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Rachel Berger

Rachel Berger

Rachel Berger has had a wonderful career in comedy. Her energy and enthusiasm on stage has left many in stiches. Rachel has a great ability to connect to audiences which makes her a vibrant entertainer, conference speaker and Master of Ceremonies.

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Testimonials for Rachel Berger

I have received no shortage of positive feedback, praising your affability, quick wit and choice of comedic anecdotes which complemented the themes and tone of the day perfectly.

Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria

Rachel’s presentation was funny and, especially important, it was relevant. We have been inundated with compliments on the success of these awards and it is true to say that Rachel's performance made us, the client, look good.



Andrea Jones, the Editor of Home Beautiful magazine


I greatly appreciated the amount of effort she put into her research and the relevance of all her topics to the theme of our day, which was celebrating the achievements of women within the local government sector.

Sarah Davies, Partnership & Marketing Coordinator, City of Whittlesea


Not only did you have the entire audience howling with laughter on the night, your experience, professionalism and guidance in the lead up to the event were invaluable to the committee. We are hugely appreciative of the amount of time and effort you put in to ensure that the whole night would be a success. We especially loved the way you thoroughly researched our industry before the night, and wove your understanding and insights into the performance. It was a rousing, hilarious and highly relevant kick start to our conference.

Australian Market and Social Research Society Conference


It is the offbeat observation, the incisive knack of showing up everyday events for the ludicrous pantomimes they really are that separate the women from the girls. In this department Rachel Berger is a real Star...

The Guardian, London

Rachel Berger Travels from TAS
Fee Range: .Up to $5000

Rachel Berger's Biography

Rachel Berger is widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s finest stand-up comedians. Her material encompasses contemporary lifestyles, offering a hilarious and poignant expose of human foibles. Her dynamic presence and engagingly sharp observations have made her an extremely popular performer both live and on television, across Australia and overseas.


Rachel believes that laughter is a powerful tool able to communicate a powerful message. With this in mind she’s been invited to appear at events as diverse as hosting a public forum on Climate Change with world-leading Climate Change expert Stephen Schneider, to writing and performing in Diversity Works, an educational video for the Council for Equal Opportunity in Employment and as a special guest performer at a Positive Living Expo for Women with the overall aim to reduce the harm associated with gambling.


With her unique ability to connect with an audience, Rachel is also a superb corporate speaker and MC.


Speaking Topics Include

The Power of Laughter

If your enemy is laughing how can he bludgeon you to death? ” Mel Brooks

We have no control over the arms race or the environment, reality is rough, things aren’t perfect and you do get hurt as Frank Sinatra used to sing..that’s life, riding high in April..shot down in May..but you can’t choose denial or fantasy for too long, to do this is to invite madness. Humour, satire and comedy are a manageable middle ground because they give us the opportunity to laugh at reality; one Tandberg cartoon generally has a more potent message than the entire newspaper. “Laughter makes you light headed, but it also brings light. It's intoxicating. It works.”

Laughter can give you the tools to use humour and transform the way you communicate and make decisions. Rachel reveals how humour has helped her through various life challenges and how humour can also identify the beliefs that present barriers to getting the results you want.

Laughter helps to boost your immune system and can help business professionals cope with the ever-increasing stressors we’ve come to accept as normal.

Laughter and seeing things through a humorous lens can give you tools to source your own personal strength and feel energised. AND you can integrate humour into everything you do.

Humour can help you shift from being reactive to proactive because it helps you to recognise that things can shift and we have the ability to make a positive impact on whatever it is we’re facing in our lives.

Laughing 100 times a day is equivalent to 10 minutes of aerobic activity.




Rites of Passage

Focusing on your goal and the three indispensable attributes of the performer/writer.



High tolerance to Rejection

This workshop can be 4 hours or 8 hours in duration. Numbers are limited to 12 people max.


Discovery and change through laughter

As workplaces tackle the need for continuous improvement, stress lines can develop that threaten to cut through the organization. These stress lines can make the growth process painful and cause the waste of time and resources.

Although it’s essential that productivity is always improving, it should not be at the cost of diminished focus, wellness and professional commitment. Rachel Berger is highly skilled at connecting with audiences large and small. Her facilitation techniques go beyond mere process, and tap into the innermost drivers of your employee’s behavior.

Rachel will first meet with senior management to establish where the barriers to business performance lie. She will then facilitate a workshop with target employees to unearth hidden motivators of behavior and points of conflict between desired and actual outcomes. Her unique skill is to create a safe environment for discussion and the opportunity for participants to sift through what feeds their anxieties and prejudices. And, her disarming style and use of humour puts participants at ease and encourages them to talk about what’s really on their mind, rather than what they think the boss wants to hear. Through laughter, and a process of guided discovery she drills down into the essential causal factors that can then be tackled as a group.


"If your enemy is laughing how can he bludgeon you to death?"

AUDIENCE: Secondary Students/Adults.

DESCRIPTION: The power of laughter and it’s potential to create change. Through humour and knowing each other’s stories we come to appreciate just how our common humanity, our common emotional need for acceptance, overcomes all ugly attempts at division and exclusion.

TOPICS COVERED: Belonging in our community by; understanding the significance of exclusivity and inclusiveness. Understanding and celebrating difference in a changing world.

Making very real and very personal connections to our heritage and the heritage of others.

DURATION: 1 hour


What’s Funny About You?

AUDIENCE: Secondary Students/Adults.

DESCRIPTION: Rachel can unleash the funny in any one by identifying the unique aspects of their personality in a short workshop. The focus is on discovering your own unique and authentic voice and gaining the confidence to craft and prepare your story into a short comedy script by the end of the session. This is especially relevant for drama and solo performance, engagement with an audience and finding meaning in one’s own story. This process helps promote self-awareness, confidence and a stronger capacity for self-actualization.

TOPICS COVERED: The three indispensable attributes of the comedian/writer; motivation, courage and high tolerance to rejection.