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Ray Scicluna

Ray Scicluna

Entrepreneur, author and public speaker, Ray Scicluna is a passionate businessman who is highly motivational as he shares is success and failures. An influential speaker, Ray drives key messages and leaves audiences inspired.

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Ray Scicluna Travels from QLD
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Ray Scicluna's Biography

As an entrepreneur, few can equal Ray Scicluna. The son of a boilermaker, Ray grew up in the rough and tumble of Melbourne's western suburbs. His entrepreneurial nature came out early, at 11, when he started a successful paper round business. For this early venture, he employed three cousins, already with an eye for profits, margins, and effective strategy.

Leaving school at 13 without the ability to read or write was certainly going to be challenging. Ray became the managing Director of Video Gold, a business venture he started at the age of 22. Video Gold grew to a turnover of $90m in under 12 months. The revolutionary Video Gold copy depth leasing program (of new release movies for $1 a day) changed the video industry overnight and was responsible for the introduction of large shopping-centre-type video libraries. During his six years in the entertainment industry, he revolutionized the video industry, founding and operating the largest movie wholesale supermarket in Australia.

Bankrupt at 29, Ray fought back, buying the Video Ezy chain. Forming a super franchise team they took 13 stores to 360 before selling the franchise in 1998.

Success leaves traces, but so does failure. Ray has had a colourful life journey and people who have heard his story are truly inspired by his conviction and 'can do attitude'.

Ray has employed over 450 people at one time. His current business interests are highly diverse, ranging from manufacturing and exports to event management.

By sharing his passion and knowledge for business, Ray has become a highly sought after public speaker. Complementing his extensive business background, his down to earth, positive and motivational approach truly engages audiences. He is a speaker not to be missed. If you are looking for someone who has been to hell and back personally and financially, who walks the talk and helps businesses and people achieve their goals, then you will find Ray Scicluna perfect for your event.