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Peter Thurin

Peter Thurin

A successful entrepreneur with multiple profitable start-up and exits, Peter Thurin is driven by excellence. A dynamic speaker that will make your audience remarkable, Peter inspires and motivates.

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Testimonials for Peter Thurin

Peter is a speaker of outstanding abilities ... We invited Peter back  to address our Area Manager team after overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Store Manager group the previous year. Peter again did not disappoint. His passion and enthusiasm are infectious, and his presentation is both highly entertaining and practical in its message. His approach has resulted in a number of long-lasting and significant behavioural changes within our people.
James Buonopane, Operations Director, Aldi


Without your direction and guidance, we would be still floundering. How fortunate we are to have had the opportunity to work with you over the last two years, and what a difference to our business and culture you have made! Personally, you have lead me to a higher level of personal development and achievement that l would never have dreamed possible - and l will never be able to thank you enough.
Barry McGee, Chief Executive Officer, Crowe Horwath


In organising many similar conferences and events at Telstra; I have had the opportunity to witness a number of presenters speak on different topics however I would consider yours to be second to none. The enthusiastic response from my group is testament to the value you added to our conference. The integration of your successful business expertise with your taekwondo experience not only gave credibility to the presentation but additional strength to the character of each team member. This was particularly evident when each was asked to break a board with their bare hands. The WOW factor was overwhelming. You managed to take a group of people, from all parts of Australia, and create a motivated, inspired and empowered team in a very short period of time. It was apparent that our pre-conference meetings were well considered and your understanding of our business needs was obvious in a highly creditable, humorous and professional presentation.


Truly outstanding! A room filled with McDonald's Managers aging from 18 years of age through to adult sat on the edge of their seats involved in 'blackbelt in excellence' for the entire presentation. Peter spoke about Customer Service Basics, which is a keystone for our Business. But he also made them think about being the best you can be and this has challenged many of our managers to take note and know that they can make a difference, but that it starts with them! WOW! Thank you for the experience, the morning was entertaining, motivating and inspiring!
McDonald's Australia

Peter Thurin Travels from VIC
Fee Range: :$5001 to $10000

Peter Thurin's Biography

"White. Yellow. Blue. Red. Black. No, they’re not the colours of my favourite footy team. They’re the colours you move through as you work towards your black belt in taekwondo. And, as you know, that’s the metaphor for life that I take my clients through, as we all work towards our own black belt – in excellence."


Peter Thurin is an international speaker and leading authority on achieving excellence. As founder of blackbelt in excellence he educates people all over the world and empowers them to achieve excellence in their own lives.  


He is a dynamic, inspirational and passionate speaker and a powerful catalyst for business growth. He brings a relentless focus on the choices we must make and the challenges we must embrace to lead us to our passionately desired end result. He has a rare ability to merge his insight, skills and experience with your business context to demonstrate tangible improved business outcomes.


Peter’s focus on people excellence has been a major factor in the remarkable results achieved by many of the companies he has worked with. He  achieves this by using martial arts as a metaphor for growth and a strategy for success.


He is a successful entrepreneur with multiple profitable start-up and exits, represented Australia internationally in tennis, coached Australian Rules Football and is a third Dan black belt in Taekwondo.


Speaking Topics Include

Blackbet in Excellence

Peter Thurin’s Blackbelt in Excellence keynote give people the tools, structures and motivation to achieve excellence in any part of their life.

Organisations and the people within them strive for excellence, yet forward progress can often seem elusive and true ‘excellence’ is rarely attained.  This keynote uncovers the hidden motivation design in martial arts and applies it to everyday life.  It provides people with understanding that, on their won, big picture goals are not enough – and true, sustainable progress comes from the achievement of smaller goals, stepping stones that lead to excellence. 

Peter uses real-life stories and examples from his career building a high successful retail pharmacy business and his own personal journey to a blackbelt in taekwondo.  He creates forward momentum in leadership and excellence and team work in excellence.  The keynote is a catalyst for personal excellence and gives people the tools and courage to ‘get into the game’.

Key take homes:

Discover the hidden success principles built into martial arts

Learn how to adopt those principles into your everyday life

Be energized, inspired and motivated to make your life remarkable

Have the tools to map out your own journey to black belt


Change Excellence

The Change Excellence keynote equips teams and organisations to embrace and make the most of the changes happening around them.

We all know change can be difficult for our team members.  Whether we are on the strategy side or we are the one’s receiving the change, it’s a time of uncertainty and flux.  This keynote gives people the mental mindsets and frameworks to face their changes with courage and grown positively through the change process.  People leave this session actively looking for ways they can contribute will be better off as a result of the change.

Using examples from his own career and drawing on the stories from the hundreds of companies he works with, Peter Will give your people the practical tools to strengthen their resilience, improve their mental agility and embrace situations that may be awkward ad uncomfortable.

In this keynote, your people will:

Connect their purpose with change purpose

Learn to assess their own change ability

Be prepared and willing to embrace uncertainty

Have the skills to lead other through change


Retail Excellence

What combination of culture, rituals, routines and rewards make for an outstanding retail team? How do you fashion a retail environment that brings the best out in your people and your customers?

Peter Thurin is someone who has taken on the big-boys in retail and won.  With an unrelenting focus on individual relationships both within and outside his business, Peter overcame the buying power handicap to drive out his much large competition.

In this high-energy keynote Peter draws on his 20 years successful retail leadership and 15 years of working with the top organisations around the globe to bring you the ideas, insights and useful tools to create retail excellence.

From this keynote you will learn:

How to delight your team first then see customers delighted

The three rules for retail success: Process, People, Results

The power of WIN – What’s Important Now

To focus on excellence INSIDE the box, before outside the box

The power of small-moments of leadership


The Top 300 Organisations

Do you want to know what the top 300 organisations around the world do differently?

Peter will take your people on a journey around the world sharing first-hand stories of organisations that have become and remain remarkable where other companies have moved to mediocre and at time irrelevant.

Through his research and global experience with outstanding companies, Peter has developed The 7 Drivers of Organisational Success. Organisations that genuinely place customers and their people at the heart of the business, where people understand their role in where the company is headed and continually improve how they work. These are the successful organisations and they all follow the 7 Drivers or Organisational Success.

Through this keynote your people will:

Learn the 7 Drivers of Organisational Success

Develop aggressive focus on bring better today than yesterday

Receive the tools to drive excellence in their teams

Be motivated and inspired to be remarkable


Master of Ceremonies
Peter is an outstanding MC, offering a unique, personal and entertaining touch to any event