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Michael Schoettler

Michael Schoettler

Michael Schoettler is renowned for his dynamic approach to sales and producing results. He works with organisations of all sizes, teaching staff how to use sales and negotiation skills to build long term profitable relationships....

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Michael Schoettler Travels from NSW
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Michael Schoettler's Biography

Michael Schoettler is renowned for his dynamic approach to sales and producing results. He works with organisations of all sizes, teaching staff how to use sales and negotiation skills to build long term profitable relationships.

Born in the United States, Mike has a BA in Political Science (California State University, LA). He started his career however, with an MBA in International Management but he claims he never learned faster than when his sales manager put him on straight commission. This move taught Mike the power of focus and the importance of mastering the basic skills of sales and negotiation – skills he now calls “Sales Sense”.

Mike describes “Sales Sense” as the ability to translate complex business issues into tangible results. It is this skill that Mike teaches organisations, by focusing teams on the issues that will produce results of genuine growth and increased profits. He is an entertaining presenter and a pragmatist who blends humour and pathos with is own personal illustrations.

Mike has over 25 years experience in sales, both as a salesman and a sales manager, with some of the world’s leading organisations both domestically and overseas. Today, he helps businesses around the world use the principles of successful sales and negotiations to build profitable relationships. His professional involvements include: Associate Fellor of the Australian Institute of Management, Governor and Chairman of the Membership Committee of the American Chapter.

Whether you need a dynamic keynote speaker for your next conference or a leader for a workshop or seminar, Mike Schoettler is your man.

Speaking Topics Include

Do you have a continuous stream of profitable new clients? Mike explains why your success in business depends more on your ability to attract and acquire new clients than the absolute quality of your work. His Four Fundamentals of Future Funding will show you how to create a constant stream of new and profitable clients. Your application of the Six Levels of Professional Relationships will provide the keys to develop and retain your ideal clients.

The challenge is not that people don’t understand the basics of negotiation, but all too often, they don’t even realise they are in a negotiation situation. Today you are expected to negotiate with people at every level of an organisation and your skills have never been so important to achieving your day-to-day objectives. When deals come with a “Don’t Lose It” instruction, your ability to negotiate becomes the difference between success and failure.

The Fundamentals have not changed and your team’s success revolves around their ability to consistently focus on their clients needs and keep the process moving. “Sales Sense” is not hard to understand but consistency is the challenge.

Look around. A bit depressing? If morale’s low, you’d better do something – quick! Nothing can reduce your team’s results faster than morale problems. They can sneak into even the healthiest team and destroy its spirit in a flash. If you are not sure what to do, Sales Sense can reveal the two faces of low morale and the 5 simple steps to turn your team around. And then watch how your customers respond to the change in your team.

Mike Schoettler believes leadership can be learned and the best leaders are excellent learners. Where do you want to be in five years time? Do you have the leadership skills to get the best out of your team and yourself? “Sales Sense” can show you how.

Are your presentations letting you down? Knowing what to say is not enough if you don’t know the secrets of being believed. “Sales Sense” outlines the basic steps required to establish your authority in front of an audience. You can do it; you just need to learn how to apply the fundamentals.

When gloom and doom have overtaken your team, an incentive can be the best cure. If you need to change direction or just light a fire under some comfort zones, this quick response tool can lift the results of a large team or even a single individual. “Sales Sense” makes the fundamentals easy to apply and you will learn to focus more attention on your key issues.