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Magicians / Roving Magic

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A magician performs sleight-of-hand tricks and other illusions. They entertain and excite, are often referred to as illusionists whilst many comedians also incorporate comedy into their shows too. Roving magic or close up magic is much more intimate and interactive and is often magic using hands or card tricks of illusion. Audience involvement and interaction is achieved with close up magic with the ability for one on one interaction. Alternatively large production magical stage shows can leave a lasting impression when using dangerous and inventive props for a suspenseful show. The sense of intrigue and mystery of a magic act provides popular entertainment for any event creating a wow factor for clever illusion. Magicians and roving magic are widely used in the corporate arena and you will find an example of some of the best available listed below.

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.... Perth collective of acrobats, artists, street performers and musicians
Brad Blaze

Brad Blaze

....Entertainer of the Year Award winner
Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd

.... Australia's Got Talent finalist will leave your guests spellbound
Ben Bradshaw

Ben Bradshaw

.... founder and CEO of Australia’s largest Australian owned, multi-award winning AdWords management company
Duck Cameron

Duck Cameron

....Australian Award Winning Illusionist
Speakers and Entertainers : Phil Cass

Phil Cass

....an international reputation as one of Australia's most polished and professional comedy entertainers
Dom Chambers

Dom Chambers

.... extremely talented roving stage comedy and magic


....daredevil performer, an evolution in the art of illusion!
Raymond Crowe

Raymond Crowe

....one of Australia's leading contemporary magicians
Adam Dean

Adam Dean

....Magician, Illusionist, Comedian, even Master of Ceremonies
Kerry "Nigel" Domann

Kerry "Nigel" Domann

....a multi-talented and exceptional entertainer
Speakers and Entertainers : Tim Ellis

Tim Ellis

....record breaking world renowned magician
Speakers and Entertainers : Chew Eng Chye

Chew Eng Chye

....magician and psychological illusionist extraordinaire
Speakers and Entertainers: James Galea

James Galea

....global magic sensation with a unique and innovative style
Vinh Giang

Vinh Giang

.... extraordinary talent - powerful messages conveyed through the art of magic
Kevin Grise

Kevin Grise

.... stage hypnotist spanning over 30 years experience
Matthew Hale

Matthew Hale

....brilliant comedy hypnotist
Speakers and Entertainers : Matt Hollywood

Matt Hollywood

....one of Australia’s most nationally recognised comedy magicians
Speakers and Entertainers : Greg Hudson

Greg Hudson

....unique combination of hypnosis, magic, comedy, mind- reading and audience participation
Speakers and Entertainers : Timothy Hyde

Timothy Hyde

....corporate MC and creative mind magician
Jay Jay

Jay Jay

....multi-talented MC specialising in magic, comedy and entertainment
Speakers and Entertainers : Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

....Australia's own Mentalist!
Speakers and Entertainers : James Lamont

James Lamont

....engaging performer
Speakers and Entertainers : Brad Manuel

Brad Manuel

....very entertaining roving magician and comedian, inspiring speaker and MC
Speakers and Entertainers : Brendan MonTanner

Brendan MonTanner

....a professional magician and illusionist of the highest order, an international act for over 18 years
Speakers and Entertainers : Soul Mystique

Soul Mystique

....the incredible art of quick change
Josh Norbido

Josh Norbido

.... Brilliant performer using magic to spark creativity and innovation
Speakers and Entertainers : Ola


....many magical moments
Speakers and Entertainers : PiP


....creating exciting entertainment for all
Michael Pope

Michael Pope

.... Brilliant MC, experienced and professional entertainer and event host
Liam Power

Liam Power

...captivates and mesmerises his audience with unfathomable magical illusions
Speakers and Entertainers : Sam Powers

Sam Powers

....dazzled audiences worldwide in high echelon corporate and private functions
Speakers and Entertainers : Glen Rhodes

Glen Rhodes

....mind blowing magic and hilarious 'English' sense of humour
James Sleight

James Sleight

...magician with a charismatic charm
Speakers and Entertainers : John Taylor

John Taylor

....a master in his chosen art of magic and illusion
Speakers and Entertainers : Nicholas Tweedy

Nicholas Tweedy

....talented illusionist stunning audiences
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Anton van Helden

....talented Wellington based close up magician