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Morris Miselowski

Morris Miselowski

For over 30 years, Morris Miseleowski has been methodically collecting evidence and information across 160 industries. He’s also picked up an assortment of weird and wonderful facts, much like a bowerbird. It’s through this wide lens that he provides bespoke and matter-of-fact exchanges, exercises and experiences so organisations can understand what their future potential might be in the marketplace.

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Testimonials for Morris Miselowski

I can definitely say it was spot on in terms of value and insight and you pitched info in such a way that it felt very real and relevant.



Thanks again for your presentation at the Willach dinner function in Melbourne last month.  I was captivated by the information you presented and must say, it was by far the most enjoyable presentation at any evening function that I have had the pleasure of attending.  All I wish for now is that they hurry up and abolish the keyboard! 

Samantha McCourt | American Express Australia Limited


I knew I had done the right thing the minute you began talking. You were almost clairvoyant in your ability to understand my business and to tell me things I had never known about myself, my business, my industry and my staff - but should have - and all from the stage and in just 60 minutes. The tips and suggestions you gave me have been invaluable. I can't stop telling my friends and clients about you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Chek Institute Australia


Wow, talk about a roller coaster ride. I learnt more in 90 minutes about my future, myself, my business and what I really need to do to move forward than I have in the past five years. I appreciate your frankness and bluntness, although it did take me a while to get to use to it and what you already knew about my industry, my competitors and what I wanted to achieve, was mighty impressive.

Cleancorp (NSW)


Your disarming presentation style snuck up on me with a punch when I realised that I was learning so much about tomorrow's world and having so much fun. It's a whole new frontier and with your insights I am ready to take the world on - head first.

Star Industries

Morris Miselowski Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Morris Miselowski's Biography

Nothing feels more natural to Morris Miselowski than challenging the status quo. He’s forever imagining what a different world might look like.

Morris was born to be a futurist. The son of World War II refugees, who had seen the world crumbling around them, he grew up in a household that believed there would always be a better tomorrow.

This belief has become his lifelong passion. Through powerful storytelling, and practical and uncanny insights, Morris takes some of the world’s biggest organisations and brands on a journey that enables them to see what tomorrow might look like – long before they experience it.

A hell-raiser to the core. Morris is known to hurl metaphorical hand-grenades into rooms to push companies to unshackle from legacy systems and stuck-in-the past thinking.

A conversation with Morris often starts with making people uncomfortable, in order to get them comfortable to dream – big, bold, audacious dreams.

He’s teeming with questions about the world around us. Through childlike wonder and curiosity, Morris approaches organisational challenges from the viewpoint that tomorrow is under our control – and it can be transformed.

He’s no Nostradamus though. Through his depth-of-knowledge he hypothesises, rather than predicts what lies ahead.

For over 30 years, Morris has been methodically collecting evidence and information across 160 industries. He’s also picked up an assortment of weird and wonderful facts, much like a bowerbird. It’s through this wide lens that he provides bespoke and matter-of-fact exchanges, exercises and experiences so organisations can understand what their future potential might be in the marketplace. 

Through his inquisitiveness and human-centric approach to future thinking, Morris motivates businesses to do things differently – by shifting and shaping their thinking. He assists them to see their own industry with a clarity they may not have been able to before. It’s these a-ha moments that gives Morris the greatest joy and drive.

Speaking Topics Include

All keynotes can be delivered live or pre-recorded, online or on-stage and can run between 15 – 90 minutes.


They can also include a bespoke foresight hands-on workshop run during or after the presentation.


Imagine the Possibilities #1 most requested keynote on stage and online globally.

Within moments of stepping on physical or virtual stage, Morris will have your delegates imagining their future in fresh, different and exhilarating ways. With audience energy climbing, Morris will masterfully weave your future story and possibilities right before your delegates eyes, taking them ever closer to a vision of their future-self.

Hearing future truths of what has, will and won’t change for them, their industry and business.


Experiencing first-hand future society, humanity, work, life, love, technology, industry and business - Learning through practical examples and stories of what others around the globe are already doing and inventing and planning to do, hand-picked to showcase the best human-centric future version of their business and industry - All in preparation for them to boldly, confidently and eagerly step into their future.


