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Media Skills Training

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Media Skills trainers and experienced journalists are professionals in delivering presentation skills and communication techniques on how to manage and maximise the media. Media skills training can be conducted as a conference workshop activity that can derive from it team-building, leadership and communication skills development. Speakers expert in media skills training will bring their experience and expertise to deliver results your company needs for better communication. Media and presentation training will enhance your presentation skills, camera skills, handling questions and audiences, business plan and writing skills, interpersonal, behavioral and conversation skills improve self image and much more. A business can flourish only when all objectives of the organization are achieved effectively. For efficiency in an organization, all the people of the organization must be able to convey their message properly.

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Mark Aiston

Mark Aiston

.... experienced Adelaide MC and sports presenter, Mark speaks candidly on his experience with addiction.
Speakers and Entertainers : Tina Altieri

Tina Altieri

....sparkling personality and a polished presenter
Eve Ash

Eve Ash

....highly experienced presenter, MC and business facilitator
Speakers and Entertainers : Chris Bath

Chris Bath

....anchor of the Seven Network's national 10:30am Morning News
Amanda Blair

Amanda Blair

....outstanding conference speaker, MC and facilitator
Jenny Brockie

Jenny Brockie

....multi-award winning journalist and documentary maker
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Buckley

Peter Buckley

.... highly experienced corporate host coach & mentor
Speakers and Entertainers : Tanya Bulmer

Tanya Bulmer

....Tanya’s presentation styles are eclectic and her ability to integrate comedy and creativity
Speakers and Entertainers : Andrew Daddo

Andrew Daddo

....popular Australian entertainer
Speakers and Entertainers : Jason Dasey

Jason Dasey

....international broadcaster, executive producer, TV interviewer, journalist, editor, corporate MC and media trainer
Speakers and Entertainers : Richard Dettman

Richard Dettman

....Communicator, Marketer, Public Relations Advisor, Trainer and Speaker.
Speakers and Entertainers : Richard Fidler

Richard Fidler

....television writer, presenter and interactive multimedia entrepreneur
Anne Fulwood

Anne Fulwood

....one of Australian most respected journalists
Gerry Gannon

Gerry Gannon

....professional compere and after-dinner speaker with over 25 years media experience in Australia and abroad.
Steve Haddan

Steve Haddan

....a reputation for excellence across the widest range of talent-based skills and disciplines
Speakers and Entertainers : Cherylee Harris

Cherylee Harris

....of Adelaide’s most popular television personalities
Speakers and Entertainers : Virginia Haussegger

Virginia Haussegger

....award winning journalist, author and social commentator
Speakers and Entertainers : Allison Hemborough

Allison Hemborough

....currently a specialist news reporter/presenter for ABC TV News
Speakers and Entertainers : Fred Hilmer AO

Fred Hilmer AO

....strong business leader
Speakers and Entertainers : Steve Jacobs

Steve Jacobs

....acclaimed television host
Speakers and Entertainers : Trevor Jenkins

Trevor Jenkins

....highly respected Perth presenter and broadcaster
Speakers and Entertainers : Dr Gael Jennings

Dr Gael Jennings

....multi-award-winning TV science broadcaster, and current affairs TV and radio host.
Speakers and Entertainers : Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy

....a veteran of print, radio and television, an accomplished and articulate Master of Ceremonies and facilitator
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Gretel Killeen

.....Australian journalist and author and is well known for being the primary host of Big Brother Australia
Speakers and Entertainers : Ian Leslie OAM

Ian Leslie OAM

....one of Australia‘s outstanding television journalists and corporate communicators
Speakers and Entertainers : John Mangos

John Mangos

....widely respected newscaster
Julian Mather

Julian Mather

.... from army sniper to international cameraman and engaging change speaker
Speakers and Entertainers : Maxine McKew

Maxine McKew

....one of Australia's most experienced and authoritative political journalists
Speakers and Entertainers : Susan Mitchell

Susan Mitchell

....intelligent, witty, highly entertaining, and inspirational.
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John Mulvey

....Highly experienced sales and communication trainer
Speakers and Entertainers : Thomas Murrell

Thomas Murrell

....brand reputation and integrity expert
Speakers and Entertainers : Kelly Nestor

Kelly Nestor

....broadcast presenter, producer, trainer and event compere
Andrew O

Andrew O'Keefe

....best known as host of Deal or No Deal
Jo Pearson

Jo Pearson

.... entertaining, interactive and polished corporate host and facilitator
Caroline Pemberton

Caroline Pemberton – ‘Miss Adventure’

.... 'Miss Adventure' Positive messages to inspire all audiences
Michael Pope

Michael Pope

....Brilliant MC, experienced and professional entertainer
Speakers and Entertainers : Brenton Ragless

Brenton Ragless

....corporate host and media personality
Emily Rice

Emily Rice

....brilliant corporate host and facilitator
Tonya Roberts

Tonya Roberts

....experience across various industries and develops immediate rapport with the audience
Speakers and Entertainers : Joel Roberts

Joel Roberts

....former KABC radio talk show host
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Rowe

Peter Rowe

....change and growth management expert
Farah Sobey

Farah Sobey

.... Lights! Camera! ACTION! Presenting with Confidence
Speakers and Entertainers : Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson

....a highly experienced speaker and an authority on leadership he has hosted events and presented for some of the world’s largest organisations
Speakers and Entertainers : Kim Watkins

Kim Watkins

....news reader and lifestyle presenter
Speakers and Entertainers : Doug Weller

Doug Weller

....30 years experience in journalism
Jillian Whiting

Jillian Whiting

....poised and polished MC and facilitator