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Muso Magic

Muso Magic

Muso Magic™ is a unique and exciting opportunity to explore creative expression and team building through song writing and music production, while picking up some valuable life skills along the way. Designed for any group wishing to...

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Muso Magic™ is a unique and exciting opportunity to explore creative expression and team building through song writing and music production, while picking up some valuable life skills along the way.
Designed for any group wishing to explore new avenues of connecting with themselves and their colleagues, Muso Magic™ will inspire and motivate participants as they work together through the magic of creative song writing.

Under the guidance of Adam Thompson, former lead singer of rock band ‘Chocolate Starfish’, participants create and record a song that is ready for airplay.
In the process, participants develop and enhance time management, goal setting and listening skills as they learn to express themselves creatively. The experience provides them with greater confidence and a different sense of achievement, with an emphasis on working within a team environment towards a common goal.
To make the Muso Magic™ experience even more valuable, groups can opt for Adam to deliver a one hour motivational address after the workshop, at no extra cost. This is a fantastic opportunity for your staff to listen to an inspiring and highly sought-after speaker draw parallels with his experience in the music industry with the corporate experience – in other words, how anyone can be an “Everyday Superstar”.

Muso Magic™ provides an innovative approach to team building and invigorating staff to perform to their potential. It offers a platform for creative thinking, with a tangible result. This experience gives people the chance to express themselves in non-traditional environments, which can increase their enthusiasm for work and even help them become more productive in their jobs and personal lives. It is a practical and fun way for people to develop skills that will help them achieve success in all areas of their existence.

Muso Magic will:
• Demonstrate the value of participation and involvement to challenge participants to step outside their comfort zones.
• Encourage participants to take responsibility for themselves and their lifelong learning.
• Empower and motivate participants by re-igniting their passion and showing them their potential.

How Does MUSO MAGIC™ Work?
During the one-day rock music workshop, Adam Thompson leads participants through the rudiments of song writing, music production and recording. Through the creative writing exercises that encourage subconscious flow, staff brainstorm words, phrases and sentences on a broad range of topics to provide the basis for lyrics.
Words from various people’s ideas are then amalgamated to create verses and a chorus. A similar outcome is generated from melodic humming and ‘la la la-ing’. Even staff with little or no musical history can have their tunes interpreted by the facilitators.

The workshop includes:
• Get-to-know-you and trust building activities.
• Word and lyric activities exploring themes to emphasize company philosophies.
• Experimenting with the different capabilities of equipment, ie: sampling, recording, setting material to a groove.
• Discussing what makes a good song.
• Exploring chords and melodies.
• Song writing (lyrics and music), with all participants contributing.
• Recording of the song with all participants contributing.

Who Can be Involved in Muso Magic?
Up to 50 participants can be involved in a Muso Magic™ workshop. They can be from any sector or managerial department of a company.
Muso Magic™ workshop leader, Adam Thompson, is best known for his success with Australian rock band ‘Chocolate Starfish’, that received an Australian Music Award (ARIA) for Most Popular Album, and achieved gold and platinum record sales. Notably, their hit song ‘Mountain”, co-written by Adam, gave the group a gold record.
Adam has also written with many overseas songwriters, including a song co-written for a competitor on the Swedish version of ‘Australian Idol’. He has recently released his first solo Album “Reconnected” which was written and recorded in Sweden. His first single “Everyday Superstar” is a Channel 9 favourite used to highlight sporting achievements.
Adam has also written the club theme songs for most of the NBL basketball teams. These songs unite the supporters and the players and inspire support and passion for the team and the game. In addition to his song writing and performing exploits, Adam has made guest appearances on several television network programs and is highly sought after as a motivational speaker and facilitator at corporate gatherings.
Adam created Muso Magic™ several years ago and has facilitated numerous workshops for Education Queensland, as well as in Victoria and New South Wales. He also instigated Muso Magic™ as part of ARMtour in the Northern Territory, to promote and encourage its principles amongst indigenous and non-indigenous participants. Adam brings Muso Magic™ to another level within the corporate sector, where many corporations have already experienced the benefits by incorporating the workshop into conferences and team building exercises.