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Nils Vesk

Nils Vesk

Nils Vesk has been applying, teaching, and researching innovation around the world for over 18 years. The key innovation problem he solves is that organisations have too few innovations and they are too far apart.

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Testimonials for Nils Vesk

Absolutely brilliant. He put a new perspective on my thought process!

BankWest Private Banking NSW


Some words to describe what Nils Vesk did for us at our CBA conference. He led us, he guided us, he facilitated, he challenged us, and most importantly he helped us innovate and become thought leaders. He was fabulous, his style is terrific his energy is contagious and we'd use him again in a heart beat.

Commonwealth Bank


Nils you helped us think and get our heads around what we needed to do as one group moving forward. It was a great experience for all and you challenged our thinking, gave us practical tools and got us to open our minds to make the journey." "Your endless energy and fantastic facilitation skills got us to where we needed to be and gave us the momentum to develop actions and ideas which we have struggled with in the past. We now have a great strategy, ideas and actions to work towards and implement. Thanks for the experience and all your effort. We have been singing your praises to everyone, as outstanding and we have no hesitation in recommending you.



“Democratisation of innovation is an awesome message in the workplace.”

Andri Dussont, Golden Key

Nils Vesk Travels from NSW
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Nils Vesk's Biography

A self confessed innovation junkie, Nils spots innovation successes from around the globe, deconstructs them and then couples them with his latest innovation strategies to accelerate business growth. Nils Vesk is an expert in Innovation, Idea generation and design thinking.


Nils Vesk has been applying, teaching, and researching innovation around the world for over 18 years. The key innovation problem he solves is that organisations have too few innovations and they are too far apart.


Nils’ research has identified that the major cause of this problem is that our biases get in the way of innovating. Simply put ‘what we see changes what we see’. This is human nature, except it often results in us filtering and making decisions we’re not even aware that we’ve made.


This is why Nils believes that every innovation expert you’ve ever heard speak, has been totally right yet totally wrong at the same time. Each expert (and everyone else) comes with a bias based on the professional roles they have had in their career.


Having spearheaded the science of diagnosing and prescribing critical innovation skills. Nils has reinvented the innovation process, through the use of innovation archetypes. By matching the right perception to a specific situation we can hatch the innovation.


Professionally trained as a designer Nils used ‘Design thinking’ as a key skill in becoming Australia’s pioneering ‘Innovation Architect’.  Nils is democratising innovation so that everyone, not just a select few, can create rapid commercial innovation that helps to create millions of dollars of additional revenue.


Nils is the author of the innovation book Innovation Archetypes: democratising innovation (2015), Ideas with Legs: how to generate and realise ideas (2011), Life's little toolbox: tips for a happier healthier you (2003) and co-author of Ideas: original perspectives on life and business from leading thinkers (2006).

Nils has delivered keynotes and workshops around the world from Tokyo to Munich. Whilst there’s many tailored topics that Nils speaks on, the topics he’s most in demand for, revolve around applying innovation. That being said he’s spoken on future trends, design thinking, process improvement and stress utilisation to name just a few.

Speaking Topics Include

Innovation has to be practical in order to succeed. This keynote takes audiences through ideation step by step.


‘Ideas with Legs’ - Now more than ever, innovative ideas are the currency for success. While we know innovation is valuable, it’s a sad fact that too many organisations just don’t know how to innovate.


The good news is no matter how time poor, or how crammed our heads might be with traditional business management skills, with Nils’ innovation techniques we can still find a way to bend time to our advantage and shake up our thinking patterns to start innovating.


Nils’ ‘Ideas with Legs’ keynote delivers an innovation experience so that you can actually experience what it takes to cross boundaries from traditional thinking to innovative thinking. Let’s be clear that Nils believes that innovation is not creativity. Innovation is about creating a great idea and taking it to market for commercial gain.


Be prepared to buckle up as Nils takes his audience on a counter intuitive experience that is as challenging as it is rewarding. This innovation experience powerfully shifts audiences so that they walk away with 5 implementable innovation solutions no matter how time poor or how task saturated they may be.



1. How to create an innovation map that reveals where to apply commercial innovation

2. How to tap into the innovation cognition regions of the brain

3. How to facilitate and prompt innovative thinking ideas with just one question

4. How to transform mediocre ideas into game changing ideas

5. How to create a rainmaking idea from scratch


HATCH - rapid innovation through archetype - Innovation is too few and too far between. The old paradigm was that innovation was only for the privileged few. The new paradigm is that innovation be accessible to everyone.


Innovation Archetypes has reinvented the innovation process, making it available to everyone. Innovation is critical to any organisation on the planet. It's the key to not having to compete on price & it's the key to dominating a market.


The challenge with innovation is that it's not accessible to everyone. Our bias perceptions have created boundaries, silo's and obstacles that stop our people from innovating. The good news is with the revolutionary innovation archetypes process we can change all of that. Innovation Archetypes reveals the biases that prevent us from innovating and unpacks the way to overcome them by modeling the behaviours from worlds best innovators.


Audiences identify their innovation strengths and learn how to utilise innovation archetypes to strengthen their innovation deficiencies. This process identifies where an organisation might need to recruit, it also enables leaders to determine what behaviours to model in order to innovate at the right phase and stage of innovation.


Enlightening whilst practical, audiences come away with a personal prescription on what activities to take in order to innovate consistently and profitably. Any individual that uses this process can become an innovator and any organisation that uses this process can lead its market.



1.How to match the right perception with a specific situations to create innovation

2.An innovation diagnosis & prescription

3.Why biases short change our innovation capitalisation

4.Innovation principles that make sense and are replicable

5.Knowing what to do, how to do and when to innovate


INSTANT FIX - Resilient innovators who don't burn out - Being cool under pressure, and resilient are all essential elements for the modern employee toolkit.


We all know that situations change whether it in business or in our personal life. In extreme situations 'in the blink of an eye' we can go from feeling on top of the world, to feeling like there's no world worth living for. As bad as these changes may be, the reality is that changes are a fact of life. While we can't change the situations that happen beyond our control, we can manage the way we choose to react the instant these situations and changes start to happen.


In this 'it's all about me' 'instant fix' packed session you'll be discovering a stack of fun, practical and proven methods to change your situation 'in an instant'. So no matter whether you've gone from hero to zero or from calm to chaos, you can change the way you think, feel and act to get back on track.


Be prepared for a stack of instant fixes that will help you turn pandemonium into tranquility. Our instant mental fix will be helping you turn self defeating thoughts into supporting thoughts, insanity to sanity, and frustration into fun. Our instant energy fix will help bring back your mojo, turn pain into pleasure and shift confusion into focus. Whilst our instant productivity blitz will help you turn overtime into free time and turn indecision into decisions.



1. How to fix the way you think about professional & personal challenges

2. How to use cognitive diffusion techniques to reduce faulty thinking

3. How to utilise stress to get more things done

4. How to solve problems more effectively