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Mark Jones

Mark Jones

Mark Jones is a highly acclaimed Author, Master Storyteller and Brand Strategist on a mission to inspire and equip leaders to harness the power of storytelling to change the world for good. He is a Certified Virtual Presenter with independent accreditation for hosting digital events from eSpeakers.

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Testimonials for Mark Jones

Mark is one of the finest brand storytellers and gifted communicators in the marketing profession. Mark emceed our National Awards Gala Dinner for the last 2 years. Mark professionally and skilfully managed awarding 30 Awards and 500 guests celebrating Marketing Excellence. We value Mark's contribution.

Former CEO Australian Marketing Institute


Mark has got a great way of thinking strategically and pushing out to the future with an approach beneficial to brands.

Corporate Communications Manager Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing


Mark’s presentation was really thought-provoking and insightful for our broader marketing team. It challenged traditional approaches to the way companies talk about their brands and highlighted why creating a brand story helps build a much stronger emotional connection with a brand and its key audiences.



I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding presentations at our 2 Viewpoint contractor breakfasts over the past 2 days in Sydney and Melbourne. Your presentation, your thoughts and ideas were extremely well received and provoked a lot of interest and discussion from our contractor group. Given the Viewpoint series is a new concept we were keen to make sure we got a great speaker so that the bar was set high for future breakfasts. In this regard, you have done an outstanding job and have helped us establish the Viewpoint series as highly credible and very relevant to our contractor community. I look forward to catching up with you in the future and potentially having you speak at our CIO forums etc. Congratulations and Well Done

CEO People Bank

Mark Jones Travels from NSW
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Mark Jones's Biography

Are you ready to move from complexity to simplicity? Mark Jones works with business leaders around the world to define an organisation's purpose and impact, then tell compelling stories that change hearts and minds.

A Certified Virtual Presenter, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and event host, Mark has inspired and educated thousands of people with his storytelling mastery, practical tools and infectious enthusiasm.  

Discover how his brand storytelling framework unlocks purpose and profit in Beliefonomics: Realise the True Value of Your Brand Story.

Mark Jones is a highly acclaimed Author, Master Storyteller and Brand Strategist on a mission to inspire and equip leaders to harness the power of storytelling to change the world for good. He is a Certified Virtual Presenter with independent accreditation for hosting digital events from eSpeakers.

Jones has more than 20 years’ experience in professional storytelling as a journalist, editor, publisher and speaker, working with iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Telstra Enterprise, Adobe, KitchenAid, Fairfax and IDG.

The former Deputy Managing Director of IDG Australia, and IT editor at The Australian Financial Review spent the last three years researching and writing his debut book, Beliefonomics: Realise the True Value of Your Brand Story, while leading the award-winning brand storytelling agency he co-founded with his wife ten years ago, Filtered Media.

He has interviewed global CEOs and politicians, broken national business and technology stories, and captivated audiences around the world with his enthusiasm for storytelling, marketing and brand strategy.

Jones was a finalist for Marketer of the Year in the 2019 Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) awards at which his podcast The CMO Show also won best Content Marketing award.

Speaking Topics Include

Beliefonomics™ | Realise the true value of your story

Learn how to amplify the impact of your brand story and marketing investments. A pioneer in brand marketing, Mark reveals why brands must take time to understand what their customers believe, not just try and change behaviour.

Mark has authored the world’s first brand storytelling framework, Beliefonomics, that taps into the unrealised power of customer belief systems. Watch Mark unpack the Beliefonomics framework and learn how your unique story will transform your approach to sales, customer service, marketing and communications.


You’ll learn

How to simplify your organisation’s story and amplify its market impact

Why storytelling shifts customers from unbelief to belief in your product, service or world view

The role of storytelling in marketing, sales and management

The three core elements of a successful brand storytelling strategy

Why storytelling is redefining marketing, communications and brand strategies


Storytelling secrets that influence people and inspire action

Discover the power of storytelling to advance your career, influence people and change the future. Mark Jones is a master storyteller and former journalist who’s interviewed global leaders and unlocked the secret to truly effective communications – for individuals and organisations. Mark shares his storytelling secrets to change the way you write reports, speak with colleagues, report to the board, or stand and deliver that all-important presentation.


You’ll learn

How to use the power of storytelling at work

Why teams respond to stories, not lists of instructions

The ability to tell a story in any form of communications or workplace situation

Simple storytelling tools from the Beliefonomics framework that apply to the workplace


Telling your Origin Story

Discover the power of your organisation’s Origin Story, a tale rarely documented and seldom used strategically.

Learn how to engage customers with your Origin Story, unlock growth and re-energise your marketing strategies. Mark Jones also explains how his world-first brand storytelling framework, Beliefonomics, gives you the ability to leverage the story of your brand, product, or service.

This keynote and workshop is essential for any organisation looking to grow by taking a fresh look at its best asset, the Origin Story.


You’ll learn

How to document the Origin Story of your brand or service for growth

How global brands are leveraging their Origin Story

Why the Origin Story Key captures the hearts and minds of your audience

The best way to turn your story into a marketing strategy that works


The Belief Moment: Unlock the secret of storytelling

Every book, movie, article, poem, song, blog or documentary ever created shares a common thread. Stories take us on a journey. This keynote takes you into the mythology, science and history of storytelling and why we’re biologically wired for story.

Mark Jones reveals why brands need to shift from creating campaigns to creating Belief Moments that shift customers from unbelief to belief in your product, service or ideas.

Drawing on his Beliefonomics brand storytelling framework, Mark helps brand storytellers, marketers and business leaders take a different approach to storytelling, marketing strategies and behaviour change campaigns.


You’ll learn


How to capture audience attention and inspire action

The power of Belief Moments to create lasting change

A new framework for marketing strategy and campaign activations

What brands can learn from movie directors


Do you love Pixar, Disney, Marvel or Universal Studios? Would you love to know how they bring brilliant story ideas to life?

Mark Jones has interviewed Hollywood directors and producers, and in this keynote reveals the secrets they use to create movies, TV shows and documentaries that jump to life and capture your imagination.


He also translates these best practices into practical tools you can apply in the workplace, marketing campaigns and brand strategies.

This keynote takes you deep into the heart of storytelling and gives you the inspiration and insights need to create stories that inspire your staff, sales teams, customers or business partners.


You’ll learn

How Hollywood directors and producers create compelling stories

The techniques needed to bring storytelling alive in your organisation

Why storytelling is your greatest growth opportunity