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Mark Bunn

Mark Bunn

Mark Bunn is one of Australia's leading health coaches. Author and speaker, Mark travels the world engaging and motivating audiences on health, work life balance, performance and wellbeing.

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Testimonials for Mark Bunn

OMG, in the 12 years I have been doing this I have never had such a positive response to a presentation as with you!  The post session positivity was just amazing! Thank You!

Gavin Cohen – Pedders


‘Inspirational’, ‘Amazing’, ‘blew my mind’

Various Attendees - National Australia Bank


Mark has a message that delivers an immediate positive impact. He will change the way you think about wellness and quite possibly your life.

Robert S. Conlee - CEO Neways International - Utah USA


‘Mark, your presentation at our inaugural Nurses and Midwives Wellness Conference last week in front of over 800 attendees was nothing short of inspirational! Your style engaged the entire audience instantly and from then on we were taken on a wonderful ride of information, logic and enlightenment.”

Glenn Taylor – CEO – Victorian Nurses Health Program


" Brilliant... Awesome presenter, great session,....changed my life, the best rated session so far " Various Attendees - Ericsson Australia.


"One of the best speakers I've heard in a long time ”

Scott King - CEO Qantas Credit Union.

Mark Bunn Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Mark Bunn's Biography

"FACT: The healthiest, happiest people to ever live have never heard of good fats, bad fats, low GI, sleep apps, or optimal heart rates … they’ve simply understood the timeless ‘wisdoms’ of health and performance. You and your team can too.“


Individuals suffering stress, sleep difficulties, anxiety, fatigue, poor motivation and lack of work-life balance. Organisations suffering from negativity and reduced workplace morale, productivity and bottom-line results.


As one of Australasia’s leading experts on health and personal performance, Mark Bunn understands the difficulties facing workers and organisations today. More importantly, through his unique blend of modern science, the secrets of the world’s healthiest, longest-living people and fascinating Eastern health insights (Ayurveda), he provides a refreshing change to the typical conference health speaker (calories this, ‘get some exercise’ that!), and delivers down-to-earth, user-friendly solutions audiences love.


After an inglorious career as an AFL footballer (he says not to worry, he can string two words together!), Mark’s life was changed forever while working for an aid group in Sth East Asia. Visiting remote villages he witnessed how people who were as poor as poor and had never heard of good fats, antioxidants or sleep apps ... were remarkably ... HAPPY! This inspired him to research the Eastern traditions of health. However, it was the traumatic passing of his wife to stress-related breast cancer that turned his world upside down. It also gave him a deep empathy for people facing health challenges and motivated him to find answers to people’s common health challenges.


The result has seen Mark become one of the most booked health and wellness speakers and his book ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health’ being published in seven countries and becoming one of the most popular Australian health books in the last five years (Three-times best-seller). 


Mark is most well-known for fun-filled education on how things like happiness, loving relationships, work enjoyment, and a sense of community or team are far more important for our health than whether we drink green smoothies, activate our almonds or have a firm butt!


His extensive studies into the productivity and time management strategies of the world’s most successful businesspeople also enables Mark to help people achieve the ultimate goal – to do a great job contributing to their organisation’s success … while still having a happy personal life.


Due to the high demands of his busy writing and speaking schedule, Mark has also developed a number of online home study programs including videos and online tools to help audience members continue to improve their health and performance well after his sessions. He is also trained teacher of TM Meditation, supports the Beyond Blue national depression initiative, and the ‘Look Good Feel Better’ Program for Cancer Patients, and lives in Sydney … unfortunately without his dog Felix. Felix filed for divorce, after Mark accidentally left him out in the rain one night!


Ideal for Female (and Male) Audiences


With his background in professional sport (AFL football) Mark has always had great results with male audiences. However, one of the key reasons for his popularity today is his special rapport with female audiences. The passing of his wife to cancer and his passion for natural, mind-body health approaches has giving him a great empathy for women’s health (helping them look after themselves first) and a unique understanding of what can most help them. Mark is now often specifically booked for corporate groups with a healthy mix of women and groups such as teachers, nurses and carers.


