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Matt Church

Matt Church

Matt Church was recently awarded the 2014 Australian Speaker of the Year. Obsessed with helping clever people, organisations and businesses to be commercially smart, he founded Thought Leaders Global - an international education business.

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Testimonials for Matt Church

I wish to thank you most profoundly for your wonderful and above all sensational presentation. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your session.

ANZ Funds Management


Matt was excellent - his humour as well as high energy was exactly what we needed first thing in the morning. His preparation on the topic met all our requirements and his ability to involve the audience was great. Overall I would recommend his topic - the chemistry of success - to anyone for any theme.

World Dairy Leaders


Matt was exceptional. He has a real presence and vitality. His presentation was informative, challenging and humorous. The difficult post lunch session became a highlight of the Conference. I would not hesitate to use him again. In fact I should have taken up his offer to present again on the second day. A really nice guy!

Construction Benefit Services


I started using Matt Church to help with strategic communications and presentational skills. Whilst he is excellent in both of these tasks his skills go much deeper. Matt has great insight and an ability to assist business leaders to cut through issues quickly, effectively package solutions and communicate them such that they have impact and acceptance with the relevant audience. It is a lonely position being the CEO, Matt is a great coach to have along side you.



Matt Church Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Matt Church's Biography

Matt Church was recently awarded the 2014 Australian Speaker of the Year. Obsessed with helping clever people, organisations and businesses to be commercially smart, he founded Thought Leaders Global - an international education business that teaches Thought Leadership to consultants, business owners and executives in large organisations.

Engage Matt to deliver one of his high energy, high humour, high content presentations. The Meetings Industry recognised him as one of the country’s top 10 speakers and the International Speaking Profession recently recognised Matt as one of the 25 most influential people in the global speaking profession. He is the perfect choice to be your next guest speaker.

Matt Church is so confident about the message he delivers that he offers a 100% money back guarantee to all those lucky enough to attend his presentations. As an international health and lifestyle speaker, Matt Church conducts seminars designed to improve total health and wellbeing. In an age where interest in a healthy lifestyle is growing, Matt Church can help people learn how to achieve their peak both mentally and physically.

Matt Church blends an academic background in applied science and human performance to tap into what it is that stops us living the professional and personal lives we deserve. His 'Chemistry of Success' topics allowed people to understand the link between what you eat, what you do and how you think.


As a professional speaker and one-on-one consultant Matt Church has helped people identify what they need to do in order to balance and juggle the pressures of day to day living. By exploring peoples' daily schedules he knows the problems that we, and by default, our families and companies face when stress is up, energy is down, people become problems and you just want to stop the merry-go-round.


Matt Church has asked the question 'what do you do, think and feel from the minute you wake up until you go to bed?' to literally thousands of people. He then uses this knowledge to plan strategies for advising people how to be more effective and achieve peak performance.


People listen to Matt because he is a master at examining how we can get a little more out of the life we lead. Matt believes that all people are motivated; they simply need to be inspired to achieve greater heights. He doesn't set unrealistic goals or force change upon an audience. You will leave a session informed, entertained and inspired that you can do it!


Matt Church is also the founder of Thought Leaders Global, and is without a doubt Australia’s and possibly the world's foremost authority on the topic of Thought Leadership. Obsessed with helping clever people, organisations and businesses to be commercially smart, he founded Thought Leaders - an international education business that teaches Thought Leadership to consultants, business owners and executives in large organisations.

His mission is to activate thought leadership in others as a driving solution to the key business and social issues facing 21st century organisations and communities. Matt Church is one of Australia’s most enduring motivation speakers. He has been named educator of the year by the National Speakers Association and has been awarded pretty much every accolade his peers can give. He is generous with his knowledge and is the name behind many of the worlds leading non fiction business authors and professional speakers. Matt lives in Sydney Australia and continues to write, speak and teach the art of oration through his Speakership programs to aspiring Amplifiers.


Thought Leadership drives growth, develops leadership, feeds innovation, develops talent, increases engagement, instructs strategy and is without a doubt the best B2B sales and marketing solution around.


A brilliant speaker Matt presents in a number of areas and topics.

Speaking Topics Include

The Thought Leadership Imperative

The world has changed fundamentally in the last 10 years and dramatically in the past 6 months. A subtle shift in power and information accessibility has flipped the models for leadership in the organisational and entrepreneurial arena’s. We are seeing crowded marketplaces, information overwhelmed clients and a massive loss of trust in the media.


These trend indicators all point to a new way to lead in business and life as a Thought Leader. In this keynote Matt explores what Thought Leadership looks like in your world and how you can rise above the blandness of a cluttered marketplace and build differentiation by what you know and leveraging it commercially.


The Inspired Leader

Winning hearts and minds has always been the leadership imperative. Today's new leaders need new techniques to increase engagement. Your team demands inspiration and leading thinking from their organisations top people.


Organisations that succeed, have leaders and teams that are inspired by what they do and what their work stands for. We used to be about systems, process, structure and hierarchy. We now see an emerging requirement for inspirational, creative thinking, consultative styles and effective partnering.


It’s this lit up quality of great leaders that sets them apart. Culture, employee engagement and delivering results are all built on the foundation of an inspired organisation. Motivation is intrinsic, no-one gives it to you. Inspiration is the invitation to join those who amp up, make a difference and do great things. The ability to be lit up and light up others is more science than art. You can learn it. It becomes a habit, a choice.


The Chemistry of Success

Every feeling you have is driven by a chemical, if you can find the chemical, you can fix the feeling.

Anyone wanting to succeed in life or business knows that what happens in you can affect what happens around you. The Chemistry of Success is a highly entertaining session looking at the internal physical drivers of peak performance. This presentation is based on Matt’s international best-sellers ‘Highlife 24/7’, ‘Adrenalin Junkies’ and ‘Serotonin Seekers’.


 This is the perfect presentation to run in the tough time-slots. A hungover crowd, an exhausted crowd or a skeptical crowd all respond brilliantly to this presentation.

A highly engaging and entertaining keynote relevant for everyone!


The Shift

Adapt to change and position your business for the future. Why have so many smart businesses, run  by great leaders been put out of business?  The answer is their ability to adapt and change. For many the flexibility to shift  direction is simply missing. Stuck in what  used to work they are often challenged by what needs to change for things to keep working. What got us here, won't necessarily get us there.


Next – Thriving in a Decade of Disruption

The simple fact is that the world is changing at an ever increasing rate. Technological advances are creating shifting paradigms in every industry across the globe, and it’s a trend which we need to stand up and take notice of.


This keynote is based on Matt’s latest book, Next – Thriving in the Decade of Disruption. It’s co-authored with Thought Leaders Global partner and internationally renowned implementation expert Peter Cook. In this rapidly changing world, the only certainty is that what works today will not work tomorrow. Old business models won’t work, old leadership styles won’t be tolerated and slow moving industries and businesses will become extinct. The successful players will be the ones with the greatest agility, creativity and foresight.


A session with Matt focused on disruption will help put in place a culture of willingness and a practical framework for being agile, creative and building foresight. If you want to discover how the four business revolutions (R1–R4), and the four personal evolutions (E1–E4) will affect your industry, this is where the journey begins. This is how you future proof your career and business in the decade of disruption.