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Mark McKeon

Mark McKeon

Mark McKeon is an expert on work-life balance and team cohesion. He presents valuable keynotes that deliver strong messages in areas of creating time, relaxation, sales, change and team building.

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Testimonials for Mark McKeon

"Fun, relaxed and very worthwhile. Over 95% of attendees rated Mark's session as excellent. Highly recommend Mark for future. Well done"
BP Bitumen  

"Filled the role we required very well and did the job with a good balance of product knowledge, humour and relevance to our industry."
Australian Wheat Board  

"MMA provided an excellent mix of "hands - on" activity and group discussion to facilitate an excellent team goal setting session."
CSR Ltd Distilleries Group  

“Blown away, Mark was awesome. Some motivating and relevant, it would be great to hear more of Mark.”
Medibank Private
Mark McKeon Travels from VIC
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Mark McKeon's Biography

Mark is one of Australia's leading work life balance and team cohesion advocates. Mark presents keynotes and tailored sessions, and along with his team, conduct workshops and conference programs in Lifestyle, Team Building and Leadership.  

Mark is Consulting Editor to 'Ultra-Fit' Magazine, both in Australia and the U.K. He also reaches over 1.5 million people monthly through his columns in ‘The Age’, 'Panorama' and various other publications. His second book, ‘Work a Little Less, Live a Little More’ has become the bible for work life balance in corporate Australia. Mark is the author of the Healthy Lifestyle book 'Every Day Counts', the first book ever to be endorsed by the Australian Government's Health Promotion arm, 'Active Australia'. Mark's Every Day Counts program has also been ratified by fitness bodies throughout Australia.  

Mark was Fitness and Team Building Coach at AFL team Collingwood for fourteen years. Collingwood also outsourced its entire fitness and training function to Mark's team. He acted as Collingwood's Club Runner for the AFL record of more than 250 games. He also worked with Victoria in the State of Origin Series on five occasions. ·

Mark played VFL football for Melbourne and represented Victoria through the VFA. In 1998, at age forty-one, Mark was part of the winning team in the inaugural AFL Triathlon, competing against current players from all teams. In the same year he competed in, and at the same time gave a commentary of, the gruelling British Cross Training Challenge in London.

Speaking Topics Include

How to Create Time
Don’t just teach your team to manage time and fit one more thing into an already overcrowded day, show them how create new time they’ve never had before. Discover the B*A*S*I*C strategy to self invest and achieve more through the ‘4 ways to Create Time’. Drop the myth of quality time, become more efficient and productive while enjoying enhanced wellbeing. One of Australia’s most successful keynotes. Extremely funny and equally engaging, our keynotes often rate as ... “the conference highlight.”  

Embracing Change
There is NO TIME for us to work through the traditional steps of Denial and Resistance before we get to true Acceptance of change. Mark's strategies will help your group cope with new mergers, new competition, new technology and new ideas. We can do more than accept change we can embrace it!  

Succeed at Sales
Many Sales Teams comprise a few top performers, a mainstream of mediocrity and some tail enders. There are 5 Sales fundamentals that can revolutionise the performance of your middle and low performers. Mark will engage and inspire using anecdotes, real life strategies and practical techniques to ensure your sales results will lift in each of the next 6 months.  

Presenting with Passion
To present at our best, we need passion. Mark will show you how to find your natural sytle and present from an audience centric viewpoint. This not only reduces your own stress, it engages the audience and let's your passion shine through. Presenting to any group is a privilege, let Mark help you maxmimise your impact and enjoyment for all.  

Get in the Zone Training
Practical, energetic training. ·                    
Learn how to replicate the best sales day you have ever had. ·                    
Develop the skills to make your faith stronger than your fears. ·                    
Maximises the productive hours we have each week. Stop wasting time! ·                    
Eliminates distractions, errors and repeats. Do the important things and get it right the first time! ·                    
Uses principles in 'athletic preparation' to reach Sales Targets: Includes sleep, nutrition, hydration and mindset. Really be there, not just present. ·                    
Develops your own ideal performance state and two hour 'Go Zones' on 3 or more days each week. ·                    
Focuses on referrals: Did you know that 2 out of 10 people may refer you on if you do a good job but 7 out of 10 will refer you on if you do a good job and you ASK them for a referral? ·                    
Scripts for calling, interviewing, asking for referrals and closing the sale. ·                    
The power of strategic alliances.