The next 3 big things

Over the past few years innovation, profit and opportunities have been framed around “collaboration”, connecting people together, easily finding each other and working together, bringing opportunities to easily buy and sell products and services, to find local tourist guides, to find love partners, to connect to causes, to gather online, to globally combat COVID and more.


But that’s so yesterday… Meet tomorrow’s three next big things that will frame your business, imagination, thinking, innovation, invention and lives over the next decade and tap into how they can already begin to inform and contribute to your business success and profit.


The first is autonomy, not self-driving cars, but rather that technology that makes decisions for you and discovers unique things for you that you might have missed, didn’t know you wanted or needed.


The second is health and wellness – we have shifted from passive to active participants in our health and wellbeing, we no longer wait for our body to break down, we maintain it ongoing. It also heralds in an era of deeper understanding of how our body and minds work and our abilities and desire to change to it.


The third is space – with the return to active space activity and exploration, we will start to see off shoot technologies and learnings developed initially for space, repurposed for use on earth. It also extends our focus from earth to an infinite horizon and all its innovative and inventive possibilities – travel, leisure, mining, health, agriculture, habitation, manufacturing and so much more.


Futurist Innovation Hack

Not sure what innovation really is, how to do it, where to get it from and what to do with it once they’ve got it? Then my Futurists’ Innovation Hack Keynote is the perfect step by step guide.


I’ve been consulting, speaking, workshopping, advising, coaching and mentoring all things future, innovation and invention to organisations around the globe for the past 30+ years and have learnt a trick or two, taken a shortcut or two and tried pretty much everything.


I’ve taken these decades of lessons and learnings and jammed them into an easy to follow how-to that’s the definitive step by step guide to innovation and becoming their own futurist. This keynote starts at ground zero (intermediate and advanced versions available), assumes no prior innovation knowledge and holds your delegates hands as it guides them through:


•          What innovation is and what needs innovating?

•          How to squeeze 20% more out of what they currently do and sell

•          The three types of innovation – and when each is appropriate to them

•          The Business Innovation Landscape and the 10 areas of their business that they can innovate

•          The 40+ bits and pieces that make up every product and service they sell and how-to fine tune each

•          7 step innovation process that guides them through the entire process from don’t know to eureka

•          Rolling out innovation – 90-day plan to take them from thought to profitable reality


Smart Cities

Imagine a building that knows you’re coming. That finds your car the perfect parking spot. That guides you as your walking towards it. And when you arrive welcomes you, opens doors for you, calls the elevator and presses the button for you.


It directs you to the right door, opens it, announces you and behind the scenes has been autonomously moving furniture and walls around and changing the lighting, all in anticipation of what you’re about to do.


Welcome to the near world of dynamic homes, building, architecture, roads and infrastructure. Smart cities and buildings are on our horizon, what are they, what will they offer, what might life be like living in fully connected, technology rich built environment?



Trust is the most basic of human emotions, but in today’s COVID effected world it’s difficult to know who or what to trust. Exploring this fascinating landscape Morris exposes the changing trust bonds between humans to humans, technology to humans, humans to technology and technology to technology, outlines the six (6) elements of trust each of us needs to have and project and shares how to gain, nurture and spread trust in a COVID effected human-centric future business world.


Humanity 2021

COVID’s greatest impact is Humanity 2021, a complete rethink, caused by the global firsthand lived experiment, of what our alternate human life might be.


The thin veneer of our past humanity was shockingly peeled away, and we were forced to instantly decide what was important, what we keep, what we change and how we do the seemingly unthinkable.


Everything that we feared suddenly became real. Everything we thought impossible, immediately become possible. It takes 6 weeks to embed a new habit, so what new habits have we learnt and what will be the lingering changes to life, love, work, education, governments, societal norms and the for-now and forever impacts it will have on you and your business and what is destined to remain the same.



