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Mick The Demotivational Speaker

Mick The Demotivational Speaker

Have you seen enough motivational speakers to last you a lifetime? Well maybe it’s time you experienced the phenomenon that’s captivated audiences across the country: “Mick the Demotivational Speaker”!Since his first presentation...

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Mick The Demotivational Speaker Travels from WA
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Mick The Demotivational Speaker 's Biography

Have you seen enough motivational speakers to last you a lifetime? Well maybe it’s time you experienced the phenomenon that’s captivated audiences across the country: “Mick the Demotivational Speaker”!

Since his first presentation for the Australian Institute of Company Directors, “Mick” has been flown all over the country to entertain audiences and present his Seven Magic Steps for Suppressing Your Potential (… Well, seven was too many, he’s only got four).
In addition to Mick’s tried and tested methods for sabotaging success, he offers an in-depth analysis of your company, department or industry, tailoring his presentation to your specific demotivational needs.
“Mick” is a safe, clean, customised and intelligent comedy character. He looks like a drunken bogan – but he’s oh so much more. Andrew has been a professional speaker for fifteen years. Shortly after adding stand-up comedy to his repertoire, he performed as “Mick The Demotivational Speaker” at Werzel’s Comedy Lounge, just for fun.
After his first gig for the Australian Institute of Company Directors in 2002, “Mick” completely took off and he now flies all around the country. Eventually, Andrew had to take on another comedian – his good friend and professional associate Malcolm Dix – to write and perform the character, too. These days, they do about the same numer of gigs each, in capital cities and towns across Australia.
As “Mick the Demotivational Speaker”, he has unleashed his brilliant, hilarious satire of motivational speakers, providing a customized, side-splitting 20 minute exploration of any company or industry that employs him. “ Mick the Demotivational Speaker” has been a hit with orthopedic surgeons, accountants, cops, teachers, medical researchers, geologists, farmers, administrators, policy makers, truck drivers and midwives.

Why does it work?

The keys to the success of the character are several:
1. Mick’s presentation is customised for the group. They hear their own language, commentary on the industry and a few specific references to individual people or organisations which, done with tact and due care, is always good fun.
2. Some people are tired of motivational speakers so the whole idea is automatically funny (most audiences start laughing during his intro, before he has even said a word).
3. Mick actually acknowledges the success of the group but in a more typically Australian down-to-earth sort of way – so the group still gets a wonderful sense of acknowledgement, with humour.
4. And Mick really does have a motivational message, buried in the satire. Basically, to continue succeeding, you just do the opposite of everything he says!

How does it work?

Approximately a month before the event, Andrew will send you a list of questions and requests for the inside information. In some cases, it may be necessary for Andrew to meet with you as well, to get really clear on your group and your function, but the preparation can usually be done by phone and email. Then either Andrew or Malcolm prepares a twenty to twenty five minute presentation – including “Mick“s introduction, to be read by your MC. On the day/night, “Mick” will arrive just a couple of minutes before you’re ready to introduce him. You need to warn hospitality staff to look out for a bogan with a bottle in his hand – on more than one occasion, people have tried to throw “Mick” out before he can get to the lectern! He will stagger in just as the intro finishes and the magic begins …

For optimum performance:

If it is a dinner It is best for Mick to present reasonably early in the evening. The ideal time is between entrée and main course. It is best if the guests are not eating during the presentation and the staff are not clearing plates either. This is to ensure the comedy has its best possible impact and you get maximum value from the presentation. Mick needs a lectern for his notes and a microphone with high quality sound. He needs to present where he can be easily seen.