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Michael Podolinsky

Michael Podolinsky

Michael A. Podolinsky develops people and helps them focus for success. Working with audiences from 4 to 4,500 people across 6 continents in 23 countries, he's impacted over 11 million people worldwide. Unlike other...

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Michael Podolinsky Travels from Asia
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Michael Podolinsky's Biography

Michael A. Podolinsky develops people and helps them focus for success.

Working with audiences from 4 to 4,500 people across 6 continents in 23 countries, he's impacted over 11 million people worldwide. Unlike other 'speakers', his SUCCESS SYSTEM ensures and even guarantees results from your next meeting or event.
EXPERTISE: As Asia's leading expert in developing people and people skills, he knows and is a leading authority on every organizations' single largest asset... their people! He also wrote the book on the subject of "Mining For Gold?...Facilitation Skills to Unearth a Wealth of Ideas From Your Team." Along with Smart Leadership, Go For Your Goals and Winning At Work, his authored works have influenced tens of thousands of managers across Asia and the world.
BUSINESS: Prior to moving to Asia in August of 2003, he sat on President George W. Bush's Small Business Advisory Council and was the Minnesota State Chair.
Business owner himself for 22 years (17 years in the Asia Pacific region), formerly responsible for the USA's largest martial arts school, award winning sales person and president of training and speaking societies, he possesses the real-world, practical skills and knowledge to help you transform your people.
With over 400 clients using his expertise and having spoken to over 1,700 audiences, Michael Podolinsky is currently a special advisor to the board of directors of the Asian Speakers Association. He was also named, "Motivational Speaker of the Year" by his speaking peers and is one of only 5 American speakers named, "Honourary Member of the National Speakers Association of Australia.
In 1995 Walter's International Speakers Bureau awarded him their "Consummate Speaker of the Year!" award. He is the only speaker ever to be honored to serve the National Speakers Association Minnesota Chapter TWICE as president, (both times the association doubled or tripled their budgets.) He is also the 2002 winner of the Mark LeBlanc speaking industry leadership award.
Michael Podolinsky possesses the three essential elements for a successful speaker, facilitator, trainer or consultant. First, his very unique knowledge in people skills including Facilimagic?, Matrix Management, Self Directed Work Teams, Real-time Teams, team productivity, Virtual Team Tactics? and how adults learn best, affords his clients state of the art information essential for their team's success. Further, his experience with more than 1,700+ audiences and over 400 clients gives him a proven track record and the "platform smarts" to handle ANY difficult situation. He is guaranteed to make your next programme a HUGE success!
Second, as an international speaker, his ideas and examples reflect the global perspective needed to be effective today. His stories come from his clients and you and your people will learn what works in other countries and on other continents... not just the same old "stuff."
Finally, Michael Podolinsky is so down-to-earth, he's approachable and "real." He talks WITH your people, not AT them. He is happy to do meals, cocktail receptions, outings, team activities, games or even, to be the butt of a joke. Ego intact, he is only concerned about the success of your program.
STYLE: Michael's presentation style is to share massive quantities of solid information with the attendees, customized to their industry and organization. The "spoon full of sugar" he uses to help the medicine go down is a mixture of magic, mirth and group interaction.
In-House Programme Customization: Michael Podolinsky's programs are customized to your exact needs by surveying your people, personal interviews, reading your newsletters, promotional literature and industry journals. He does NOT deliver "canned" programs.

Speaking Topics Include

Do or Die: How to THRIVE in down times and grow your business.
Time to Get the MO! (Momentum). How to create fire in the belly and performance in the salesforce or workforce
Montai Magic - The Professional's Secret Weapon! 38 years of martial arts secrets.
Rise Above on the WINS of Change. (Change Mastery, not just change management)
From Stress to Success! (Based upon Michael?s best selling audio book)
Presentamagic! (Presentation Skills for "C" Level people and Directors)
Custom Designed Speeches (geared to your specific needs)
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