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Nathan Burke

Nathan Burke

323 game player for St Kilda Nathan Burke brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in what it takes for people to attain their goals and achieve elite levels of performance – in the workplace and in life.

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Nathan Burke's Biography

Nathan Burke brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in what it takes for people to attain their goals and achieve elite levels of performance – in the workplace and in life.


He worked for several years in a senior executive role providing leadership to achieve transformational cultural change within a fast-paced large business. He has more recently been providing performance consulting services to a range of industries in both public and private sector organisations.


Through his 27 years in the elite world of AFL football Nathan gained great insight into how to extract great performance from individuals and teams. Nathan began his career as a school teacher. Since then he has been an AFL Assistant Coach, Senior Consultant at leading Management Consultancy, Mettle Group and recently Chief Operating Officer and People and Cultural Manager at CallActive Pty Ltd. His 7 year term as a Director of the St Kilda Football Club recently came to an end when he accepted the AFL’s offer to join the Match Review Panel.


Nathan can both inspire and educate your teams and key leaders about how to bring out the best in themselves. There’s no doubting AFL football is big business. With revenues exceeding $50 million each club has to learn to think and act like a business in order to survive. But the learnings shouldn’t be all one way traffic. There are many aspects of professional sport, that if the corporate world adopted, would drastically increase their chance of sustainable success.


Nathan Burke draws on his years of experience as a player, coach and Director of the St Kilda FC along with his experiences in the corporate world to produce a presentation which will inform and challenge. Using real life experiences Nathan will demonstrate the 7 lessons the corporate world can take from professional sport, and how to introduce them into your workplace. Similarly professional sporting groups will benefit as the presentation will serve as a reminder of the need to develop the individual, team and organisation if you are to achieve your goals.


Nathan would be delighted to talk to you about your particular audience and the distinct messages you wish to highlight prior to commencing the presentation. Whether you have 20 minutes in front of a large crowd or 90 minutes in front of a small team, we can cater to your requirements.

There are plenty of talks that pump you up and leave you motivated, but don’t provide any substance. They are fun and even inspiring. Are You Winning is designed to challenge and give you concrete processes you can incorporate into your workplace or sporting club that will be sustainable and effective long after the inspiration has subsided.


Nathan’s presentations are ideal for business and sporting people alike, because at the end of the day they are both trying to achieve a goal and rely on PEOPLE to do it.


Some of Nathan’s career highlights include 323 AFL games, 1987-2003, 4 x All Australian, 3 x Best and Fairest, 2 x Runner up Best and Fairest, Captain St Kilda FC & Victoria State of Origin, Victoria State of Origin x 11, St Kilda Team of the Century, St Kilda FC Hall of Fame member and AFL Life Member & St Kilda Life Member.