying your purpose
Mental skills for self improvement
Goal mapping and meeting deadlines
Overcoming fear and adversity
Maximising your potential and striving for excellence
Accepting accountability and defining your limits
Working as an individual in a team
Work/life balance
Decision making
Managing risk