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Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom is a brand and change futurist. He is a New York Times and Wall St Journal best-selling author of sixgroundbreaking books on branding, including Buyology: The Truth and Lies About Why We Buy, BRANDsense and Brandwashed. Martin is a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker who engages audiences all over the world.

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Testimonials for Martin Lindstrom

We have found Martin Lindstrom very knowledgeable and the content of his presentations are spot on. With his informal way of presenting and his encouragements he got our audience to be very interactive.

Lindstrom has year after year done an excellent job as our keynote speaker at our Cannes conferences
EADP European Electronic Directories Conferences  

Based on Lindstrom's learning's from extensive contact with young people and own experiences Martin Lindstrom really understands what drives them and can translate this into recommendations that are very useful in marketing communication with young people. His presentation style is very lively and inspiring.
Unilever Worldwide  

Lindstrom gave a thought provoking, original and witty presentation, which, gave the audience plenty of food for thought. He scored 10 / 10 for content and delivery …
IIR United Kingdom

Martin's overall performance was excellent, he was inspiring, dynamic and a great discovery. His delivery was fresh and lively, not boring for a second! The audience loved him - he was one of the best speakers we ever had.
NCR worldwide   

Lindstrom did a great job, he was very entertaining and provocative and just a great guy to deal with, no huge ego. Really flexible to our needs. The audience loved him. Really made us all think.
Mattel Worldwide  

We truly enjoyed Martin Lindstrom's brilliant workshop and took away so many good and inspiring ideas.
Disney Channel
Martin Lindstrom Travels from Europe
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Martin Lindstrom's Biography

Change Agent. Brand Futurist. Best-selling Author. Martin Lindstrom is one of the world’s premier (and toughest) brand building experts – advising Fortune 100 brands from the Coca-Cola Company to Nestle to Red Bull on how to build future-proof brands. Lindstrom is the recipient of TIME Magazine’s “Worlds 100 Most Influential People”.  

He is a New York Times and Wall St Journal best-selling author of six groundbreaking books on branding, including Buyology: The Truth and Lies About Why We Buy, BRANDsense and Brandwashed.  

Buyology was voted “pick of the year” by USA Today, and appeared on the Top 10 bestseller lists in the US and worldwide, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. His book BRANDsense was acclaimed by the Wall Street Journal as “…one of the five best marketing books ever published.”

His latest book (St. Martins Press, New York): Small Data –The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends, is out February 2016.  

Martin Lindstrom has carved out a niche as a global expert and pioneer in the fields of consumer psychology, marketing, brands, and neuro-scientific research.  

He has developed an unorthodox way of doing what every company says it wants to do: understand its consumers’ deepest desires and turn them into breakthrough products, brands or retail experiences.  

In 2015, Thinkers50 ranked Martin number 18 amongst the world’s most influential management thinkers.   He is the anchor and producer of NBC’s popular TV show; ‘Main Street Makeover’ on TODAY; a columnist for Fast Company and TIME – and continues to feature in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, The Economist, New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Washington Post, USA Today, and numerous publications and television channels worldwide. From New York’s Radio City Music hall to the Sydney Opera House, Martin infuses his audience with the Lindstrom vision. Energetic, exciting, provocative, a skillful combination of expert knowledge, “never seen before” brand cases, theories and ground-breaking research combined with anecdotal and always though provoking brand insights.  

He has been a keynote speaker to millions of people at public events across some 77 countries and at companies as diverse as Disney, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, BuzzFeed, Cisco, HP, SAP and hundreds of others.  

He has spoken twice at the World Economic Forum conference and is consistently ranked in the top 1% of all keynote speakers at events he attends.  

Speaking Topics Include

Forget BIG Data – Small Data Defines the Future        
Why Big Data no longer stands alone and how your organization should prepare for the next step in data revolution         
How to read and understand the consumer in a completely different and overlooked manner will lead to a complete turnaround of your company        
How to balance Big and Small Data in the future, by adding a new dimension to the way you capture, mine, and assess your data        
Which concrete steps your company should take in order to address this new data evolution  

You Can Laugh at Your Brand Challenges, If You Follow This Simple Plan         

Why conventional ways of building brands are obsolete and are being replaced by transformation and contextual branding        
How advanced neuroscience can help disrupt people’s “default behaviors” through novelty and surprise         
How to appeal not just to the consumer’s intellects, but also to their senses
How just 2 consumer visits can teach you more about your customers than your past 100 research reports      
Which steps your company should take in order to get out of a crisis quickly — no matter how big the organization  

Our Unconscious World and Why We Press Harder on the Remote Control When the Batteries Are Dead        
Surprising facts about people — like how displaying large colorful paintings in the home indicates a person’s self-esteem or how the position of the toilet paper role indicates who’s in control of the home     
What signals your company really sends to the world and what these signals subconsciously tell your customers        
How, with simple methodologies, to arm yourself all with tools seeing the world through our subconscious mind        
Why and how the most powerful brands in the world are completely reevaluating everything they’ve learned about consumer research — and why you should too       
A step by step methodology for your company to get way ahead of the competition when it comes to understanding our subconscious minds, while decoding and optimizing the signals your brand sends to the world.  

A Look into the Future: The Death of Old School Social Media
The five surprising steps brands needs to take in order to stay relevant as Old School Social Media transforms        
Why an average teen takes 17 selfies every morning before they head to school and what this means for your brand        
How social media has become the new bedroom wall and what it takes for your brand to secure a role on the new digital wall        
Why the Screenagers have destroyed their bedroom desk and what this fundamental lifestyle change means for every consumer business        
Why a smart social media strategy is all about establishing transition points in consumer’s lives  

I Lived with 2,109 Consumers Over the Past 3,650 Days and Discovered the Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends
One single observation made across thousands of homes that still hasn’t been discovered by brands — and the consequences once it’s discovered
Why brands are about to witness their biggest mistake for decades — and what they must do to avoid it    
How seemingly insignificant consumer observations can make or break the future of a brand   
Why Social Media has taken a completely new role behind closed doors in the homes of consumers
Surprising insights into your own life and why what you do in private is pretty common across the world — what does this tell about you?   
5 ways to frame your brand messages for maximum influence  

A Little Mistake that Jeopardize the Future of Your Business

The five simple steps capable of getting your brand out of a crisis        
Highly unusual techniques to build a power brand from scratch — with almost no budget    
How to use dimensions of social media few knew was possible       
How things you’d never think of can jeopardize your business…or if used to your benefit create a national sensation       
Why a fresh look at your business is worth more than what a dozen consultants will tell you  

How to build powerful brands for business clients (3 hours)  

Customized Version
Working with you to tailor what your organization needs (2 hours – 8 hours)