Having delivered hundreds of presentations to all types of groups for over 15 years, Mark is one of the few speakers to happily guarantee all his talks. If for any reason you don’t feel you received absolutely great value and results, he offers to return 100% of his speaking fee.


Speaking Topics Include


Winning tomorrow's business through total brain development and mind-body performance

Journey into the future of health and high-performance to discover how developing your MINDSPACE will ensure you’re winning in tomorrow’s business world. What we do now to develop our optimal state of personal wellbeing and business productivity, will determine our success in tomorrow’s increasingly competitive workspace.


Focusing on the latest in neuroscience, mind-brain development techniques and loaded with actionable insights, delegates will leave with a step-by-step blueprint to maximising their health, happiness and high-performance while experiencing a complete rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.



The 3 revolutions now changing the face of health and work performance

How to go beyond ‘mindfulness’ to global brain development & max EEG coherence

Functional brain holes and how mind-mapping will shape worker hiring & firing

The ‘happiness advantage’ & how to increase productivity, sales & resilience by 30+%

How sunlight, earthing & gut health can significantly improve sleep and mental health

How re-orientating offices/work desks can profoundly boost focus & productivity

How to keep pace with digital advancement without sabotaging personal health/balance

why ‘In-house’ happiness coaches, worker detox programs, digital detoxing and helping workers find their true, higher purpose is today’s future.


ZEST - Achieve your NATURAL HIGH

Enjoy ‘high energy low stress life balance work success’ … everyday!

We have been fed a lie. A lie that says being healthy, happy & productivity is difficult.

In this his signature keynote, Mark combines his research into the secrets of the world’s healthiest people, age-old Eastern health wisdoms (Ayurveda) plus the latest modern science to show everyone simple, ‘time-friendly’ keys to living a healthy, happy, balanced work-life.


Everyone learns how to:

•          reduce stress/anxiety up to 30% & improve work-life balance by 40+%

•          sleep better & enjoy better vitality, mental focus & a healthier weight

•          simplify modern-day health advice, reduce sick days & improve workplace morale


HAPPINESS – The New Health

How creating happiness first leads to better business and life success


Everyone is trying to be healthy yet we are more stressed, overweight and sleepless than ever before. Why? Because we have the formula all wrong.  The latest research clearly shows that by focusing on making people happier, every aspect of their work performance skyrockets.


Everyone learns:

•          why relationships, fun & connection are far more important than diet and exercise

•          how to be happier, more positive & optimistic in less than 10mins/day

•          the 3 simple activities that can increase productivity & resistance to stress by 30%+


WORK SMARTER not Harder (or ‘Beat the Busyness of Business’)

How to do 30% more … in 30% less time ... with 30% less stress!


Everyone is ‘busy’ but few of us are truly ‘productive’? In this highly sought-after workshop or breakout Mark teaches people the 7 productivity practices of the world's most successful (high-performing) businesspeople – think Branson, Tim Ferriss, Steve Covey. Covering motivation, time management, and understanding the ‘WHY’ (WHY we do things), it’s down-to-earth, practical & 'hands-on' all the way.


Everyone learns how to:

•          stop email, facebook or digital disruption sabotaging their productivity

•          eliminate distractions and control & ‘use’ technology to save massive time ...& stress

•          get in their ‘flow state’ more often … to do much more in much less time

•          get crystal clear re; goals, priorities (Big Fish) & motivating themselves … and others.


ZEST – Secrets of the SuperHealthy                   ZEN – Secrets of the SuperCalm

Healthy People Healthy Business – how improving worker health improves bottom line results

Transcendence – why developing ‘consciousness’ is the next frontier for business & life success

Happy Staff Healthy Schools  - fun PD seminars for Principals, teachers & support staff

Yoga & De-Stress Workshop – movement, meditation, mindfulness & more

Laugh A Lot & Stress You Will Not - A ‘high laughs’ look at healthy, stress-free living

Looking After No.1 - for carers, nurses, community groups (or those looking after others)


Research-Based Talk Outcomes (from single tip or strategies in Mark’s talks)

•          40% + increases in Work-life Balance

•          30% + increases in Productivity

•          30% + increases in Sales        

•          30-40% decreases in Stress

•          3 times greater Creativity