The Agricultural industry like every other industry is facing huge challenges, disruptions and opportunities. Discover the impacts the autonomous era, health and wellness, space exploration and other horizon trends will have on the future of agriculture.


Explore the rise and purpose of the internet of edible things, precision ag, urban and vertical farming, micro farming and more, that are all irrevocably evolving agriculture. Find the answers to what a Neo-Ag industry looks like when the what, how, where, when and who changes, but the why doesn't.


Meet Gemini, your digital twin

There’s the human flesh and blood you, but there’s also the digital ones and zero you. For decades machinery, equipment, buildings and infrastructure have all been monitored remotely diagnosed, tweaked, fixed and updated, all using a digital twin, an exact working digital replica.


Farmers are using this ability to digitally clone the land, blend it with up to date weather, soil condition, irrigation requirements, picking and more and calling it Precision-Ag.

And humans are next.


Digital twins, exact internal and external replicas of their human counterpart, are already being used to retrain quadriplegics to ride bikes; pretesting treatments and medications for the physically ill, results tweaked and retested and only once the digital twin has been cured, is it administered to the human twin.


This brings in to focus the future question of synthetic humans.

How do you market and sell to digital twin customers – B2R2C?

Who will be buying and what buying cues will technology use that humans don’t and who will be making the final decisions – machines or humans?


This is fascinating real-life case study of a very different near future world that will fundamentally change most industries over the next decade.


Ageing Disgracefully


What impact will a world where living to 120, independence and good health are the norm have on tomorrow and beyond and what are the (r)evolutions ahead that we will need to face and to conquer and the untapped opportunities that abound for those marketing to the over 50’s.


Education Reimagined

In a global (and soon an outer space) digital world that requires us to work anywhere, everywhere and

anytime we will have to establish new Global Standard Frameworks for education and a completely new agile hyperpersonalised way of delivering them.


•          Can we evolve our education system to fit this new purpose?

•          Or do we need to start again?

•          How do education providers thrust themselves into a global market?

•          Which skills and lessons are global?

•          Which are region specific?

•          Will we need qualifications in the future or will evidence of competency to undertake a task or set of activities be enough?


The number 1 selling online 2-hour, 3-hour or full day workshop


Part 1:  pre workshop custom 20-30 minute video and questionnaire – 45-minute pre workshop solo delegate activity


In the weeks before their on-line workshop, each member of the client’s tribe receives a link to watch a 20-30-minute imagine the future video documentary prepared by me, exclusively for them, showcasing:

•          the broader world ahead as seen from their perspective

•          the major epoch changes that will influence their industry in the decade(s) ahead

•          a range of potential industry/business relevant future(s)

•          click to see example of client pre workshop video - http://www.morrisfuturist.com/podcast-neo-ag/


•          after watching this documentary delegates complete a questionnaire with 6-10 focussing questions, which are then used to structure the online workshop.


Part 2: online workshop – 2 – 3 hours / full day / on-going


With the preparatory work of the future framed and the delegates individual opinions and recommendations gathered, the workshop hi¬¬ts the ground running in the direction of the client’s possible future(s) as we:


•          review pre-COVID, COVID and post COVID activities

•          gather communal thoughts, pre interview questionnaire inputs and responses

•          embark on a first-round sorting and consolidation

•          prioritise themes and possibilities

•          search for alternate and supplementary future related needs and possibilities

•          explore and debate each possible future theme and response, against likelihood and importance

•          consolidate responses into final themes and projects

•          agree on next steps, timelines and responsibilities


Part 3: post workshop follow up – 30 minute review


But wait, there’s more…Morris also delivers the following:


•          Workshops – see page 12 of speaker kit pdf

•          Panel Member

•          Fire Side Chats

•          Mastermind and Genius level Innovation and Foresight Group Facilitation

•          C-Suite Foresight and Innovation Mentoring

•          Online DIY Innovation and Foresight Programs

•          Imagine the Possibility Postcards (physical and digital) – 52 handpicked and illustrated epoch, micro and macro horizon inspirational strategic conversation starters –

•          Foresight art and holographic event exhibitions

•          Innovation Safari – virtual and physical innovation tours